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  1. Derulbaskul

    Do you prepare bands of NPC adventurers?

    One of my favourite things in some of the older D&D products (particularly for some of the 2E adventures for the Forgotten Realms) was the inclusion of bands or groups of NPCs with names and some background. I've been wanting to spend a bit more effort on NPCs in my next campaign and I was...
  2. Derulbaskul

    I think I found the gazebo...

    Many, if not most, are familiar with the "I attack the gazebo" story that can be found in several places on the internet (although it's not as funny as the head of Vecna story, but I digress...). I have been re-reading my old Dungeon magazines and, in issue 16, I found that there is a gazebo in...
  3. Derulbaskul

    PDFs with updated conditions

    I'm not sure if these are useful to anyone, but I have attached two PDFs with the updated conditions as of May's errata. One is a two-page document, the other is a one-page document. They include all the conditions, not just the ones that have been "updated". I've also attached the Word...
  4. Derulbaskul

    Happy Australia Day!!!

    This is possibly my first Australia Day in Australia for about ten years... and I will just catch up on some work. How un-Australian!!! ;)
  5. Derulbaskul

    What motivates a primordial?

    I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas in relation to Karshimis, a primordial mentioned in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. The FRCG notes that he/it ruled a land of genasi on the other FR world before the Spellplague causes parts of the two worlds to merge. For me, I see the primordials as...
  6. Derulbaskul

    Quag the Viscid, awakened gelatinous cube cleric of Ghaunadaur

    Quag the Viscid, awakened gelatinous cube cleric of Ghaunadaur Level 6 Solo Controller (Leader) Large natural beast XP 1,250 Initiative +3 Senses Perception +7; all-around vision, darkvision, tremorsense Favoured of Ghaunadaur aura 5; all oozes in the aura gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and...
  7. Derulbaskul

    City of Aboleths

    The other content for today is already on the website and has been for about eight hours but I can't see the City of Aboleths article. This sometimes happens to me in Australia so I was hoping someone here already has the link for the article which is otherwise hiding from me. (I've got my...
  8. Derulbaskul

    Monster Builder problem- all my powers have disappeared

    I was building some new monsters and went to use some powers of some of my earlier custom creatures BUT, while my custom creatures still exist, all of my powers are now BLANK. 109 creatures. All that work erased. Arghhh... and here was I thinking WotC finally got its act together on an...
  9. Derulbaskul

    A Multitude of Monsters

    I've been enjoying playing around with WotC's monster maker the past few days and thought I would post a compilation of my creations to date in case someone may have some use for them. These are for my Forgotten Realms campaign beginning on Wednesday. There are a couple of conversions plus my...
  10. Derulbaskul

    [Goodman Games] Why pull the earlier products?

    I've looked through the 4E products that I have purchased from GG and I note that they are issued subject to the OGL and not the GSL. As such, that infers that GG has not signed the GSL... so why pull the pre-4E products? Note to the GG editors: search for "underdark". Replace it with "nether...
  11. Derulbaskul

    DTRPG: Judges Guild has gone!!!

    I was just thinking that I should probably grab a couple of the JG files from DTRPG and download them while I sleep... but they have disappeared from the site. Is this an accursed legal problem or something else?
  12. Derulbaskul

    What turns you off in a purchased adventure?

    When I was looking through the various threads on classic modules the other day I was also thinking about what I disliked as well as what I liked in modules. In no particular order, here are my pet hates: 1. Real world names. Verisimilitude is too important just to get lazy and wimp out on...
  13. Derulbaskul

    Alignment Domains: granted powers

    The +1 caster level boosts for the alignment domains are OK but rather bland. In light of the 3.5E changes to damage reduction (which I really like) I was thinking that perhaps the granted powers for these domains should be changed to something like: Too weak? Too strong? Any other comments?
  14. Derulbaskul

    FFG Midnight- Forge of Shadow (new product)

    FFG will soon be announcing a new product for the outstanding Midnight d20 line: Forge of Shadow (FoS). FoS began as a fan project by two very creative minds, Shadowfane and Kane, over at the forums of www.againsttheshadow.org but FFG was so pleased with the quality that... long story cut...
  15. Derulbaskul

    Gridsmith mapping program- anyone using it?

    http://www.bytemountain.com/gridsmith/downloads.asp I've downloaded the evaluation version of this program today and have to confess that I would probably pay money even for this demo version. I've been looking for a simply to use mapper for a long time that produces good-looking maps and this...
  16. Derulbaskul

    Polymorph + Animal Growth

    I would like to ask the help of the boards with this question. Polymorph changes both your type and subtype: a dwarf polymorphed into an animal assumes the animal type. Animal Growth works on animals. What if a dwarf was polymorphed into a dire ape: would an Animal Growth spell work? If not...
  17. Derulbaskul

    (FR) Aboleth of the Ebonsea

    We're just about to conclude a campaign with PCs that began as 1st level characters and are now 20th level. The campaign is loosely based on the plot of the Night Below boxed set but it also involves Subpsionics from the Mind's Eye section of the WotC website and the Dark Plea mentioned in...
  18. Derulbaskul

    (ELH/FR) Imruphel the Exile (plus epic spell)

    IMRUPHEL THE EXILE, MASTER OF THE LABYRINTH OF SHADOWS Male shadow advanced pit fiend Sha10: CR 36; Huge Outsider (Evil); HD 26d8+260 plus 10d4+100; hp 502; Init +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Spd 60 ft, fly 90 ft (average); AC 32 (-3 size, +1 Dex, +24 natural); Atk: (BAB +31) +44/+44...
  19. Derulbaskul

    Post here if you hate FR instead of the Faiths & Pantheons thread

    I actually like FR but I thought I would start a thread for those who don't so that the Faiths & Pantheons thread (which I am interested in) doesn't deteriorate into another, "I hate FR"-type mess. Cheers NPP
  20. Derulbaskul

    Deities & Demigods

    Wow! Great book! Greyhawk, Greek, Egyptian and Norse pantheons; a few "filler" deities up the back and a collection of great rules for DIY Pantheons. A few temple maps that will come in handy, new (ie regurgitated from FRCS et al) spells, new domains (including, finally, repose for those...