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    Massive slowdown and Database Errors

    I've been having a thing that happens on and off, usually in early afternoon (Central time zone) where the forums become really slow, and it becomes very prone to giving me database error pages. I figure this may just be heavy traffic hitting the site, but maybe I'd throw this up here and see if...
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    Savage Worlds Rifts - A place with GMs

    So I'm in a couple of Savage Worlds Rifts games right now and having a blast, but there's not a lot of people running 'em. We do have a game here on Enworld that's really good...but it's the only one right now. I kind of want to spread this game around a bit, and get more people into it so it...
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    Why everything is bad

    My internet died thursday. My provider not only can't figure out why, they apparently can't tell if they sent a tech or not. (They did; he couldn't figure it out.) So. I am on my phone. Not tablet. Phone. I can't really post this way and i have no idea when my telecom will fix it, or i will...
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    EN World Thanksgiving Slowdown in effect

    Not the fastest poster already, holiday plans are kicking in for the next 2 weeks. Not disappearing, and I will continue to try to check in each weekday, work permitting...but I ask y'all bear with me if I can't do it every day. Thanks!
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    In Which Shayuri Explains That Enworld Has Been Most Unkind of Late

    It'll be a small miracle if this gets posted. I've been getting bad gateways and database errors something like 8 out of 10 times I try to load or access a page on this site. I'll update threads as soon as I can reliably can.
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    Argh! Database Errors!

    Been having trouble logging onto Enworld lately! Looks like it might be back.
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    EN World Where has Shayuri Been?

    I couldn't get onto Enworld all weekend. I assumed the site was just down, but it's looking like that might not have been the case. Apologies to all for any time wasted waiting on me. I'll start catching up pronto.
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    Playing with Ketchup

    Or rather, playing catch up. Those of you who are running a game that I'm in...which is a surprisingly large cross-section of Enworld game runners :)...may have noted I had some downtime! This is holiday related. It'll happen again at the end of December. Apologies for the lack of warning...
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    I think it's kinda funny; I think it's kinda sad, my internet connection has gotten pretty bad...

    So my router at home died. I can post from work a little, but my contact will be intermittant for a few days while I wait for the replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience, all.
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    EN World Is it just me, or did the Rogue's Gallery forum vanish?

    Is it just reorganized; tucked away as a subforum somewhere? I sure hope so...I really lean on it for sheet consultation when away from home.
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    Shayuri's Delay

    Those of you who have a game I'm in are probably about ready to flick frozen Skittles at my head right about now. I just want to let everyone know I'm not dead. Been very busy at home, and my work browser has decided that roughly 80% of the ads on Enworld will choke and kill it, so it's been...
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    Been Having A Dickens of a Time Accessing the Board

    The last couple of days Enworld's been everything from crawlingly slow to completely inaccessible. If you're waiting on me in a game, that's why. With any luck, this respite will last long enough to start getting caught up.
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    Shay's Delay

    Once again, bit of a crazy week. Can't get on very often or for very long. There will be a massive wave of responses the next few days. I shall get to everyone; I beg your continuing patience as that takes place. Thanks!
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    Shayuri's vacation slowdown

    I am in Oregon for the Shakespeare fest, and posting from a tablet. Thus I will be slow. Back to normal by the 13th.
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    Belated Declaration of Delay

    Work has been crushing my soul this week, and my creative energy has suffered for it. Hence the slower-even-than-normal posts. If you are waiting on me in a game, I beg your patience...and if necessary or proper, encourage you to briefly NPC my character or waive my action so the game can...
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    Delayed Posting (Possibly Belated)

    Work and RL situations still kind of making posting difficult. I'll try to get caught up, but if you have to NPC me, please do. Sorry about all this mess. I can't post from work at all anymore, and posting from home is hard since I have a lot of other stuff to do. Hopefully that will pass soon...
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    Shayuri is not dead

    But damn, it's been impossible to get on Enworld from work lately. I dunno what it is. It's slow even at home, but at work? Fuggedaboudit. So my posting rate is slowed. I'll try my best to keep up. Feel free to give me a kick if it looks like I might have forgotten a game, or just if I'm needed...
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    In Which Shayuri Learns The Value of A Good Antivirus

    I'm back. I had to format my C drive and reinstall Windows from scratch to do it, but I'm back. Oh, and then my router stopped working, and I discovered that installing new software always requires Service Pack 2, and you can't GET Service Pack 2 without an online connection...and that getting...
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    Hey Where's Shayuri?

    It's been a cray-hay-zee week, folks. Time for posting has been slim, but mostly ENERGY for posting has been in short supply. I will be catching back up with the stalwart single-mindedess of a chihuahua with ADD starting tomorrow. Nothing will distract me from po SQUIRREL!
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    Trouble with Enworld Disrupting Posting

    Couldn't get on last night. Even now it's brutally slow. Apologies to the many games I'm in. I'm not ignoring you!