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  1. Derulbaskul

    D&D General 2010: A Turning Point for D&D

    C'mon, Talien, you have to move past motherhood statements and exaggeration. There is a genuine story to tell.
  2. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Streamlined 4e combat

    For DMs Consider using Masterplan to run your combats. It keeps track of hit points, bonuses, penalties, and conditions. Also, if you're the DM, it does the dice rolling for attacks and damage for you as well. Build your own stat blocks. At this point in 4E's life, chances are you're much...
  3. Derulbaskul

    Starfinder Starfinder's Sutter Leaves Paizo; Butler Joins (In A Different Role)

    Understood. A certain person has, again, insinuated that Paizo is having financial difficulties on one of the most widely-read RPG forums on the internet. There is no evidence for this insinuation other than his inability to properly parse a statement made ten years ago in a completely...
  4. Derulbaskul

    Starfinder Starfinder's Sutter Leaves Paizo; Butler Joins (In A Different Role)

    There are no rumours of money problems at Paizo. There is a certain passive-aggressive, dog-whistling schmuck who trots out vague allusions to this without any support. Of course, I am not calling you a passive-aggressive, dog-whistling schmuck....
  5. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Seeking advice for new 4E game inspired by Pemerton

    Great stuff and a great thread. For a more alliterative title, why not Fallcrest's Fall? :)
  6. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun - 4E style

    Great stuff! After reading the recent Lair Assault, Pit of Madness, I'd be sorely tempted to use it to inspire an update of the Black Cyst area of WG4. Of course, I just love my PCs fighting aspects.... :)
  7. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E The Usage of the Non-Sequitur "4e is a Tactical Skirmish Game"

    How does "4E is a tactical skirmish game" meet the definition of a non-sequitur? Do you really mean non-sequitur or something else?
  8. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Value of DDI for existing 4e tools and resources?

    @OP: Yes, it is worth the USD70 or so a year for the time it will save you in a month. I'm amazed to report that, yes, it finally uses the correct maths. Of course, updating the old beasties is not an automatic process. You have to fart around quite a bit first.
  9. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Whose staying with 4e?

    I'm definitely staying with 4E. It's my favourite edition so far, it does everything that my players and I want it to, and it's the most fun I have had DMing - both at the table and during my prep time - for about 30 years. I do not believe that the combination of what I have read about 5E so...
  10. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Whose staying with 4e?

    That's very much how I feel. If I want to go backwards, as it were, I will go with Pathfinder simply because I love their adventure paths. I don't think WotC is ever going to master adventure design again (especially without Rich Baker on staff).
  11. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Would you be interested in a dedicated 4e Site/Forum

    Definitely... provided it has a strict "no threadcrapping" rule.
  12. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Is Paizo ever going to shore up it's online support for Pathfinder like 4E does?

    Quick question: is it still possible to do the database extraction from WotC?
  13. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    Great thread. Great game. As a DM I appreciate the significantly lower prep time... and yet I can still create a stat block and mechanically reflect the race, class, template, theme and/or creature combination that I want. That rocks!
  14. Derulbaskul

    Do you prepare bands of NPC adventurers?

    One of my favourite things in some of the older D&D products (particularly for some of the 2E adventures for the Forgotten Realms) was the inclusion of bands or groups of NPCs with names and some background. I've been wanting to spend a bit more effort on NPCs in my next campaign and I was...
  15. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E 4E Dream/Nightmare Adventures

    This post is really a bump. I'm very interested in running something like Lorac's nightmare from the original Dragonlance series but in 4E (and not in Dragonlance). If anyone can point to any products that might help with this, I would be most grateful.
  16. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E My Dark Sun 4e Game Experience Updated 01/22/2013

    I can't give you XP again, Raunalyn, but I just wanted to say I am really enjoying reading about your campaign. I hope you continue to post.
  17. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E What I want from 4E DnD in 3 simple steps.

    My list is down to one item. 1. I want a working monster builder. That's all. Of course, I would love to see Dungeon and Dragon with content again but I doubt that will happen. For me it's simply about having the tool that saves me some time and I will just play the game that I have grown to...
  18. Derulbaskul

    D&D 3E/3.5 (3.5) Need help selecting a swamp in Faerun(FR).

    The Mere of Dead Men north of Waterdeep is probably where I would choose. It's the right sort of terrain, it's near a large city for when the players want their characters to go shopping or do other things and Waterdeep offers Undermountain for when you want a straightforward dungeon crawl...
  19. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E 4E Adventures

    Firstly, I agree that the series that begins with Keep on the Shadowfell and ends with some adventure involving Orcus (aka H1-E3) is rubbish. Similarly, Scales of War seems to be an exercise in bad adventure design (with a few exceptions). That said, the more recent WotC efforts have been very...
  20. Derulbaskul

    D&D 4E I miss 4E

    Much the same as you, I miss Dungeon adventures that are more than just three encounters and some tiles. More precisely, I miss the Dungeon adventures that appeared under Paizo's excellent stewardship in the 3.5E years. Three delves a month just doesn't cut it. I also miss books that are more...