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  1. nogray

    D&D 4E Resuming and Concluding my Epic 4e Campaign

    After just over a year-long hiatus, my small group of players and I have resumed play of our long-running 4e epic campaign. We started this campaign just after the release of 4e, and it was at the time our "playtest" campaign -- as in "let's play this new edition and see if we like it." After...
  2. nogray

    Introducing New Player to Epic Campaign

    I am DMing a long-running campaign that has made it into the epic tier. After making it to 25th level, the group took a break from playing that campaign, including recently playing a bit of Dungeon World. During those Dungeon World sessions, we introduced a new player to the group (and...
  3. nogray

    6-5 Rule of Three

    The article is here. Included is some confirmation about ability scores, the paladin class, and guidelines for applying a modifier or giving advantage/disadvantage. Discuss at your leisure. :)
  4. nogray

    Bounded Accuracy L&L

    A discussion of the bounded accuracy design move is up by Rodney Thompson. Here is the link: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Bounded Accuracy). I liked the article. Discuss, if you please.
  5. nogray

    L&L: The 2nd one this week (DM Packet)

    It talks about the DM Packet of the playtest materials. Here is the obligatory link.
  6. nogray

    Howl at the Moon -- Lycanthropic Themes article

    It looks pretty good to me. It's up at this link. Creative use of themes for werebears, -rats, and -wolves.
  7. nogray

    Assistance with Interaction, please (Hell's Keeper and Frost of Letherna)

    Hello, and thanks in advance for reading and providing insights. I am looking at a combination of abilities and want some views on how you think they should interact. Here are the relevant parts of the abilities: First, the paragon path's action point ability... And second, the effect of the...
  8. nogray

    D&D Crossword

    Compiled by Chris Perkins, it's an interesting trivia (and spelling for our strange words) refresher for those of us with a long history with the game, or those who have looked into the history, anyway. Here is the link.
  9. nogray

    Warlock Update

    The article link was broken when I tried to follow it, but this bit from the intro is nice to see. Edit: Oh, and the link to the article's intro page.
  10. nogray

    Rule of Three for 7/25

    Found it here. I like that R&D is looking into rituals, as they are one of my favorite parts of the game. Sorry to say they can't pin down a solution that they like, though. The other questions were "meh" to me. Discuss, if you'd like.
  11. nogray

    Monster Update: Wights and Ghosts

    I didn't see a thread for this, so here is a link. This is something I believe people had asked for. It makes me happy that we are getting it. :)
  12. nogray

    Monster Quiz at Wizards

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Monster Quiz) Refresh, too, as there are more than the 20 there (though with a lot of overlap). I tended towards 20/20, but a few in the mix tripped me up. I don't know if it's behind the pay wall (edit: It is not.), but it was...
  13. nogray

    Class Compendium Official Announcement

    Over at the DnD website, they have announced the class compendium book. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (October News) There is more, but here is a line from the brief release information: ...Class Compendium: Heroes of Sword and Spell. This product compiles...
  14. nogray

    Ritually Speaking article

    I am loving the new Ritually Speaking article ( Ritually Speaking DDI Article ) over at Wizard's. They are all rituals that have no component cost; they just use a magic item as their focus. There are things life "Self-Holding Bag" that lets you fold a Bag of Holding into itself for easy...
  15. nogray

    Whence the Animated Statue? (D&D Insider Tools)

    I was playing around with the encounter builder tool on D&D Insider, throwing together some encounters for a game Sunday, when I noticed a listing for an Animated Statue (Level 2 Elite Brute). It fits my encounter pretty well, so I'd like to use it. There is one problem, though: I don't know...
  16. nogray

    Low Level PCs and Swarms

    I have some low-level PCs that are playing through "The Forgotten Forge" from the Eberron Campaign Setting. One of the first encounters in part three of the adventure is a CR 2 swarm of beetles (diminutive Vermin). I know that swarms of fine or diminutive creatures (like this swarm) are immune...