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    San Jose / Gilroy Area Game Stores?

    My sister-in-law is looking to buy a game for her boyfriend for his birthday and can't seem to find a game shop near Gilroy (the garlic capital of the world! - kinda near San Jose, CA). Can anyone help out? Specifically, she's looking for FFG's "Citadels" game, but she's open to buying other...
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    Diplomacy Question

    Here's the scenario: A group of town guards (not necessarily evil) have been given orders to ambush a group of PCs and arrest them for treason. The characters are, in fact, technically guilty of treason by the letter of the law (greater good and all that). So, my questions: 1) Would the...
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    Craft (Alchemy)

    In 3.5, all of the alchemical items listed in the PH have a notation that they can only be made by characters with spellcaster levels. Are there any "official" alchemical items that can be crafted by a non-spellcaster? If not, what would the potential downside be of allowing a...
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    Arcana Unearthed/Evolved Champion Class

    Back before Monte changed his boards over there was a thread that had alternate causes for Champions to, well, champion. I can't seem to find an equivalent thread on his boards now, so I figured I'd asked here. Specifically, I am intersted in making a Champion of Hope and also a rival...
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    Adventure Suggestion Advice

    EDIT: Uh, maybe people thought this was an April Fool's Day Joke or something. The short-short version: I'm looking for suggestions of an adventure (free, published, Dungeon, whatever) that would work in a backdrop of two countries at war. Some of the players might actually be from one or...
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    Advice for Dealing with Improved Trip Feat

    In another thread I mentioned a player of mine who has taken the Improved Trip feat. He's a Pal2/Ftr4/Kensai 3 with a halberd. Every combat tends to go this way: Kensai has Wizard player cast "Enlarge" on him to get the strength bonus and the size bonus for tripping. Then, the Kensai...
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    Integrating an Experienced Player with Newbies

    I've got a group that consists mainly of newbies who have sub-optimal character choices (the most glaring of which is a Cleric 5/Sorcerer 4, but he recently decided to try to qualify for Mystic Theurge, so at least he'll be a little bit better). The group consists of: * The Cleric 5 /...
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    Use of Existing OGC by Publishers

    As I glance through various d20 books, I've noticed that many publishers tend not to use OGC from other companies, even when covering the same topics. Now, some of this I guess I can attribute to the thinking of, "I can do it better!". But, I wonder how much of this is due to potential...
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    Heading To Atlanta: Game Stores & What To Do?

    So I'm heading to Atlanta on a red-eye tonight for a wedding of one of my wife's friends. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it 'cause I don't really like flying much. I guess it will be a good chance to catch up on some reading (I bought the graphic novel 1602 by Neil Gaiman, and I...
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    Ninja Class from Dragon #274

    I posted something similar over at RPGnet when the boards were down, but wanted to ask here as well. I have a player in a solo campaign who wants to use the Ninja class from Dragon #274. However, with the exception of the Ghost Step ability, he does not want to use any of the ki powers. We're...
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    Help: Solo Player Games + Ninja Class

    One of the players who used to play in my regular weekend game can no longer play, but through a bizarre set of circumstances, he and I are now working together at the same company. He mentioned that he would like to keep playing and asked if I would DM him through some solo adventures in the...
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    All Day Session

    If you read one of my posts in the "I Wish I Was 12 Years Old Again" thread (AKA: "What Do You Miss About 1E?") you would have ready that I mentioned I was going to play in an day (11am to around 1:30am) session this past Saturday. Well, I did, and it was great! Lots of fun. We played If...
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    SRD Question: Siege Weapons

    I can't seem to find the Siege Weapons from the Dungeon Master's Guide in the 3.5 SRD. I read in an archive thread here on ENWorld that WotC "forgot" to put them in but then later corrected that error since they were part of the 3.0 SRD. Does anyone know what section they're in?
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    NPCs from the Quintessential Aristocrat

    I thought I'd post some characters I made using rules from the Mongoose Publications PDF, The Quintessential Aristocrat. Most of these will be actual characters I use for the game I DM, but slightly modified to take out the world-specific flavor so they can be more easily inserted into other...
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    Prestige Class Progression

    I've seen PrCs with 3-levels, 5-levels, and 10-levels. Is there anything magical, rules-wise, about these numbers?
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    Feats That Scale With Level?

    I'm trying to remember if WotC has published any feats in any of their books that scale with level (meaning, the usefulness of the feat grows as the character gains levels).
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    How to Add An Image to a Product Page?

    I'm super-computer deficient but yesterday I added two products to the D20 Reviews product page. However, I don't know how to add the images for those products. Can someone help?
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    I'm Published! A Writer's POV

    So, today I got an e-mail telling me that a d20 book I wrote was finally published today - in PDF format on RPGNow. I'm not here to push the sales of the book (that's being taken care of in the d20 Publisher's Forum). Rather, I thought it might be interesting for people to know how it all came...
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    Relation Between Message Board Visitors and Product Purchasers

    Okay, so I couldn't think of the correct subject. I saw someone over in the publishing forums who mentioned that even if every member of ENWorld and RPG.net decided to, for example, boycott a game company, the loss of sales would barely make a dent in that company's overall sales. That got...
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    Help with Magic Item (Setanta Please Stay Out!)

    I hate to double-post, but I left this over two weeks ago in "Conversions" and only 10 people have looked at it so far. I'm using some stuff from the old Basic D&D Module B7: Rahasia. One of the magic items in the book was a gem set into a statue that basically imprisons the soul of the person...