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  1. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Gandalf Initiative...more Mearls Initiative Fallout

    Gandalf Initiative: Declare Action, Movement, and Follow-up, then throw dice -Roll 1d6 if only Action -Roll 1d6 if only Movement -Roll 1d6 if character (PC and NPC) might want a Follow-up Other Possible dice -Roll 2d6 if Action AND Movement -Roll 2d6 if Action AND Follow-up -Roll 2d6 if...
  2. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Gnome Sorceress using Arcane Trickster

    A character concept I was thinking about recently was using an arcane trickster for a sorceress concept. I started thinking about classes and concepts and how you really don't need to play a class. Anyways, I started doodling with the GIMP and ended up with this image: Do you gamers find it...
  3. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Spell-Less Support Class with Warlord as an Archetype

    This is a WIP. I thought I would throw this on the wall. Design Notes: Priority 1 - Design a ‘spell-less’ support class that is roughly equivalent to the cleric class in scope and power; a class that thrives in a low to high magic campaign. Priority 2 - Use established 5E mechanics...
  4. Miladoon

    D&D 5E What is your current way to roll stats

    Please don't post debates about the best way to generate stats and badwronggun. And no thoughts on statistics schmistical stuff, please. I just want to know your current method of generating stats. "...I let them choose, and offer a different way o rolling stats. I like to expose the players...