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  1. Disgruntled Hobbit

    Pathfinder 2E High Level Play

    What's high level play like in Pathfinder 2nd Ed? I know in most versions of DnD high level gets all wonky. But some people like the gonzo superhero style of levels 15 up. Where everyone can teleport and fly and has a dozen wacky magic items. But I hear Pathfinder 2nd Ed is a lot like 4th Ed...
  2. Disgruntled Hobbit

    D&D 5E Revising Classic Settings

    Ravenloft is the first of 3 classic settings Wizards is planning to release. All the previews of VAN RICHTEN'S GUIDE TO RAVENLOFT suggest that it's not updating the campaign world to 5th ed. That they're instead redesigning the world again. Not quite starting from scratch but taking only the...