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  1. Teflon Billy

    Is search down?

    I've been getting a blank screen "Database Error" for about a week now.
  2. Teflon Billy

    Witch Hunter one-off

    I played in a one-off of Paradigm Concept's With Hunter game last night and had a blast. The GM had apparently had something like the adventure we played in his head for some time, and he pretty much improv'd the whole thing. The players--with the lubrication provided by a decent amount of...
  3. Teflon Billy

    Game Night, by Jonny Nexus. You need to read it:)

    I just finished reading Game Night by EN World's own Jonny Nexus and it is a laugh riot. I'm not sure if any of you have read Jonny's website Critical Miss, but the "falling on your ass laughing" calibre humour that he's always brought to the site translates well into this book. It is about a...
  4. Teflon Billy

    Eat Your Hearts Out My Fellow Gamers, part III

    In the grand tradition (well, my grand tradition) of announcing the purchases that my hometown makes possible every so often, here's the latest... I Went to The Comic Shop today and they are selling everything that Green Ronin is blowing out at basically pocket change prices. So I picked up...
  5. Teflon Billy

    Having a lower-than-average INT moment...

    Does anyone have a printable 3.5E Character sheet they can post here? Can't find one on the Wizards.com site. Thanks in advance:)
  6. Teflon Billy

    Teflon billy's Gen Con 2007 recap

    OK one and all, here is my yearly recap of the awesomeness that is Gen Con. First off, my trip to the Con was devoid of catastrophe this year which puts 2007 in the running for BEST GEN CON EVER on its own. I didn't have to punch an elderly man, I didn't lose my wallet with all my money, I...
  7. Teflon Billy

    What is on your Buy list?

    So far, 2 items are "must buy"... Originally all I wanted was a copy of Weapon of the Gods, but I've arranged a trade for that, so it's off the list. Topping the list is Witch Hunter from the folks at Paradigm...I'm told it sold out at Origins, so I'm pretty much running for this one:) Next...
  8. Teflon Billy

    "Eat Your hearts out my fellow gamers" Vol 2

    Just got back from a local used book store where they often have excellent used RPG deals. Today i found DMG 3.5 Hordes f the Abyss Tyrants of the Nine Hells Complete Warrior Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Magic Item Compendium Libris Mortis Ususally the place sells for approximately 1/2...
  9. Teflon Billy

    www.circvsmaximvs.com is down

    Well...it is :(
  10. Teflon Billy

    TBR 2007: Sound off

    Allright Gentlemen, you know the drill. TBR this year will be on Saturday night (by both request and design). Founders and Journeymen, I have a your pins in my poseesion at this very moment. Use this thread to both confirm attendance and suggest this year's Initiate level members. Edit: We...
  11. Teflon Billy

    I can't post in the staff forum

    I can read it, but every time I type out a post and hit submit, it goes to a "posts are being moderated" message...and my post never appears. Can someone look into that?
  12. Teflon Billy

    I think I might be seeing the end of the RPG shop concept in this area?

    Hell, I might as well ask if D&D is pretty much done as a business. Around my neck of the woods, I'd have to say yes. I haven't really been out "making the rounds" of the FLGS of late, but I had the day off today and thought I'd just go out and browse. Most D&D/D20 stuff I saw was massively...
  13. Teflon Billy

    Can we please...

    ...fix the damn WotC banner? I'm still getting that goddam scrollbar.
  14. Teflon Billy

    The Canadiana Alternative?

    You are correct. EDIT BY QUEEEND: It's been requested that I split this part of the conversation so that we can discuss where we will be partying!
  15. Teflon Billy

    TBR: Sound off

    Rapscallions, simply post a yea or a nay re: attendance. This is also the thread to propose new Fledgling level Rapscallions. For you Journeymen, that means one each. Founders, of course, may execute Directive 2 as per our Articles of Affiliation. Also (CL): Omega One Borealis. Go!
  16. Teflon Billy

    Another great buy...!

    I managed to pick up all of the Changeling: the Dreaming Kithbooks for 5 dollars each in a remainder bin today:) woot!
  17. Teflon Billy

    With apologies to Ian Sturrock...

    Teflon Billy's review of A Game of Thrones
  18. Teflon Billy

    Eat your hearts out fellow gamers...

    I just bought a little over 70 back-issues of Savage Sword of Conan for 25 cents each:) I loved this magazine when I ws a teenager, and I still pored over the 20-odd issues I had every 6 months of so. They are an incredible resource for DM's who are stuck for adventures (well ones involving...
  19. Teflon Billy

    Virgin Megastore in Vancouver is closing...

    ...and I picked up Across the Thunder River for the Conan RPG, and The Zocalo for the Babylon 5 RPG for five bucks each. Eat your hearts out:)
  20. Teflon Billy

    Mutants and Masterminds Second Edition

    It has been called "the best, most exciting superhero RPG in years." It sets "new standards in design and presentation." It has won awards that include the Pen & Paper Fan Award for Best RPG, the ENWorld Award for Best d20 RPG, and the prestigious EN World Peer Award for 2003. Now the World's...