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  1. Herobizkit

    Dark mode?

    Hello! Just wondering if we have an option somewhere to make the forum background black with white text. Tried searching the thread for mentions of 'night' or 'dark' but didn't see one. Thanks!
  2. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E [SKT] Players want to 'own' Nightstone

    Short story is, my players are rabid for base building adventures. Obvious spoilers follow. When my players were presented with a wrecked town featuring a Keep manned by inept guards and a dead Lady, their eyes lit up with wonder and excitement. "Clearly, our Tiefling Warlock can replace the...
  3. Herobizkit

    [Humor?] our home and GITP

    I'm finding an interesting corollary between various types of questions and styles of answers between we here at EnWorld and the folks over at Giant In The Playground's forums. It seems like a lot of novices find their way there and questions tend to weigh heavily on character creation/"builds"...
  4. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E I want to make a Slime Farmer. Discuss.

    I have fond memories of the Oozemaster prestige class from 3x, despite never having played one. With the return of the Underdark-themed Druid, I want to make a character who cultivates slimes, molds and fungi (obvious Ghostbusters reference is obvious, but not the intent). With the usual...
  5. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Dragging a fallen comrade to 'safety' isn't safe

    So, assume you're behind an ally who has just hit 0 HP and fallen unconscious as a result of a solid melee hit from his opponent. Both you and the opponent are within 5' of the fallen ally, who is now prone and bleeding out. Like a good soldier, you want to get your ally out of there. As I...
  6. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Tavern Brawler, the Druid, and me

    PREAMBLE: I realize this is not optimal; I am building for fun over utility. I am soon playing a Half-Drow Sea Druid. Sailor background, grew up on ships and the like. I plan on playing her as the Team Mom. As such, she often got into, well, brawls with her fellow crewmates at taverns...
  7. Herobizkit

    Lack of D&D teenage hero art

    I don't know, maybe I'm just not hitting the right sites... but we have a 15-year-old Goliath Barbarian in our game and trying to find "realistic" art that doesn't look monstrous is becoming a chore. This led me to search for other such art for any kind of PC and come to realize that...
  8. Herobizkit

    D&D 4E Changing saving throws to 4e style DC's - can someone walk me through an example?

    My brain is tired and I can't grok the math atm. I want to encourage players to "roll all the dice" and have them target ability scores/saving throw DC's rather than roll saves for every enemy they encounter. Is it feasible with the 'bounded accuracy' mechanic in play?
  9. Herobizkit

    Why is the first adventure always the hardest to get 'right'?

    I'm getting back into the DM chair and rebooting characters from a campaign that kinda fell flat. I was running Kingmaker under 5e. At first, they told me the wanted a sandbox and to become rulers of a town - as time ran on, they wanted to do anything but explore hexes and gain the bounty from...
  10. Herobizkit

    Designing a Big Bad priesthood

    I am currently designing an enemy nation for an upcoming homebrew campaign and my brainpan is leaking a little. In point form, here's the highlights: drawing inspiration from the Ori (Stargate SG-1) and Xen'drik (Eberron) enemy nation is Divine; priests, paladins, warriors their faith is based...
  11. Herobizkit

    How meta is too meta?

    I once pitched a concept to my gaming group. Modern setting. Players create two characters, a modern and a stereotypical fantasy character. The premise is that the players are TV actors who are stars of a popular live-action fantasy serial about table top gaming. There will be times when...
  12. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Melora = Eilistraee (in non-canon games)?

    Assuming, of course, that you run the game any way you choose, I wonder if Melora (4th edition God/dess of Wilderness and Sea, also one of the FourFree Gods of the Sehanine) would be superseded/absorbed by the return of Eilistraee, or if perhaps Eilistraee would be a facet of Melora? "Ask your...
  13. Herobizkit

    D&D 4E Q about designing a 4e-style Companion

    I am currently running a 3-player party (Half-Orc Paladin, Human Warrior, Halfling Sorcerer) who have recently reached level 4. Along with them, I have provided a Dwarven Tempest Cleric as their guide. I have found that the T-Cleric's abilities are largely reactionary and, combined with...
  14. Herobizkit

    D&D 3E/3.5 Wanted: Thoughts on Converting 3e's UA "Defense Bonus per Level" into 5e

    I rather enjoy the idea of granting characters a Defense Bonus per level as an alternative to wearing armor. Given 5e's bounded accuracy, might anyone take a stab at how the chart might advance in a 20-level game, or would the chart work "as-is"?
  15. Herobizkit

    Starting to hate the spotlight, a Minor Rant

    So our group has been playing 4e together for the better part of three years, and our current campaign has been ongoing for two of the same. We have all recently reached 18th level and the campaign is on its final 'arc'. My character is tasked with being the Empire's Grand Inquisitor and...
  16. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Paladin and 'disease' - your ruling on this matter, please

    I have plans for a Paladin to encounter an "undead treant" whose CR is far above her level. I am taking much of my inspiration from this creature as seen here, and one ability in particular has me curious. Given that 'diseases' in 5e generally have a mid- to long-term incubation period and...
  17. Herobizkit

    Pathfinder 1E Kingmaker - PF Kingdom Building or 5e DMG?

    I'm currently running Kingmaker using the 5e system. With the advent of 5e's DMG, a new 5e "economy" has been established. Has anyone compared these two kingdom-building systems side by side, and if so, could they explain which economy makes more 'sense'? I'm prnoe to believe I should ignore...
  18. Herobizkit

    WANTED: Suggestions for a celebration of Chaos

    In our recent D&D game, we came up with having a Hallowe'en-like celebration for our town. Thing is, our town is located pretty close to a section of land called the Chaos Scar (taken from 4e's sandbox campaign 'setting') which is responsible for much of the town's wealth. Then I wondered...
  19. Herobizkit

    looking for name of, ahem, mature-themed adventure or game

    I swear up and down that there was an adventure put out for D&D or possibly a computer game that involved succubi and was called Pleasure Pit of something something, or had the cadence of ____ ____ of _____ _____.. It's not The Porphyry House of Horror from Dragon. It most definitely had a...
  20. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Rogue and Eldritch Blast - sneak attack possible?

    RAW, I have yet to find a way to get sneak attack via ranged spell attack. Specifically, I took Eldritch Blast via Spell Sniper feat and thought it would be a nice alternative to shooting a bow. Of course, it appears that this tack is less efficient than using said bow, which is kind of...