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  1. Flicker the Flareon

    D&D 5E Early Western World D&D setting?

    A game got me interested in the western style of D&D games. However, I'm talking about the age when the West was just discovered, not the style with wagons, horses, etc. that's also a film genre. Has anyone seen an early west setting? Homebrew included. Maztica and Chult have an ancient Mexico...
  2. Flicker the Flareon

    D&D 5E Mounts and Questions

    About 10-5 questions about mounts. 1. Ostriches are rideable in real life, why aren't there ostriches in DND? 2. If you awakened your mount and you're friends with it now, then you have an argument, and the cleric uses a beneficial spell on you both, does the mount get affected even if it...
  3. Flicker the Flareon

    D&D 5E Give me your strongest characters

    My strongest character is Julie, the level 10 moon elf rogue. What about you?