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    EN World Impromptu: Chat with Consilium about Chamber+Circle [Log]

    Last night, the Official E.N. World Chat Channel hosted an impromptu chat with Consilium Games about Chamber+Circle, to be released later this month. It ran for 1.5 hours! You can check out Consilium's related (but different) game, Succession, on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. For those of you who...
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    E.N. Weekly One-Shots!

    E.N. Weekly One-Shots Variable timeslots for round the world play Generally, one of the following (depending on players): [*=left]20:00 UTC+0 (London) - Option 1 [*=left]15:00 UTC-5 (Chicago) - Option 1 [*=left]23:00 UTC-5 (Chicago) - Option 2 [*=left]10:00 UTC+9 (Tokyo) - Option 2 For...
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    E.N. Weekly One-Shots now on IRC

    So, I foolishly let my E.N. World username expire. What with me rarely using any forums, anywhere, it was rather easy. Just hang in the chat, wait to see if anybody needs to be banned; join in severely off-topic discussions... Then I had the thought to make sure the chat's even still linked on...