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    [OOC] The Jade Ring (DM: Dimsdale)

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    [Proposal] Simplification of Monk Unarmed Strike

    The Monk class feature Unarmed Combatant and the Monk multiclass feat both grant PCs the use of the Monk Unarmed Strike, the details of which are printed in the PHB2. The class feature is poorly written and thus, by a strict reading of the RAW, the Monk Unarmed Strike can only count as a weapon...
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    [Houserule Proposal] Alchemy

    Houserule Proposal: 1. Magic Ammunition and Reagents become subclasses of Alchemical items, and thus gain associated formulae so that PC's with the Alchemist feat can create them. All Magic Ammunition have Arcana and Thievery as associated skills, and all Reagents have Arcana and Nature as...
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    Proposal: Allow Dark Sun material

    I may be wrong about any one of these points, but I'm numbering them to facilitate discussion. 1. Dark Sun material has been disallowed because it doesn't fit the Transitive Isles setting. 2. Eberron and Forgotten Realms material is allowed (excepting dragonmarks, which are deemed...
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    Jägerkin I need help building a race called Jägerkin. They're from a fantastic comic called Girl Genius. My only problem is that they are a definite race, and I'm having trouble just picking a suitable race from the MM to rename. They are mostly underpowered. I wanted racial stats and...