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    ZEITGEIST MAPS - The Biggest (and Best) Problem with Zeitgeist

    As a GM that is beginning prep for running this AP in Pathfinder, I love the repository of maps that you shared. Will need to do a little work to make them work for Roll20, but it is work I would have needed to do anyways. I'm still going to take a look at the Roll20 stuff that has been made...
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    Quest Rewards for Larger Parties

    I have a group of 9 players and I am having a hard time trying to figure out payment for completing a quest/mission for someone. I would do treasure parcels, but it just doesn't feel like it should be enough for such a large party. Has anyone figured out a way to take care of their larger...
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    Scaling encounters for more than 6 players

    I will be starting to run a 4e game in a couple weeks, running KotS for a group of 7 and possibly 8 players. I've been looking over the rules for trying to scale the encounters in the adventure, and the regular fights should be simple to do. My concern is with the Solo encounters. I'm not...
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    Creating NPC opponents

    Now I'm still reading through my books and skimmed over the creating Npc section and had a question I was unable to find an answer to in the book. Say I want to create an NPC that is to be my BBEG. I create him using the rules in the NPC section of the DMG. Can I now make him an Elite or Solo...
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    Need Advice for an adventure leading in the Cormyr: TotW series

    I am in the process of planning a campaign with the Cormyr: Tearing of the Weave adventure and the adventures that follow it, but I want to run an published adventure before it. I am not sure what adventure or adventure's I should use. So basically, I am looking for advice on what adventures...
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    Game Day

    OK, Saturday is Game Day for all of us, and I wanted to see who all was participating in the festivities. I, myself, am DM'ing the adventure throughout the day, may play once or twice if I get the chance.
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    Shackled City - Ch. 1: Life's Bazaar

    Game posting guidelines - When making attacks, please add the attack roles and the damage rolls for those attacks, I will let you know if you hit or not after. -Natural 20's on attacks and saves are automatic success, natural 1's on attacks and saves are automatic failures; plus Nat. 1's result...
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    The Shackled City Pregame Thread

    Ok everyone, here we go. I will be running the Shackled City Adventure Path for you all. This will be run in Greyhawk. I will be looking for 6 players, all starting at 1st Level. Guidelines: -3.5 Rules - Books Allowed: Core books, Complete Books*, Races* -Books not allowed:BoVD, BoED, FR...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Determining 3.5 Saving throw DC's from 1st/2nd Edition

    I have looked and looked, but have not found the process for determining Saving throw DC's from certain effects in 1st edition I plan on running the ToEE in 3.5, but at some points it asks for a Saving Throw. One such event is one of the doors leading into the temple. And I can't find...
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    GM Workshop

    Ok, we've all been there, whether we like the admit or not. Working on your adventure or campaign and you hit the one thing you thought you'd never hit...the inevitable Writer's Block. Some people like to talk about their ideas with others to try and get the creative juices going, you would...