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  1. techno

    Roll20's Latest Numbers: Cthulhu Holding Strong!

    Yeah, PF2 players are mostly on Foundry now and they haven't published these kinds of stats by game system (that I am aware of).
  2. techno

    Level Up (A5E) [+] What features should a "Advanced 5E" have?

    I would love something that actually fulfills the original "modular elements of complexity" and "dials" concept of 5e before the design team mostly abandoned those ideas in exchange for simplicity. I want a PC that can feel like a 4e martial in play, for example. I want more meaningful character...
  3. techno

    Starfinder Starfinder Meets Alexa: A Review

    I tried this out this morning and it was surprisingly fun and engaging. I would definitely purchase more adventures in this format. Well done, Paizo!
  4. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    1. Time will tell for sure, but Paizo consciously tried to eliminate the huge power disparities between PF1 martials and spellcasters with PF2. Many who play spellcasters have been complaining they have been "nerfed" in PF2 (which is a good thing in my view). Martials seem much stronger. I doubt...
  5. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    Good question. I don't see them in the SRD either. Looks like an error. Messaged the site owner to ask. Received the following response from someone on Reddit: Most of the monsters aren't completed yet. If you look in the monster index tables, you'll see that most monsters have nothing listed...
  6. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    dave2008, it sounds like PF2 may not be for you, which is fine. I also like and play 5e but feel that PF2 brings a lot to the table for those who want a little more complexity, depth, and customization (similar to Morrus). You may want to check out the rules for free at http://2e.aonprd.com/ to...
  7. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    My feeling on complexity level is that PF2 is much less complex/fiddly than PF1 and a bit more complex/fiddly than 5e. However, for that modest increase in complexity over 5e, it offers a lot of additional depth and customization. For some, that trade off will be worth it, for others it won't be.
  8. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    1. Would you say this is true even taking into consideration more recent releases for 5e? Yes. Monsters just have a lot of cool and flavorful actions that make them interesting and more than just the "bag of HP" that many 5e monsters still are. For example, some skeletons can take off and throw...
  9. techno

    Pathfinder 2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    PF2 is definitely more "fiddly" than 5e (e.g. lots of small bonuses, four degrees of success, weapons and armor have individual traits, etc.). However, it also has significantly more depth and tactical options than 5e. I think it will run more slowly at first as you get used to the key words...
  10. techno

    Someone Living Near Paizo Has the PF2 Books and Is Answering Questions and Posting Photos

    ...on Reddit. Link The CRB Table of Contents is here. Update: Apparently, Erik Mona from Paizo asked the guy to please stop posting spoilers.
  11. techno

    More Dynamic and Engaging Combat for D&D 5E

    Available on DM's Guild: More Dynamic and Engaging Combat for D&D 5E DON'T LET YOUR PLAYERS SIT AROUND BORED WAITING FOR THEIR NEXT TURN! Great DMs are always looking for ways to keep each one of their players involved in the action. Combat is at its finest when it feels fast, dynamic, and...
  12. techno

    D&D 6E Mike Mearls “…it’s now obvious how to live without Bonus Actions”' And 6th Edition When Players Ask

    Mearls just responded to this guy saying: Alas, you have quite a long while to wait. Not on the horizon. #wotcstaff
  13. techno

    D&D 5E Is D&D becoming TOO popular (More DMs Needed)?

    I recently had several couples in our neighborhood ask me to DM a game for them. I am running 2 separate groups to try and accommodate everyone. Few have ever played before. Yesterday, several more neighbors asked if I could run a game for them too. So, I am looking at starting a 3rd game. Our...
  14. techno

    D&D 5E Hero Lab Launches D&D 5th Edition SRD

    http://www.wolflair.com/hero-lab-dd-5th-edition-srd/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=D%26D%205th%20Edition%20SRD%20webpage&utm_campaign=hl-dd5ed I hope Lone Wolf is eventually able to secure a license for all D&D 5e content (not just the 5e SRD content). Don't want to have to...
  15. techno

    D&D 5E MM and DMG Errata are Posted

    http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/MM_Errata.pdf http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/DMG_Errata.pdf
  16. techno

    The Guide to Glorantha

    5 out of 5 rating for The Guide to Glorantha I was stunned by the amazing production quality and level of detail in these 2 books. This has to be the most detailed treatment any setting has ever received. The books make it feel like a real world, with real history, and real personalities. This...
  17. techno

    D&D 5E The Clean Sheet

    This sheet is pure awesome. Thank you for making it. The only problem I am having with it is that the "Levels" tag under "Classes &" gets all scrunched together when I print out the sheet from Acrobat Pro.
  18. techno

    Traveller5 RPG Core Rules

    1 out of 5 rating for Traveller5 RPG Core Rules I played Traveller as a teenager and loved it as a sci-fi alternative to D&D. When I saw that MM was making the definitive version of Traveller, I immediately jumped onboard the Kickstarter and pledged $150. When I received the actual book, I was...
  19. techno

    D&D 5E DMG help with converting Pathfinder adventures to 5e?

    Still waiting, like many others, for my DMG. Now that it is out, is there anything in the DMG that will help make converting Pathfinder adventures to D&D 5e easier--particularly monsters, NPCs, and traps? Thanks.
  20. techno

    D&D 5E Setting/adventures by Paizo, rules/mechanics by Wizards

    As a long time Pathfinder GM, I am impressed by what I am seeing from D&D 5e. Overall, it seems like a much more elegant and simplified system to run. However, I truly enjoy Pathfinder's setting (Golarion) and adventure path products (I have a sizable collection). Is it possible to "have my cake...