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  1. William Ronald

    Rest in Peace, Edena of Neith

    I have some sad news for long time members of EN World, the Wizards of the Coast message board, and several other message boards. I have learned that Terry, better known online as Edena of Neith or Edelaith, is dead. This is the main body of what I sent one of the administrator’s at EN World on...
  2. William Ronald

    D&D 5E Reflections on 5E -- Hopeful but uncertain

    As a gamer for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of changes in my hobby. When I saw that WotC had rehired Monte Cook, I thought that a new edition might be announced in the relatively near future. I thought that it might come with the D&D Experience later this month, but it was a bit sooner. I...
  3. William Ronald

    Administrator and moderator appreciation thread

    I would like to thank Pirate Cat and Plane Sailing for helping me to log in here again. My old PC crashed, and I had to get another. So, my saved settings would not work. Sorry for any confusion on my part. So, in the spirit of spreading good will, let me thank all the administrators and...
  4. William Ronald


    I found some spam here -- http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/273584-5000-per-week-job-free-why-not-look.html#post5123472. Personally, I prefer the Monty Python variety.
  5. William Ronald


    I noticed that we have an active spammer tonight, called nikecon. I reported the post that I found, but it looks like the spam troll is busy. (Hmm, how many XPs is a spam troll worth? Is it edible? ;) )
  6. William Ronald

    D&D 4E What third party products should be updated for 4E?

    While reading the boards, I thought of a few products that WotC has not printed that I have used with Third Edition. For example, I have run D&D 3/5/Arcana Evolved events at the Chicago EN World Gamedays. Here are a few of my nominations for products to update to 4E. Monte Cook's Arcana...
  7. William Ronald

    D&D 4E Duplicate 4E Threads -- with the same title

    There are two threads in General Discussion with the title: 4E - Anyone else think 4th Ed is to combat WoW? One is at http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=204557 and the other is at http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=204556 . Maybe merge the topics?
  8. William Ronald

    D&D 4E Reported post: Let me sum up 4e anger for you.(3710460)

    Original post: in Thread Let me sum up 4e anger for you. Reason: It looks like we have an attempt at trolling here. The politics rule has been broken, as have civility. As annoyed as people might be at WotC over 4th Edition, bringing in Nazi Germany is not a good idea. Assigned...
  9. William Ronald

    Oscar and Razzie Nominees and Winners

    Okay, who has won both an Oscar and a Razzie? Who has been nominated for an Oscar and Razzie? Who has won one or the other award? Has anyone won or been nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year?
  10. William Ronald

    Error in Link to Reviews Page

    I thought I would check the review of The Power Gamer's 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide (Goodman Games) from the front page of the site. Although the title of the review is for the product, the review itself is for The Power Gamer's 3.5 Warrior Strategy Guide (Goodman Games).
  11. William Ronald

    A few greeters for the Welcome to the Boards thread?

    For the past several days, I have tried to stop in at the Welcome to the boards thread to great the new members, and try to direct them to the appropriate forums for their questions. Maybe a few of us long time posters can stop by every now and then to great our new members and lend a few...
  12. William Ronald

    Link error on front page

    I thought I would check on JoeGKushner's review of Magic of Incarnum , so I clicked the link. The review for World of Warcraft opened up. (I also checked the link for the World of Warcraft reveiew, which also opened up the WoW page.)
  13. William Ronald

    Cooperative Dungeon 04 -- When Heroes Fall

    (This is based on my own experiences as a player in this adventure, so I will try to avoid spoilers for the adventure) Cooperative Dungeon 04 – When Heroes Fall Three figures -- two men and a dwarf hurried down the road on a bright early autumn day. The leaves were only beginning to...
  14. William Ronald

    Happy Birthday, Mark_CMG!!

    Happy Birthday to Mark Clover of Creative Mountain Games. In addition to running his company and creating products, Mark is a frequent poster on the boards and helped run several of the early Chicago EN World Gamedays. (Follow the link to the current sign up thread in my sig.) So, Mark...
  15. William Ronald

    Seeking players for a Chicago area game

    I am currently part of a group that has lost two of its players. Currently, we have a total of three players (including myself) and our DM, Mark Clover. We are seeking to add a few people to a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign. Currently, we play every other Sunday or so at Games Plus in...
  16. William Ronald

    Players seeking players for an ongoing game

    I am currently part of what was once a group of five players which is now down to three people besides our DM. We are seeking to add a few people to a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game,. Currently, we play every other Sunday or so at Games Plus in Mount Prospect. So, if you are interested let me...
  17. William Ronald

    Worldwide D&D Gameday is November 5th

    I thought that I would mention that there is a call for people to DM at theWordwide D&D Gameday on November 5th. As there are many great DMs at EN World, and there has been some talk of how to get more people into gaming on the boards, I thought I would mention the event.
  18. William Ronald

    A template for EN World Gameday posters

    TracerBullet42 has printed up some posters for the upcoming Chicago EN World Gameday on November 12th, and relayed this in the main thread about it (accessible from my sig.) So, what do you think? it might be possible to create a poster, including logo and art, and leave room on a file to add...
  19. William Ronald

    Attracting new people to gaming -- ideas and strategies

    In light of the discussion of the health of the industry in the Is the Market Dying? thread, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss ways that we can recruit new gamers, especially young people to our hobby. I know that there are many local efforts, such as games at the local FLGS, as...
  20. William Ronald

    Your views on settings -- the good, the bad, and the useful

    In light of all of the threads on settings of late, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss how we use different settings and setting materials. Personally, I am a homebrew sort of person, but I will adapt something from a setting book if I like it. So, what do you think are the good...