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  1. PintoTown

    Kickstarter The 13th Fleet: a sci-fi game of dark humor and treachery

    Coming soon: The 13th Fleet Starting Feb 1st on Kickstarter for just 2 weeks! Using a standalone version of the Forged in the Dark system, it’s the comedic tale of questionable starship Captains and their dwindling supply of Redshirts trying to stay alive behind enemy lines, despite a pursuing...
  2. PintoTown

    Blades in the Dark/Marvel FASERIP Mash-up

    Turns out playing a crew of 80s New York Marvel villains is a blast! Feel free to download the rules and try it out! It's Forged in the Dark with all the light hearted fun of the original Marvel FASERIP! Marvel Villains Rules Marvel Villains Rules - Google Drive Marvel Villains Roll20 Assets...