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  1. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need ideas for my setting/ story

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently got back into dming 5e and I’m having a blast. One of the players is a friend of mine and the others are randos I met through discord, but I must say, I feel extremely lucky as they are engaged, thoughtful, and like to role play. I sort of had a vague idea for this...
  2. Hex_Toliver

    D&D 5E Need help with good antagonist for evil campaign

    I'll just jump right in. I'm DMing a 5e game right now that i'm calling Evil Queens. The game is in a setting of my own design, a continent known as Greater Vauxri, sometimes known as the snake weed nations. Greater Vauxri is a land that is in constant turmoil; multiple nefarious factions fight...