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  1. Xethreau

    Pro DM taking clients for online campaigns

    Hi everyone! My name is Josh and I'm a pro DM now taking clients for online games. Already-formed groups are preferred, but individual inquirers are welcome. I have been a DM for 15 years and I am a freelance writer/designer for the game. I'm also a lead designer for Level Up: Advanced Fifth...
  2. Xethreau

    D&D 5E Tarot / Tarokka Character Generation

    Introduction The thought of using tarot cards to generate characters occurred to me the other day, but Google did not quite find what I was looking for. I wanted a spread that yielded a complete 5e character, and I knew that using the tarot in this way (as opposed to an online text-based...
  3. Xethreau

    Patreon EN5ider Contributor Josh Gentry Launches Patreon

    Hey guys, I write articles to help fifth edition fantasy RPG players tell the stories they want to tell. My resume includes articles published via EN World EN5ider, Dungeon Master's Guild, and DriveThruRPG. I write about what inspires me, and I hope in turn to inspire players and GMs to tell...
  4. Xethreau

    D&D 5E Community Content Enforcement in the DM's Guild (Does it literally even?)

    Is it just me, or is there a lot of content on the DM's Guild that breaks its Community Content Agreement? As an author who uses it, and tries to make money off it, I am very conscious not to unintentionally cross lines. Even so, I often see products uploaded that seem to do so explicitly. I...
  5. Xethreau

    D&D 5E EN5ider Contributor Writes DM's Guild Races Revived: Revenant, Shadar-Kai, and Shade

    Hey everyone, I'm Josh Gentry, and you might know me from some of my contributions to EN5ider (articles like A Paladin's Dark Vows and Friends Close, Enemies Closer). I wanted to let you guys know about three new articles I've just posted on the DM's Guild. They are conversions of some classic...
  6. Xethreau

    Free DM's Guild Five-Star Freebies

    Hey guys, I've been sifting through the DM's Guild, trying to do my part as a member of the community by checking out free products and reviewing them. There are lots of great free (and pay) resources on the DG already, but only a scant few make the "top ten" list. So I wanted to share with you...
  7. Xethreau

    LFG in Norfolk, VA - Homebrew, D&D 4e, Next, or Numenera

    Hey guys, I am new to the Norfolk / Hampton Roads / Tidewater area. I am looking for well-adjusted, sociable, fun people to either make a RPG play group with, or to join their group. I am most interested in play-testing an RPG I wrote myself (I would GM). However, I am an experienced DM in D&D...
  8. Xethreau

    EAB - Everyone's A Badass: An RPG Playtest for Novices and Veterans

    EAB - Everyone's A Badass is a rules-lite system designed to focus on characters, storytelling, and action while accommodating both novice and experienced role-players.
  9. Xethreau

    D&D 4E 4e-style Roguelikes

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew of any roguelike games out there that kind of played like 4e? It seems rather easy to make one, if one approaches it from the right direction.
  10. Xethreau

    D&D 4E 4e psudeo-retroclones

    So, as we all know, 5e is coming. As most of us know, people use the OGL to make retroclones of previous editions - gutting certain rules and mimicing others to recreate one's preferred edition of the game. With the Continuation 4e Manifesto, it has come to my attention that many retroclones...
  11. Xethreau

    Reworking the Adventuring Day, OR Alternate Daily Resources - ideas appriciated

    The Problem In my campaign style, I not not usually run more than a few encounters per adventure. In fact, I usually do not run adventures, per say. How it usually goes is: 1) Mission select 2) Go to place 3) Deal with RP and Skill challenges 4) Combat encounter 5) Go back to step 3 or 2, if...
  12. Xethreau

    Races You Always/Never Use

    What races always appear in your campaigns? What races never appear? For me, I always use humans, all three elf races, and dragonborn. I have never had a player at my table play a dwarf, playtests non-withstanding. I just don't think I like dwarves that much! -edit- I also apparently like...
  13. Xethreau

    Homebrew Classes: Duskblade & Flamelord

    I have some homebrew classes for my current campaign that I want to share with you guys. Please read them, critique them, and if you like them playtest them! The duskblade was originally one I really enjoyed in a 3.5 campaign (originally found in PB2); when 4e came out, I desperately tried to...
  14. Xethreau

    D&D 4E Seeking 4e PbP advice

    Hi everyone, I am recently putting together a campaign for me and my D&D buddies, who have all moved apart. Best RPers I have played with, even if they have never all played with each other. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had experience with play-by-post games, especially D&D4. Most...
  15. Xethreau

    What is a simple war game to simulate, well, a war in D&D

    It's that time again. The Evil Man is locked up in his super-fortress surrounded by undead. The Heroes can either Teleport into his base... Or they can aid the army in the final strike against the monstrous horde and the evil citadel. Provided the later choice is selected, I need a way to...
  16. Xethreau

    Level 1 combat-heavy one shot 4e game. Help?

    Hello all, Later this week, I plan on hosting (and running) a one shot 4e game. It will be a level one game, and it will be combat heavy (lots of newbies to D&D, particularly 4e, so we want to fight lots of things, and fast). The only problem is that I have little inspiration as to what the...
  17. Xethreau

    Action Point Tokens: A Mechanical Incentive to RP

    Originally posted by me here . OK, so I am aware that there are many people who are irritated with 4e because it removes mechanical incentive to RP. Well, I think that there should be a mechanical incentive to RP. Unlike 3e, that took away Paladin powers if they went evil or screwed over...
  18. Xethreau

    D&D 4E The (lack of a) Bag of Rats Problem in 4e

    Page 40 of the Fourth Edition DMG discusses battle tactics and etiquette for DMs. One thing struck me here in particular: I feel like there are some things put into 4e simply to appease the online critics, and rightly so! Thank you, ENWorld, for making 4e AWESOME!
  19. Xethreau

    Preorderers: How much did the giftset REALLY cost?

    I am about to preorder the 4e giftset on Amazon. The listed price is $62.97. But what about shipping. I am (regrettably) having my mother purchase it (with my money, but her credit card), so I am wanting to know how much to expect for shipping. Can anyone tell me their total cost for...
  20. Xethreau

    Epic Destiny: Which one will make it?

    I hadn't seen a thread about it overe here, so I decided to bring it up. From the Epic Destinies for 3.5 article: Well? My guesses are Eternal Hero and Demigod, and while I could see all of them in 4e, I doubt we will be seeing the Artifact Lord or the Force of Nature.