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  1. TwoSix

    The next official setting should have an official Warlord class.

    I don't really have a reason to think this, I just want something to get some sweet karma upvotes.
  2. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Caster with access to only one school

    If you had a prepared caster from a full spell list (cleric, druid, etc.) with an alternate class feature that said, roughly "Instead of preparing from your normal class list, you can prepare spells from any class list, but only spells that belong to X school", how big of a power downgrade is...
  3. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Cleric with Warlock Spell List - Good, Bad, Indifferent?

    If you were playing a cleric that used the warlock spell list instead of the cleric spell list, would that substitution make that class weaker, stronger, or pretty much the same? Also, are there any cleric domains that would have some strong synergies with that spell list?
  4. TwoSix

    D&D General Which do you prefer, character build or fixed growth?

    Just kind of curious after reading a couple of different thread topics. Do you prefer building your character as you level? Making feats and ASI choices, picking subclasses, picking powers and spells, maybe even picking what class to level up whenever you gain a new level. Basically...
  5. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Homebrew feats as good as Sharpshooter and GWM

    I don't actually have any. I'm just trying to brainstorm some feats for other fighting styles that are in the same power range as Sharpshooter, Great Weapon Master, and Polearm Master. Any ideas?
  6. TwoSix

    D&D 5E House rule impact: Replacing stat mod with proficiency bonus

    So I'm considering the following house rules (wording still needs to be tightened up): "When you make an attack with a weapon you are proficient with, you may use your proficiency bonus in place of your stat modifier for attack bonus and damage bonus if your proficiency bonus is higher." "When...
  7. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Features to support every stat for generic classes?

    Quick description: One concept I've been working on sporadically for my next game is a conversion of Beyond the Wall (BtW) to 5e. If you don't know the game, BtW is an OSR-like game that uses detailed playbooks to generate characters who are all young heroes from the same village, with the...
  8. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Break this House Rule: Advantage(s) can stack

    Basically, what it says in the topic. If I had a house rule that said the following: "Every source of advantage gives you one advantage. Every source of disadvantage gives you one disadvantage. Advantages and disadvantages cancel. If you have any advantages left over, roll an extra d20 for...
  9. TwoSix

    Houserule: 2 subclasses at once.

    General houserule idea: When you select your subclass at level 1, 2, or 3, select 2 subclasses and gain the benefits of both. Purpose: Increase character diversity, shake things up and add some general zaniness to the game. Other clarifications: No multiclassing (characters are already...
  10. TwoSix

    What do I need to know for my first AL game?

    So, I'm going to PAX Unplugged in two weeks, which looks to have a large number of AL events on the schedule. I decided I'd take the plunge and try an AL game for the first time. I've done some research, and done the following. -Reviewed all the season 7 documentation from DM's Guild...
  11. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Assuming no GWM/SS, are different fighting styles roughly balanced?

    Specifically, looking for any outliers in the level 1-4 range, 5-10 range, and 11-14 range. The only one that jumps out at me is EB + AB at level 11+. 3d10+15 with no bonus action. Seems a little too strong for a caster.
  12. TwoSix

    At-will bardic-style inspiration - balanced?

    So I'm working on a homebrew class, and I'm wondering if a major class feature I'm thinking of is balanced, or if there's something abusable that I'm not seeing. (I'm not as worried if it's undertuned, as other class or subclass features will also strengthen it.) I'm also not too worried about...
  13. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Best way to leverage high stats at low level?

    While I personally prefer point-buy over rolling, I AM a fan of rolling high when the DM asks for rolled 1st level characters. I ended up with an above-average array of [17, 16, 14, 12, 12, 11], and I'm trying to figure what's the best way to use that for a low level character. (I have plenty...
  14. TwoSix

    Optimizing an Int 8 wizard

    So, our current party is on the ropes, and my buddy and I were spitballing new character concepts for fun when one of us jokingly suggested an Int 8 wizard. We kicked it around for a bit and came to the conclusion that while it's certainly not good, it might actually be playable. So I'm...
  15. TwoSix

    D&D 5E What at-will 1st level spells wouldn't be overpowered?

    Just trying to think of some new warlock invocations. Are there any 1st level spells that wouldn't be overpowered to get at-will, like silent image or disguise self?
  16. TwoSix

    Warlords need damage on a miss abilities.

    Truly, it is the only thing that can bring our warring camps together.
  17. TwoSix

    D&D 5E How many fans want a 5E Jester

    As per the AD&D NPC class from Dragon #60, and revised several times up until 3E. It's always good for a laugh!
  18. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Do you need mechanical choices after 1st level to be D&D?

    So I'm kicking together some ideas for an OSR-inspired 5e game I may run next year. Basically, I'm contemplating developing a new set of backgrounds, that are more mechanically rich than standard 5e backgrounds. Much closer to what you would get from picking a class at 1st level. PCs would...
  19. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Which class(es) won the PHB?

    Ok, so "won" is a little tongue-in-cheek. I'm curious what class you think fared the best in the initial release, based on some combination of fidelity to concept, interesting subclasses, exciting class features, and a general gut feeling that this class is going to be cool to try out. My #1...
  20. TwoSix

    D&D 5E Does the PHB release early to the Wizard's Play Network stores?

    Or was that only for the Starter Set?