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    Shadowcaster for D&D, by the original author!

    We've released the Shadowcaster on the Dungeon Master's Guild. Inspired by the original Tome of Magic class for D&D, this 5e version is written by the original Shadowcaster author, Ari Marmell, and was developed by Dan Dillon, who has gone on to be hired by WotC.
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    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline: Struggling For Experience

    In 1997, I attended the TSR RPG Writer’s Workshop, in Seattle, WA. In 2000, I applied for job at Wizards of the Coast, and was hired to be part of the RPG R&D team, working on Licensed Products. The three years between those two momentous events in my early career were.... frustrating. I knew I...
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    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline – Meeting Giants

    Like so many TTRPG writers, I got where I am now by standing on the backs of giants. But it’s easier to stand on a giant’s back after you meet them, and I am a depressive socially-awkward introvert with self-confidence issues. Instinctively I don’t want to meet anyone, much less giants. In this...
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    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline – From Hobby to Career

    Originally, all I wanted from my game writing was to sell enough RPG game articles to afford a subscription to Dragon Magazine. But once I had done that, I found I wanted to write more. Much more. So, I kept sending pitches to Dave Gross, at Dragon, and began looking for other venues. I had long...
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    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline: The Beginning

    Welcome to a new column from veteran game designer Owen K.C. Stephens! He's worked at Green Ronin, Paizo, and Wizards of the Coast, as well has his own company, and was co-author of the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG and Design Lead for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. This first instalment covers...
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    [Super Genius Games] The Genius Guide to Martial Archetypes (PFRPG) PDF

    The Genius Guide to Martial Archetypes is now available at RPGNow. The newest entry in the popular "Archetype" line of products, presenting alternate sets of class abilities for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, The Genius Guide to Martial Archetypes presents five new archetypes packages and (for...
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    [Super Genius Games] The Genius Guide to Races of Hoof and Horn

    Super Genius Games releases The Genius Guide to Races of Hoof and Horn Fantasy should be fantastic (and by "fantastic" we mean the dictionary definition-conceived by unrestrained fancy; beyond the realm of the ordinary). That might seem like an obvious thing to say, but fantasy fiction has...
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    [Super Genius Games] The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Might

    Runes-an ancient form of writing often linked to strange and magical powers. In history, runes are nearly-two-thousand-year-old alphabets whose origins remain shrouded in mystery. In legend, wizards, shamans, and warriors use runes to imbue places, items, and even people on which they are...
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    [Super Genius Games] New This Week: The Genius Guide to Mystic Godlings

    A mortal with the blood of a god flowing through her veins-a hero with one foot in the world of man and the other in the realm of the divine. This concept was explored in the best-selling Genius Guide to the Godling, but that material hardly exhausted the subject. The godlings in that first...
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    [Super Genius Games]

    Super Genius Games releases the next volume in their popular Loot 4 Less line: Krazy Kragnar's Used Chariots. In Loot 4 Less, vol. 7: Krazy Kragnar's Used Chariots we're looking at just bargain bin magic chariots and wagons, popular wheeled conveyances any character can use. Not only do we...
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    Juggernaut “Do what you want, but the giant in back is mine!” A 30-level heavy armor, big weapon martial striker class.
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    Surprising Rule Synergy

    I happen to be playing a paladin in a game that just reached 13th level, and I'm finding some decisions I made early on are having surprising consequences now. So far, these have all been good, but we are, as a group, startled at how effective some decisions are. For example: Practiced...
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    ENnies News?

    Heya folks. If an announcement regarding this was made and I missed it, I apologize. As I read the ENnies page, we're supposed to be voting on the awards right now (the first week in July). Since there were complaints last year that the voting period was too short I'm sure numerous people want...