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    WOIN Equipment Questions

    There is no real description of how the Garotte works. Should there be special rules? Maybe... on a successful grab attack does damage each round until the grab is broken? There is no real description of how the crowbar works mechanically Does this give a bonus or remove a penalty? Cold...
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    WOIN Creature Types

    Creature types in the 1.2 rules are a little confusing. Some races/creatures have multiple types. How does this effect spell casting vs creature type? The types listed for PCs are different for NPCs. Orc & Goblin PCs are goblinoid humanoid, but the NPCs are fey goblinoid (and listed under...
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    WOIN Questions about Abjure & Inflict spells

    A few questions on Abjure & Inflict spells. The rules for Inflict say... ... can also cause the following conditions: Blind, Deaf, Fatigued, Pain, Poisoned, Sick ... You inflict one of the allowed conditions (listed above)... The secret needed for the spell depends on the associated element...
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    WOIN Questions on Summoning spells

    Can Summoned Semi-sentient creatures (animals, zombies etc) shrug off a charmed condition, or does the effects of the summon skill prevent it from happening? I ask as the summoning in the example spells list doesn't include any cost or mention of persistence. If you have a killed a human NPC...
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    WOIN Infusion spells vs Ajuration

    I have a couple of question about infusions spells vs abjuration. Can Infuse be used on bows and other ranged weapons in order for their ammunition to gain the infused damage type? If a metal weapon is infused with fire, will Abjure Metal Shielding (+DEFENCE) still be effective against it, or...
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    WOIN OLD - Career Exploits Targets - Friend & Foe

    Are career exploits such as Artillery (Battle Mage), Maniacal Cackle (Witch/Warlock) and Song (Minstrel) indiscriminate, or can they be discerning and target just friends or foes?
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    WOIN Minstrel - Song Exploit - A Few Questions

    Can the minstrel choose to restrict the condition to allies or enemies? Is the Song a single action, or does it have to been repeated each round (like concentrating on a spell) to continue the effect? Can it just be a vocal [performance] or does it require an instrument? Does it only ever add...
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    WOIN Sap, God Fist and the Stunned Condition

    In the OLD rules a Sap is described as "… a small, blunt object used to render a target unconscious. It does little damage, and that damage is non-lethal (stunning) damage, and it is a weak melee weapon, but if the target is unaware of the attack he must made a Difficult [16] END check or become...
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    WOIN Armor skills NEW vs NOW/OLD

    In the NEW rules... "The DEFENSE penalty from armor is reduced by the number of dice you have in that armor skill. For example, a character with 3 ranks (2d6) in heavy amor reduces the heavy amor penalty by 2." I cannot find this rule in NOW or the draft version of OLD. Is this an omission, a...
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    WOIN Forcefield in OLD

    In the OLD rules for Create Force the rules state... "Force (6 MP). Force objects exist both materially and ethereally, affecting incorporeal creatures. They count as forcefields for determining stats." ... but I cannot find any other reference determining the stats in the OLD rules. I assume...
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    WOIN NOW, Gun Fu and CHI

    In the NOW rules "You may use your Chi attribute in place of another attribute whenever you are using your martial arts skill to make an attribute check" If a PC has the Gun Fu career, can they use CHI with the Pistols skill too?
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    WOIN Young and Old exploits

    I have a quick question concerning the Young and Old exploits. Does the dice roll have to be declare exploding or careful before rolling, or can it be declared after the roll. I've been assume it can be declared after, as it's a once per day exploit.
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    WOIN OLD: Are these cheeky spells legal?

    Wouldthe following spells be considered legal? I've not bothered with ranges, areas, MP costs, as it's the ideas behind the spells that are important. Pretzel's Defence Transform Wood. Area effect that warps incoming arrows. Givens a +1 to ranged DEFENSE Bat Out of Hell Transform Beast &...
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    WOIN OLD: Necromancer Career

    1 - The Necromancer's Necromantic Lore exploit does not include any Compel or Enchant skills. Is a summoned undead automatically bound to obey the summoner? 2 - Can Summon Undead be used on an existing summoned undead? Would this be a skill contest against the original summoner? What...
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    WOIN OLD: Magical Implements and Transformed spell caster

    A magicalimplement is subsumed into the casters form when a caster transforms into an aminal. Can the magic pool of the implement still be accessed whensilent casting?
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    WOIN OLD: Evoke, damage and transform

    Question 1: Melee and Ranged attack damage can be increased by adding the appropriate skill for the attack. For example, a character with 2 points in the Bows skill will do 2d6+2 with a Longbow. Is this applicable to magical damage attacks using Evoke? Would a character with Evoke 2 do 1d6+2...
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    WOIN OLD - Create Spells and Enduring Object

    The spell "Create Food and Water" mentions the "Enduring Object" enhancement, but is not listed as a Create skill enhancement. Is this enhancement only for "Life" objects, or any object?