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  1. kenada

    OSR A Pathfinder Group Tries Old-School Essentials

    Let’s start with a bit of background. My group has (more or less) played Pathfinder since 2010. We started with (and finished) Kingmaker then moved on to other APs and adventures. We did take a break for a while to try out Fate, and after one last PF1 campaign, we did Open Legend and 5e. I’ve...
  2. kenada

    OD&D [BX/OSE] Interleaved combat rounds

    We just finished running a PF2 conversion of Winter’s Daughter, and now my group is going to be giving OSE a try soon. I was reading over the combat procedure, and it made me wonder how it would work if you interleaved the combat round. For example, a round might go like: Declare spells and...
  3. kenada

    D&D 5E Static DCs

    Has anyone here ever run 5e using a standard, static DC for most rolls? Let me provide a bit of background. I’m currently running a sandbox *crawl in Pathfinder 2e. It does the exploration stuff reasonably well, but I am not a fan of the way it does skills. Even using Proficiency Without Level...
  4. kenada

    Pathfinder 2E PF2 Errata Is Out

    Paizo updated the FAQ and the PDF version of the Core Rulebook. Note that the first part was changed to include errata that was added in the second round. Update: There’s also a blog post on the changes. Update 2: Here is a nice summary of the changes. I’ve scanned over the changes and...