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    Dragon Reflections #40

    double post sorry
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    Dragon Reflections #40

    I still have my dragon magazine collection going back to the early 20s. I wonder if it's worth anything. It's taking quite a lot of space.
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    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd 'Revamped' Boxed Collector's Edition

    Why waste energy and ressources on doing these remakes of products that are almost new ? Why ? So many old school modules lying around that beg to get a conversion to 5E! Tyranny of Dragons and then this are two exemples of wasted time and efforts. My opinion, of course.
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    Diorama talk

    Hello guyz, I'm a new poster and i have been long time reader of EN World. I decided recently to share one of the passions that RPGs has inspired in me and that's diorama making. I've been using 3d terrain for a long time but i thought it would be a good idea to share it with my fellow gamers...
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    wand creation cost - BASE PRICE

    My question ia about magical item creation: I am using the 3.5 edition of the DMG. I found contradicting information concerning wand creation costs in the DMG and i wanted to know what the correct way to find the base price of a wand is. Table 7-32 suggest that the BASE PRICE of a wand is...