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  1. Stereofm

    Pathfinder 1E Borken World - Play Pathfinder in French !

    so hey, if you do not speak French, you'll have to wait for a translation someday. Otherwise : check this out ! Seems it will be great and ONE DAY LEFT ! http://www.black-book-editions.fr/crowdfunding.php?id=4 disclaimer : I have nothing to do with it. It just looks good for me, and yes, I...
  2. Stereofm

    'Ask Ryan about In A Wicked Age !

    Alright man, you asked for it So I ask you : what's about this game that's so special ? what it's about anyways ?
  3. Stereofm

    Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader

    Hiya all ! Say, I'm more of a fantasy freak, and I don't particularly like Games Workshop world (or even their accursed low sculpting quality expensive minis), but I am looking for a sci-fi RPG for a change, PREFERABLY one whose system could be ported to other universes. Such as ALIENS ! Or...
  4. Stereofm

    Darkness and Dread - Bloodied

    I don't remember reading about this beforehand, but this may interest the 4e lovers. Today, I received my copy of one of the few 3.0 books I did not already have : Darkness and Dread by Fantasy Flight. Inside there are rules for how you should feel according to how much hp you lost out of your...
  5. Stereofm


    Ok, this has probably been done to death before on several occasions, but I do enjoy a good music during my game session. So what are your suggestions of good music to run during a play session / a fight ? Right now, I am listening to the track of "the Witcher" video game. I have several other...
  6. Stereofm

    Magic of Arcanis

    Hello friends, It has been a long while since I reviewed anything, so please be indulgent, and remember English is only my secondary language. Magic of Arcanis is a 223 pages soft cover book from Paradigm Concepts, and it is mostly a rules supplement, offering lots of new options to players...
  7. Stereofm

    Need an easy cartography software

    Something much easier to use than campaign cartographer, and quicker too. I don't care about dungeons, cities and interior design I just want a reusable map of wilderness, with the best possible look, in a few clicks. Any ideas ???
  8. Stereofm

    Adding Pardigm concept products to the database

    Hello, I'd like to do some reviews of Paradigm Concepts Arcanis products, especially the recent ones, such as Ssethregore, Magic of Arcanis, Theocracy of Canceri, Forged in Magic revised, and so on. I'd be grateful if they could be added, and possibly others if I forgot some. Best regards
  9. Stereofm

    Greyhawk : D20 other worlds crossover

    Hello folks, I have been a lurker on this site for quite a while, and I have only recently found some time to contribute. Please be indulgent as English is not my first language. Anyways, I have been running a Greyhawk campaign for about two years now, using a lot of published adventures...