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  1. BrooklynKnight

    Epic Mealtime Presents.....Meat Cthulhu

    If none of you are familiar with the genius that is Epic Mealtime (sometimes appetizing, sometimes horrifyingly disgusting) then it's time to "delve" in. Meat Cthulhu - Epic Meal Time - YouTube Fair warning, there is some objectionable language, but that's about it..
  2. BrooklynKnight

    A Light in the Darkness - A Star Wars Fan Film

    Io9 had a link to this really amazing Star Wars Fan Film. The story is tried and true cliche, but it feels authentically Star Wars. There was only one moment that stood out to me as wrong. Can you spot it? A Light in the Darkness - Star Wars Fan Film | Part 1 of 3 - YouTube A Light in the...
  3. BrooklynKnight

    Fallout: Nuka Break

    Fallout: Nuka Break the series - Episode One - YouTube A really great fan film set in the Fallout Universe. It was originally a short, but after getting funding on Kickstarter they've expanded it into a fully fledged webseries. Check it out it's DAMNED worth your time if you're a Fallout Fan...
  4. BrooklynKnight

    New Star Trek TV Series In Development

    It's not greenlit yet....but apparently CBS is very receptive and it's Post Voyager in the original timeline.... New Star Trek TV Series Being Planned, Takes Place After Voyager | Giant Freakin Robot Best news of the decade!
  5. BrooklynKnight

    Dollhouse 1-8-10 *SPOILERS*

    Since this is the first post i'll still put my comment under a spoiler bar, but for everyone else go ahead and post normally since the spoiler warning is in the title....
  6. BrooklynKnight

    The Third Age

    My friend Amber is producing a new Web Series called The Third Age. The first 8 minute Webisode went live yesterday and maybe some of you would like to check it out.
  7. BrooklynKnight

    Amazon's Sci-fi Extravaganza

    Right now Amazon is having a Major Sci Fi DVD sale. Stargate Atlantis for 93$ or 22 per season. I wanna grab it but I grabbed SG1 for 100 last year when it was a gold box deal and besides the fact that I don't have 100$ right now I can't justify paying the same thing for half the seasons! Other...
  8. BrooklynKnight

    Chuck might be back by the end of the month!!!!

    Yes! If we get "lucky" NBC might bring back Chuck by the end of the month instead of in March. According to io9, NBC's Suit's arent to happy with what they have in the lineup and might actually give up till next year. They canceled Southland for some weird reason and Trauma might be next...
  9. BrooklynKnight


    For an independent movie out of Bollywood, this looks pretty awesome. Apple - Movie Trailers - Aladin
  10. BrooklynKnight


    Wow, What a House ripoff. It tries too hard. I would rather have a longer season of House.... If House MD wasn't around this would be a good show. It does seem interesting, but it just feels like House with a different skin on.
  11. BrooklynKnight

    Dr Gregory House Vs Jack O'niell

    Vote for Jack! Badass TV Character Bracket - Final Four - Awesomeopolis
  12. BrooklynKnight

    Fall TV Cheat Sheet, Renewals and Cancelations...

    The whole list of whats coming and going is here Fall TV cheat sheet: What's in? What's out? | | Ausiello Files | EW.com and here Michael Ausiello (EWAusielloFiles) on Twitter I'm officially bummed that we're loosing Reaper. It's got real charm. I'm also bummed about Knight Rider. Yes I know it...
  13. BrooklynKnight

    Chuck renewal confirmed! With a catch....

    It's official: NBC renews 'Chuck' (but there's a catch) | Chuck | Ausiello Files | EW.com Man, that's waaaaaaaaaaaaay to short. I hope it stays this awesome, even if we do have to see more footlongs.
  14. BrooklynKnight

    Head Case and Party Down

    Anyone else watch these two shows from STARZ? I find Head Case to be pretty retarded. It's good for a few laughs but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Despite the fact it's so retarded I watch it anyway. I wanna turn it off but cant. I like Party Down much much more. Mostly because the...
  15. BrooklynKnight

    Dollhouse Confirmed for Season 2!

    By way of io9 the Hollywood Reporter claims that Dollhouse is getting a Second Season. Whedon showed the 13 episode, done on a small budget, as proof he could do a full season with less money! w00t!
  16. BrooklynKnight

    Smallville Season Finale (Spoilers Within)

    Was that.....was that Zod?!
  17. BrooklynKnight

    New Hulu Commercial

    At least I think it's new... Hulu - Hulu TV Ads: The Leary Mission Man, I just love these commercials. They are well written and witty and just fun to watch!
  18. BrooklynKnight

    Chris, your presence is requested....

    Chris, your presence has been requested at Circus Maximus. There are actions to answer for. I'm not sure if you're lurking or not, but take a few seconds to make a CM name and head over to the "Self Flagellation" forum. At the very least you should post to defend yourself. The way you behaved...
  19. BrooklynKnight

    Eberron and Cross Setting Play

    Hey folks. So the other night I was thinking of creative ways to allow players in an Eberron Campaign to branch out to other settings. I wanted to merge planar travel with Eberrons unique flavor and flair. So, I couldn't just plop a gate inside a mountain or use the Far Shadow like the MOTP...
  20. BrooklynKnight


    A few weeks ago I stumbled upon what I think is a fairly awesome site, at least as far as networking with gamers goes. NearbyGamers This site is like a combination Networking, Tagging, Wiki site for gamers of all kinds. Console, Pen and Paper, War Game, Collectable Card, Miniature, whatever...