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  1. Waylander

    Glorantha - a d20 setting?

    Hi! I know that Glorantha and RuneQuest are so intertwined in people's minds for it to be heresey to suggest that Glorantha could be used with any other rule system . . . However, I believe Mongoose RuneQuest (at least the first edition) was based on a heavily modified OGL ruleset. So I was...
  2. Waylander

    Rebellion Era Star Wars Campaign

    I'm a little ignorant of the Star Wars Saga Edition line of books (other than the core rulebook which I bought at launch). With the news that WotC are not going to renew their license I was wondering which books would be considered essential to a Rebellion Era campaign (i.e. one set in the time...
  3. Waylander

    Planning a new Psionics campaign - any advice?

    Hi! Previously I've always kept psionics out of my fantasy campaigns. However, in a new campaign I'm putting together for my players I've decided to replace magic with psionics. As I've never included psionics in any 3.xE campaign so far I'd be grateful for any experience other people might...
  4. Waylander

    D&D 3E/3.5 Help me create a 3.5E LA+0 half-vampire race

    With a view to having an emrgence of an new race in the current campaign based on a legend that the players are already aware of . . . The following are some rough ideas that I'd be grateful for comment on :): Back story: During the Coalition Wars that raged across the continent the population...
  5. Waylander

    Adventure ideas for campaign based in the Antarctic

    I'm planning to start a d20 Modern campaign based in the Antarctic. It'll also contain elements from d20 CoC and possibly d20 WoD and will be loosely based on the film The Thing. i.e. a small research crew working in the Antarctic that stumbles across all kinds of nastiness and has to deal with...
  6. Waylander

    Forked Thread: Should players know the rules?

    Forked from: Should players know the rules? This got me thinking about how I prefer to DM/play/introduce new players and perhaps minor issues with 3.5E as I pretty much agree with Umbran. With my gaming group we have tended to emphasise the "role"playing aspect while playing a bit fast and...
  7. Waylander

    Enhancing Castles & Crusades with 3.5E feats

    I've been daydreaming about starting up a new campaign after bringing our current one to a close based on C&C. I've been musing about something simpler but possibly not quite as simple as C&C (although it's close). I was just wondering what experience people have had of using the basic rules...
  8. Waylander

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Campaign Setting

    Hi! I'm gearing up for the published Pathfinder rules next year and wondered what the current information on the Pathfinder setting is? I'd like to draw a distinction, if possible, between the material to support specific adventures and more general information on the setting. I guess what I'm...
  9. Waylander

    Armour rules from Unearthed Arcana

    Hi! I'm quite attracted to the idea of using the Class Defence Bonus from Unearthed Arcana as well as using the armour as damage reduction. However, I just wondered if anyone had any experience of using them in play as the Class Defence Bonus seem a little high at 1st level (e.g. for clerics...
  10. Waylander

    d20 Midnight spellcasting system in play

    I've recently been reading through the Midnight settings (and several of the other supplements) and I am really quite taken with the setting and will be discussing using it with my players. My only real discomfort is with the spellcasting system (I may just be too indoctrinated in the standard...
  11. Waylander

    Goodman Games sale buying from the UK

    Hi! I've been thinking of taking advantage of the Goodman Games sale (see http://www.goodman-games.com/). However, as I live in the UK p&P becomes a serious consideration. The "sweet spot" would appear to be making a purchase of less than $100 which would cost $20P&P. Principally I'm...
  12. Waylander

    Melnibonean-inspired race as LA+0

    I've been thinking of introducing a new player character race using an existing plot hook in our ongoing campaign - essentially the entire inhabitants of a city disappeared during the last war which ravaged the continent (around 80 years ago). I've been mulling around the idea that the people...
  13. Waylander

    D&D 3E/3.5 What will we miss from 3.5E?

    From what we currently know about 4E (or suspect we know from the designers' comment ;) ) what do we expect to miss from 3.5E?
  14. Waylander

    Ptolus in the Swordlands

    I've been toying with idea of using Ptolus in conjunction with Iron Heroes! Crazy I know! :heh: Particularly how magic-rich Ptolus is . . . Just wondered if anyone else had attempted this?
  15. Waylander

    Corsair - Guide to d20 Ships

    Has any one bought Adamant Entertainment's supplement Corsair - Guide to d20 Ships? I'm thinking of running a "pirate" campaign and wondered how well this would help with the inevitable ship-to-ship combat! (As well as sea travel in general . . .)
  16. Waylander

    Sell me on Complete Mage/Complete Scoundrel/Complete Champion

    I've read some positive and negative comments about the "new" Complete series and I'd be grateful if any one who owns any of the three books could highlight what the strengths are from each one. Commenting on the weaknesses is OK but I'd rather the thread stayed positive if ay all possible! :D
  17. Waylander

    Complete complete series?

    As far as I'm aware the new series of "Complete" books includes: Complete Scoundrel Complete Mage Complete Champion Does anyone know of any subsequent books in the pipeline? Cheers! :D
  18. Waylander

    Arcana Evolved Published Adventures?

    Hi, For our next campaign we are planning on using Monte Cooke's Arcana Evolved. As this is really very different from standard D&D I was wondering if anyone could suggest a published module that would be a good introduction into the campaign world and help me set the tone for subsequent...
  19. Waylander

    Tome of Magic - Using Demon Lords as Vestiges?

    For a while now I've been trying to integrate the Demon Lords of the Abyss in my campaign to a character class without them becoming merely an alternative source of arcane or divine magic. Looking at the Binder class in Tome of Magic has me thinking that this might be a way forwards with...
  20. Waylander

    Read Runes

    I'm thinking of adding Read Runes as a cultural feat for my next campaign (cultural feats work in a similar way to regional feats in the Players Guide to Faerun). It'll be based on the 2nd level Cleric spell, Augury, in terms of the answers given and materials used but will be usable for any...