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  1. John Crichton

    [Saturday AM] Ice Station Zeta (Dread) **CANCELLED**

    Sorry, all. Game has been cancelled. :( See last post for more. Original post has been sblocked. Ice Station Zeta ... a research installation deep in the Antarctic wastelands. Financed by an eccentric billionaire your team has been commissioned to visit the station and help the owner...
  2. John Crichton

    [Feature] Who Quoted Me

    Anyone else not like it? If it was at the bottom of the page I wouldn't mind so much. But it gets in the way of subscribed threads and such. And it doesn't go away. :erm: EDIT: I totally forgot this was a Community Supporter-only feature. Others won't see it at all.
  3. John Crichton

    [Videogames] February/March 2011: What Are You Playing?

    It's been a while since the last time we did this. So ... what games are you playing? :D
  4. John Crichton

    Defenders of the Realm

    Okay, I got another winner for y'all. Like Pandemic? Check out Defenders of the Realm! Very similar mechanics to Pandemic but this time there are heroes, dragons, undead, orcs and all the fantasy cliches in there. Battles, healing the taint of the land, cooperative play, becoming a Slayer...
  5. John Crichton

    Saturday PM: Hellpocalypse - Aftermath of the Aftermath (M&M2e) - FULL, taking ALTS

    (I have no idea what slot I'm running this game in yet!) Aw nuts ... the world as we know it just ended in a rain of nuclear fire. Then the bad stuff started happening! It began with the portals to hell popping up all over the place bringing with them weird structures straight out of a...
  6. John Crichton

    Midnight Gaming

    Just a heads up that pretty much every night Wed-Sun there will be boardgames and such in the Embassy Suites Lobby. I don't wanna schedule any specific games but if history is any indicator there will be plenty of interested people. :)
  7. John Crichton

    May '10: What Are You Playing?

    It's been over a year since the last time we did this. :eek: So ... what games are you playing? :D
  8. John Crichton

    Sub-Forum Subscriptions?

    Are they off or something? I have subscriptions to the DC Gameday Discussion and North Carolina Game Day sub-forums and neither are showing up in my user CP like they used to.
  9. John Crichton

    PM: After the BOOOOOOM!!! [Mutants & Masterminds 2e] -- 1 Open Slot

    Aw nuts ... the world as we know it just ended in a rain of nuclear fire. Then the bad stuff started happening! It began with the portals to hell popping up all over the place bringing with them weird structures straight out of a bad heavy metal video. Next, demonic possessions and an army of...
  10. John Crichton

    Did ya' like Dominion? Try Thunderstone.

    Picked up Thunderstone this week after reading a quickie review on boardgamegeek.com. It was described as Dominion with better art and a D&D-type theme. I'd say that's pretty spot on. Seonaid and I are huge Dominion fans with many games under our belt so the 'build your deck' mechanic was...
  11. John Crichton

    SUN AM: Blasters, Bulkheads and Blindsides (Savage Worlds) -- [FULL, Accepting Alts]

    JC Productions Presents... Blasters, Bulkheads and Blindsides a Look Over Your Shoulder Action Adventure You've signed on with a group of experts to retrieve an item of priceless value to Don Michael Biggs Bossiossa: his daughter. The Don is a powerful man in this sector of the galaxy and he...
  12. John Crichton

    [NFL] Fantasy Football Money League

    We are looking for a player or two to jump in to our yearly league over at CM. Click if you are interested.
  13. John Crichton

    Video Card Upgrade Time

    Okay, it's time to slog through the video card mess again. I usually come here and get some excellent advice for computer stuff, so I'm doing it again. :D I currently have a GeForce 7950 GT (PCI-E). I'm looking to get something in the $150-200 range to upgrade to. The computer is about two...
  14. John Crichton

    Afternoon [3:30-8pm] Dread - Who You Gonna Call? (TWO SLOTS OPEN!)

    New York City, October 20, 1990 Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and their new recruits continue to battle the paranormal 6 years after their nearly fatal encounter with Gozer the Gozerian. Business has been steady and lucrative. But lately, members of the team have been experiencing stranger...
  15. John Crichton

    Shazbot Conversation Thread

    If I'm not going to post the game itself, at least we can have some conversation about it...
  16. John Crichton

    Saturday 3-7:30pm: Escape from the Cronus (d20 Future: Rules Lite & Action Heavy)

    Escape from the Cronus - d20 Future: Rules Lite & Action Heavy The largest vessel ever built by man, the luxury cruiser Cronus has embarked on its maiden voyager! Aboard are some of the most important names in the known universe to take the trip to Sigma Prime, 6 weeks from Earth. During the...
  17. John Crichton

    Wireless N?

    Tell me about it. Should I bother blowing around $100+ to get a wireless n router? My current wireless modem/router is doing well but it seems to be a bit slow. I do like streaming stuff to my 360/PS3 from my PC and occasionally do large file transfers from laptops to desktop.
  18. John Crichton

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Just finished it. That was easily one of the most gratifying gaming experiences I've had in quite a while! Probably since God of War. Graphics were stunning and probably the best I have ever seen. The facial animations and complete lack of FMV blew me away. All around a tremendously fun...
  19. John Crichton

    Attendees - Sound off!

    I'm trying to get an idea of who's coming to this thing in regards to numbers. Post here and I'll add you to the list, if I didn't already. :) Bretbo Cassander dikaiosunh Dire Wolf DivineObsession dorgin_malgard fett527 (tentative) Fraisala Funeris John Crichton madwabbit MarauderX Old One...
  20. John Crichton

    Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites (SPOILERS)

    New season. Thoughts?