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    3d6 In Order a review by Ace

    Its a heckuva game, no not the fallen undead cleric. Lets start with the basics. R.E.B Tongue at Antediluvian Press sent me a review copy of the PDF and I am glad he did. Its very much a worthy addition to my OSR library. Physically I have a a plain 91 page PDF with clean efficient art that...
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    Pathfinder 1E (5 Stone Games) Pathfinder Playtest and Freebie

    Howdy. I wanted to invite folks to grab my first freebie product, Loadouts Its designed for Pathfinder using the Pathfinder SRD and an art budget of zero (literally ) :p and is meant to enable easy outfitting of starting characters. It provides pretty much everything that a person and a party...
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    Codex Martialis

    I had pretty much sworn off any more 3.5/OGL products. Its not that there aren't quality products coming out, there are, but its that I have so many more than I can use.. Still when I saw Codex Martialis I knew I had to have a look at. A supplement that adds the coolness and realism factors of...
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    Boing Boing on the GSL !

    Not being the fastest on the draw I usually miss scoops but I think I found one Cory Doctrow at Boing Boing points to an article that briefly covers the GSL Its not a favorable outlook -- they call it sleazy in fact -- I don't agree but it certainly is a poison pill -- saying in essence --...
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    Roma Imperious

    My first thoughts upon reading Roma Imperious True 20 was its like Hinterwelt took Imperial Rome and hit it with a D&D stick, well OK than , a True 20 stick Weighing in at 290 pages this nicely illustrated PDF comes zipped with a gorgeous extra map. Can I repeat the map is gorgeous. Its also...
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    My 3.x Swordmage

    Here is my ugly formatted Swordmage for 3x. Of course I'd finally figure it out just as 4x is on the horizon but thats gaming for ya a note or two -- I'd allow this as a preferred class for Elves Wizards and Sorcerers IMC get a d6 for hit points, Rogues get a d8 Rangers a d10 -- that...
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    add BASH Fantasy and Island of the Forogtten Tomb to database

    Just as posted. Can you add these two, BASH Fantasy and Island of the Forgotten Tomb to the data base so I can post a review ? Thanks.
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    Tell me about 3rd party 3.5 psionic stuff

    Ok I am thinking about an age of sail /psionics as only magic game with possibly some sci fi twists. I suspect psionics will either be the only magic or possibly the only PC starting magic (like my original idea) Currently I looking for some cool 3rd party psionic stuff to play with. I...
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    Thanks Atlas Games!

    Yesterday I got my hobbitish birthday gift from Atlas -- 3 Adventures (Dire Spirits, Unhallowed Halls, and Maiden Voyage) and 7 Strongholds ! Thanks very much
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    Please Add Loot a Field Guide to the Database

    I just finished a review of this PDF and would like to post it soon if possible Thanks
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    Please Add EN Gamer 3 to the database

    I just finished my review (now posted on rpg.net) of this product. Alas I don't have it here. Could someone please put the product up Thanks
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    Good Source of Hex maps?

    I am looking for a good source of Hex maps for my GURPS game. The WOTC maps and the like are nice but are squares Can anyone suggest a good source of hex maps that are ready to go
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    recomend me a few little known D20 sites please

    just like the subject. I have seen a LOT of d20 sites Can anybody recomend some D20 sites that are little known non commerical ones ? My contributions http://www.ravensrook.com/campaign/index.html this has a nice mix of this and that here is another...
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    A better way to say "the gave me a copy for the review"

    This is a general question -- I have been taking part in Crothians review drive and have written a mess of reviews, mostly for the Le Games. Basically I geta copy of the book, they get a review -- its pay for play There was some concerns at The Le's group about my choice of words -- at the...
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    what to give a Non Psionic Soulknife?

    I am at a bit of a conundrum -- I want to use the Soul Knife in my campaign but I am not using any Psionics -- I am seeing the class lightly modified as a Eldritch Blade type of thing Unfortunately a good chunk of a Soul Knife's power comes from acess to Psionic feats -- what do I give the...
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    Post a new product

    Ok the FAQ gives direction on how to do this but I can't seem to make it happen with them I need to post reviews for All Fall Down (non D20 Ronin Arts) and M&M Superlink All Tommorows Headlines -- sorry to pester but I can't seem to create a listing for the book
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    How do I post reviews

    I just went the review section after following the directions in the FAQ but I do not find any add a product button or any other way to post the reviews I have written How do I do this ?
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    What is your most trivial house rule?

    Just curious.. What is the most insignificant mechanical house rule in your campaign? Mine is "The Cateloblepas is a Magical Beast not an Abberation" thats the only change -- The only times this could come up is if someone had Favored Enemy or tried to use the Curelean (sp?) sign -- called...
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    Heros of Battle Nano Review

    I skimmed Heros of Battle last night at my FLGS -- My general jist is that unless you have a lot of big battles in your game don't bother -- It does have some good ideas in it -- some spells , magic siege weapons and a couple of interesting feats but most of the book is farily dull. It has...
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    I hate my gaming group!

    Just a rant: I got back from FLGS tonight after (against my better judgement) trying a session in an ancient Greek themed D&D game -- talk about disaster A few weeks ago I was DMing for the same group when after a few attempts to change the schedule (work related) they decided to dump me as...