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  1. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    This was a one-off we played through recently. It comes with the following certification: 18 Certificate. Contains frequent strong language, scenes of drug use and violence. Still interested? Then let us begin...
  2. Eccles

    Campaign writeup (2 updates September 7th)

    First things first, I can't take any of the credit for the writeup; it comes from one of my players who I don't think exists on the boards at this time. However feedback is (as ever) welcome, and I think session 2 is in about a month once we've finished another campaign, then we're likely to...
  3. Eccles

    Morrus' SH II - War of the Burning Sky (4e) (updated 21st & 22nd October)

    Snow lay thickly on the ground and continued to drift silently as four friends trudged through the dark streets of Gate Pass. Rumours of the Ragesian army’s imminent arrival were so rife that even on New Year’s Eve the streets lay empty and silent, and the tracks from the four’s footprints were...
  4. Eccles

    WFRP - Mutants and Chaos Knights (Please rate!)

    Taken me a while to get any of this posted, but I've got a few plans for beastmen and daemons to follow. In a week or two. In the meantime, and for the 'lower end' of the spectrum, we have mutants. And for the 'holy frack' end of the spectrum, we have the chaos knights and Champion. I think...
  5. Eccles

    4e Campaigns

    OK. So there's the KotS (etc) ones, and the AP being published on the internet. What else is there in production or already available (on the internet or elsewhere) that we kjnow about?
  6. Eccles

    Cleric Cross-Class Question

    As a [insert class here] multi-classed to cleric, I get healing word as a daily power, right? Healing word gives 2 uses per encounter. So do I get:- 1. 1 healing word per day; 2. 2 healing words in one encounter; or 3. 2 healing words spread over the one day? (I can't think of any other...
  7. Eccles

    D&D 4E Heroforge plans for 4e

    Just had an email from the heroforge guys, who were instrumental in creating a truly superb 3.5e character sheet in excel:
  8. Eccles

    Age of Worms - Wormbane Paste?

    I managed to feed some wormbane paste to some random worm-infested felon the other week. Problem is, I picked the stuff up in about the 2nd or 3rd adventure, and my DM has moved on to a whole other section of books. We didn't write down what the stuff did when I picked it up. Is anyone able...
  9. Eccles

    Stacking Bardic Music

    I've been playing a bard for over a year and a half now, haven't died once and have been quite pleased with my effectiveness. (It's easy to appreciate how much damage you can inflict when you realise that 24d6+24 of the damage the rogue's inflicting each round is entirely because of you). We're...
  10. Eccles

    Items Evan can make (20/4/07)

    Below are listed all the items which I *think* I can make at the moment, together with their Caster Level, the spell required, and their book price. DMG: Hat of Disguise - CL1, Craft Wondrous, Disguise Self, 1,800gp Pipes of Sounding - CL2, Craft Wondrous, Ghost Sound, 1,800gp Cloak of...
  11. Eccles


    Russ, we're probably getting to the end of one of the modules at this point, and Steve and I are both likely to want to spend some time crafting items. Steve's even talking about getting the Craft Arms and Armour feat so that he can become an absolute xp sink in his own right. Question is...
  12. Eccles

    What're we going to do?

    We're buried under the earth, exhausted of most magical force and largely healed. Our resources - we have a few hours (not long enough to rest ourselves), and a wounded warrior and warmage who we can heal up. We've not yet been able to pick up any of the new spells we learned since breakfast...
  13. Eccles

    Training Needs

    Russ, you said you intended to introduce mentors to teach us any stuff which isn't in the regular books. Can I therefore flag up a mentor need for level 9? I'm intending to take a feat called "Lingering Song" at level 9. It makes the effects of my bardic songs last for longer after I stop...
  14. Eccles

    Item Crafting

    A couple of weeks ago, Dave asked me if I could make him a cloak of elvenkind (+5 Hide), and some boots of elvenkind (+5 Move Silently). The short answer is, I can't. I'm not an elf, which is a prerequisite. However, since we're allowing other people to supply their spells (ie. Al's character...
  15. Eccles

    Selling that Elven Armband

    In the party treasure, we have a silver elven armband, with a 'list price' of 75gp. I said to Russ that I'd post my 'sales pitch' here, rather than roleplaying it, as it's fairly drawn out and would get boring for everyone else. Step 1: Find rich elf (we have one in the form of the mine-owner...
  16. Eccles


    I hate to admit it, but that Pearl of Power is designed to work for people who prepare spells. Clerics, wizards, paladins, rangers... More or less anything except bards (and sorcerors). Can we overlook that trifling issue, and have it give me still more ULTIMATE BARDIC POWER (in the form of a...
  17. Eccles


    ...yeah, like that's going to happen... Can I query 2 options from 'Complete Adventurer'? 1. Masterwork Instruments. The splat book gives special effects for each of the relatively common instruments when you buy them at masterwork quality. For the Lute I just bought, it would increase my...
  18. Eccles

    The Age of Worms - Morrus' Campaign - Finished 6th August!!

    SPOILER WARNING: As if being called an “Age of Worms” Story Hour wasn’t obvious enough, this is likely to give away a few bits of the ‘Age of Worms’ campaign. I don’t know what those bits are yet. I’m just playing in the campaign… The Campaign makes its start in Diamond Lake, a two-bit mining...
  19. Eccles

    Story Hour Proof Reading Thread...

    STILL NEED DOUG AND DAVE'S NAMES... ----- SPOILER WARNING: As if being called an “Age of Worms” Story Hour wasn’t obvious enough, this is likely to give away a few bits of the ‘Age of Worms’ campaign. I don’t know what those bits are yet. I’m just playing in the campaign… The Campaign makes...
  20. Eccles

    Story Hour help

    Character names, please! (I've been putting what Steve or Dave did, and need to do a global search and replace).