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  1. Macbeth

    Dungeon World Basic and Powers For Good: Issue #0 released as iOS apps

    Sage Kobold Publishing has released their hit fantasy adventure game, Dungeon World, and a new superhero game, Powers for Good, as iOS apps. Both apps put the entirety of the rules at your fingertips, allowing you to smoothly jump to just the information you need at any time. The Dungeon World...
  2. Macbeth

    [Dungeon World] New Version Available

    I know there's been a few people mentioning Dungeon World around here, so I figured I'd stop by and point out that there's a new version available, along with a lot of other news. We've launched the Dungeon World Adventurer's Guild, announced an upcoming print version, and generally laid out...
  3. Macbeth

    Magical Magic

    I've been working on a little rules plugin that attempts to make magic a little more magical. Seems like magic in books and films always has little clauses, where a blood mage's spells hit a little less against those that refuse to spill blood, or something like that. So I wrote up some rules...
  4. Macbeth

    Serenity RPG: Thoughts?

    Well, since I haven't seen any discussion of the Serenity RPG, I figured I'd start a thread for discussion. I found a copy at Barnes and Noble while picking up Magic of Incarnum, and so far I' suitabely impressed: great production values, simple but decent rules, and a writing style that really...
  5. Macbeth

    [Iron Heroes]Nixing the last x/day ability, Mana

    I'm loving Iron Heroes so far. Got it yesterday, and I've read a good bit so far. I'm happy to be rid of x/day abilities, replacing them with tokens. Problem is, there's still one ability that relys on a daily alotment: the Arcanist's Mana. I'm not happy with this, all the other classes do such...
  6. Macbeth

    [Mutants & Masterminds] Buildings: Collapsing and Damage

    So, In my weekly supers game (which will be played tomorrow night) I plan to have Gigantosaur (from Foes of Freedom) and some other super-size beasties (from the Freedom City setting, Kuiji island section) running through downtown Freedom City. Long story short, the mosters are being mind...
  7. Macbeth

    iPod Podcasts - Faves?

    So I just bought me a 20 gig iPod (new color screen and all), and I'm looking at the podcasts available thourgh iTunes. Anybody got any suggestion on good podcasts? Any general iPod advice?
  8. Macbeth

    The Radicals - Monkey Business (Updated July 6th)

    Welcome, True Believers, to the adventures of The Radicals, Freedom City's newest heros. Drawn together by an alien's quest to make the world a better place, these heros are Freedom City's last option. Introducing: Templar- Millionar playboy turned religious zealot. He wields the twin powers of...
  9. Macbeth

    Fuzzy Dice for the Gamer's Car

    Now gamers can decorate cars with their own fuzzy dice.
  10. Macbeth

    Superheros - Invasion of Freedom City - Pimp My Plot

    So I'm finally running a striaght up superhero's game. I've run games on such strange premises as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Planetary, but now I'm running a 'normal' superhero game, and I could use some help. The basic set up goes something like this: The players are a relatively...
  11. Macbeth

    Paranoia XP- Experiences?

    Tomorrow I start a Paranoia XP game for some friends, and while I'm pretty confident as to how I'm going to run the game (I've had D&D games stray towards Paranoia terrirtory before, mostly when I wad first DMing), I'd still like to hear other's advice/opinions. What do you think of Paranoia XP...
  12. Macbeth

    Surprisingly Useful Spells

    I saw this thread on surprisinlgy useful items, and I was thinking: are there any spells that seem fairly mundane, but can really save your butt? In particular non-damage spells that can make a huge difference... The first thing that comes to my mind is Grease. I had never really appreicated...
  13. Macbeth

    Chaka Dembe ka Ora

    I'm going to start out with some backstory on how Chaka came to be who he is: Chaka stretched out his wings and tried to learn to fly. His form was a gift from Ghede, but the knowledge of how to fly was not part of the form of a bird. The slaver's ship cut through the waves ahead and Chaka...
  14. Macbeth

    Monkey Familiars

    So, I'm starting a new character for a group of 'secondary' characters with my current group. These secondary characters are going to be pirates, and my character is the 'good luck charm' of the ship, a pygmie voodoo priest. To pull this off rules wise we're using a sorcerer. Now the tricky...
  15. Macbeth

    Player Pack

    Here's the Player Pack, partially so I can download it at work, and aslo for anybody else who should need it.
  16. Macbeth

    64-bit Processor Problems?

    So, I'm runnign a nice new computer with an AMD Athlon 64 bit processor. It's great, except that I'm having some windows problems. Ever so often, Windows Explorer (the program you use to view folders and such) will just randomly crash, with Windows claiing it was stopped for accessing illegal...
  17. Macbeth

    PC Gen Custom Classes?

    I seem to remember on some release of PCGen, at most a couple of years ago, being able to define custom classes. Can you do this in the current version? How?
  18. Macbeth

    TV on DVD: You favorites

    So, since I have little time to watch TV and little tolerence for commercials, I've become addicted to watching entire seasons of various shows on DVD. Now that I've run through all the series I've been really aching to see, I'm looking for something to pick up the next time I get a chance, and...
  19. Macbeth

    Anger of Angels Adventures

    So I'm in a bit of a tight spot. One of the players I DM for got Anger of Angels for his birthday, and when I'm back home mext week for Spring Break, he really wants me to run an adventure so he can try out some of the stuff from that book. Thing is, I'm a bit busy planning some adventures for...
  20. Macbeth

    Making a Divine Avatar

    So, in the game I get to run once every few months when I go home, my players came up with a brilliant plan for reviving the 'dead' god from one of the Demiplanes (exact name escapes me) in the DM's Guide to Demiplanes by Ronin Arts. As written, the PCs should not be able to revive the god, but...