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  1. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E What Exactly Is A Critical Hit?

    EDIT: Given the nature of some of the recent responses, I will attempt to clarify the nature of this thread and why I posted it. I am well aware this is "just a mechanic" and I have no need to "learn to live with it" and so forth. If you don't have a reason for it other than it is there, fine...
  2. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E (House Rule Concept) Variable Hit Points

    This is a quick idea I had this morning, and I sort of like the concept, but I think it might slow the game down too much despite adding a variable and, in some ways, tactical element to the idea of hit points. Here is the first draft of the idea (it'll need a lot of work if it is ever...
  3. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Are Sorcerers' and Warlocks' Spell Slots Backwards???

    Had a discussion with a player today which got me thinking about the narrative behind certain mechanics considering sorcerers and warlocks and their spell slots. Sorcerers are supposed to be innate casters, with their magic coming from within, and get slots on a long rest. Warlocks get fewer...
  4. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E How advanced/civilized are your cities?

    So, I am beginning to flesh out my city for my city campaign game online (when we return to it LOL) and I decided to ask you how advanced or civilized or developed (pick an adjective and run with it!) are you cities? So, the poll includes a number of options, select any and all that are typical...
  5. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E House Rule to Make Upcasting More Attractive

    We finally had our first live game of the year and a player upcast healing word at level 2, rolling just a 1 and 2 for a total of 5 hp of healing. In a prior battle, the same spell at level 1 healed 6 hp when he rolled a 4. He commented on what a let down upcasting was in 5E, so we discussed it...
  6. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E How much magic do you have in your game?

    The peasants and freeman watch in terror as the small band of zombies move slowly towards their tiny village. They cheer when your PC steps forward and unleashes a massive ball of fire into the midst of the zombies! The undead burn and collapse, only a few stragglers managing to lurch forward...
  7. 6ENow!

    Review Simple Riddle... but TOO simple?

    Hey all, Saturday we'll finally be playing again on Saturday (after the holidays and a long break) and I decided to challenge the group with a riddle. Now, the group is great, but frankly not the brightest bunch so I want something they might have to think about but really shouldn't stump them...
  8. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E What House Rules Can You NOT Live Without?

    We I first tried 5E, I played without any house rules for the first three months (levels 1-5) and it worked well enough. Since then, I've gone back and forth on house-rules and what I really want and what I can choose to live with. So, curiosity compelled me to ask the forum: What house-rules...
  9. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Looking for Class Features List

    I seem to recall a thread about all the class features in 5E but can't find it. Does anyone know of this or a resource that lists all the class features (or most anyway)? In the spirit that Tasha's didn't go far enough, what if every class feature became a feat and classes disappeared? You...
  10. 6ENow!

    D&D General Substitute for Dracolich "Miniature"

    Hi all, Just wanted to share this item I found online: Skele-Dragon Garden Sculpture It's 12 inches tall, so would be HUGE compared to normal minis! And it is currently on clearance for only $13. Enjoy!
  11. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Quick Battle Master question

    I've never played a BM and decided in my next game I might give it a try. But, from the text of Combat Superiority when you learn additional maneuvers it doesn't specify it must be "in this class" when you gain levels. I've looked in the errata and online and cannot find confirmation one way or...
  12. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E BATTLE ROYALE - 20th Level Sorcerer vs. Wizard -- FIGHT!!!

    Knock yourselves out... ;) Ok, this is a joke to me, but since people want to go through it: 1. Standard Array 2. Any WotC developed material (No 3PP, no Critical Role crap, etc.), no UA, it must be in a published work. 3. No multiclassing 4. 4 common magic items, 3 uncommon, 2 rare, 1 very...
  13. 6ENow!

    D&D General Happy New Year!

    Hi all, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 🎉🎆 It has been a difficult and rough year for most of us and I hope that by this time next year we will be in a better place. I know some people have suffered losses and my heart goes out to you all. I also want to thank all the people...
  14. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Other Uses for Hit Dice

    After some thoughts while posting in another thread, I was curious what other uses people might have for Hit Dice? Here are the two that I had from another post: You can spend a HD to stay conscious when your are reduced to 0 HP. If you take damage while at 0 HP, you must spend another HD or...
  15. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Can We Come Up With Better (but still simple) Movement Rules?

    EDIT: Here is the post to my current idea: D&D 5E - Can We Come Up With Better (but still simple) Movement Rules? UPDATE: Here's what I am thinking for Running: Notes: I elected against including disadvantage on ability checks mostly because running and jumping could easily happen in the...
  16. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Cinematic Initiative Variant (CIV)

    So, after some discussion in my thread about what the combat round feels like/represents to you, I've done a lot of thinking about initiative and what might be a good alternative. A couple things I want to address first: 1. This is not a roll = time system. So, going on 20 or higher doesn't...
  17. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E How Do You View the Combat Round in 5E?

    In AD&D 1E, a round was a full minute long. A lot was assumed to be going on during the round and when your turn came, it was your chance to get in a real strike or do something significant. Unsuccessful attacks and feints, parries, dodging and weaving, etc. were all part of the "back-and-forth"...
  18. 6ENow!

    D&D General A different style of medieval fantasy game?

    So, we are starting a Shadowrun (2E) game and I was wondering if anyone knows of a D&D/medieval game which is not level-based, but allows more customization to build your character? For example, in Shadowrun (2E anyway) your choice of skills really defines what you can do in many way, and you...
  19. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E Spellbook Rituals (a new Wizard feature)

    Following my Faster Features variant thread (5E - The "Faster Features" Variant (+)) I would like to discuss one particular idea I've had for months now for a new class feature and would like to implement for Wizards: Spellbook Rituals With the new idea in Tasha's about known-spell casters...
  20. 6ENow!

    D&D 5E The "Faster Features" Variant (+)

    Have you played a PC to level 20, to obtain your capstone feature and rejoice in newly found power and ability, only to have the adventure... end? Have you played many campaigns, making it to level 10 or 12 even, just to find the adventure is suddenly over, and look at those higher lofty levels...