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  1. el-remmen

    D&D General "HOW I RUN IT" - I made a D&D 'zine!

    Bringing back a little of that tactile DIY feel of the early RPG days into the digital age. (Note: Morrus gave me the okay to post this here, rather than the promotional forum, so don't narc me ;)) So, as a joke a couple of months ago on twitter I wrote about only ever writing for money...
  2. el-remmen

    D&D General How often do your sessions end mid-combat?

    One of my current groups have had 24 sessions in this current campaign, sessions have ended mid-combat at least six times. My other group (15 sessions) has had it happen at least three times (including yesterday). I don't recall when this started to happen frequently, probably in the 3E era of...
  3. el-remmen

    D&D 5E How do you remember concentration duration/checks?

    While I was skeptical at first, I have really come around to loving 5E's leaning in on concentration as a duration and limiting spellcasting power in that way (I don't want to argue about how or if that is necessary, I'm just saying it feels like a move in the right direction for my sense of...
  4. el-remmen

    D&D General Does anyone else title their D&D sessions?

    I started doing this a while ago. . . after my "Out of the Frying Pan" game ended, I briefly ran a Mutants & Masterminds game and part of the conceit of that was that each session was the issue of a comic book, so each one had a comic book-like story title that I either came up with before or...
  5. el-remmen

    D&D General [Challenge] What you want out of a D&D campaign in 100 words or less.

    So, I could not sleep the other night, and something I do when the sleeplessness bug hits me is try to think through and draft ideas in my head to tire my brain out to match the state of my body. So I started to think about how would I generally and briefly describe what I want out of a D&D...
  6. el-remmen

    D&D General Perception, Search Rolls, and Game Style (thinking about expectation for how rules play out at the table).

    Sorry for the lengthy post - this is just me thinking through my own assumptions about playing D&D and working through my surprise for how other people do it - not a judgement of those other ways, though I would probably feel less satisfied with some of those other ways. So, I was reading the...
  7. el-remmen

    The Six Cultures of Gaming

    I thought folks might be interested in this well-written article explaining a taxonomy for different kinds of RPG play both contemporaneous and historically. I found it fascinating, even if I might quibble with a detail or two, and realize that most players probably straddle these different...
  8. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Two Minor House Rules for Rangers and Druids

    My current groups aren't using many house rules or optional rules and of my two groups the smaller one of more experienced players is where we experiment with options (like Lingering Wounds) and the other "newbie" group is where I try hold back on any complicating house rules/options (at least...
  9. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Using COMMAND to break a caster's concentration?

    In my session yesterday, the party bard/wizard went to his go-to spell against armored foes, Heat Metal, which can be a devastating spell, esp. at lower levels. The target was a cleric and in one of the few rounds left to her before the heat damage killed her (her minions were firing multiple...
  10. el-remmen

    D&D 3E/3.5 Why does the 3E Fiendish Codex: Hordes of the Abyss go for so much?

    So I stopped in Half-Price book seeing it was mostly empty of people and did my usual quick browse of the gaming section looking for any deals and I spotted this: I know it is out of print - but why the heck is some random 3E book selling for so much as a used bookstore?
  11. el-remmen

    Do you modify/write-in your game books?

    I was adding tabs to my second player's handbook (I keep one in my office and one down in the game room) to help navigate it more quickly (dang, the 5E PHB index is garbage!) and thought about how I have modified my game books not just just for D&D but lots of games I either play a lot of and/or...
  12. el-remmen

    D&D General Woo-Hoo! Heading back to playing D&D in person soon! (for the first time since February 2020)!

    I just got a text from a player in my group that they just got their first covid vax shot, and they were the final person in the group to get on that roll. The druid's player works in a hospital, so he was the first to get both shots. Me and two other players are on the same basic schedule and...
  13. el-remmen

    D&D General Retrieving Arrows after a Combat

    In every edition of D&D I have run or played in at the end of basically every battle the missile weapons users look to the DM and say, I look around and retrieve any arrows I can to replenish my quiver (replace arrows with sling bullets, darts, etc as applicable - but let's stick with the most...
  14. el-remmen

    D&D General Never seen this in a published module before. You?

    Found this in one of my all-time favorite modules, but never really noticed or thought to much about it before, despite having run it more than once and read it many times. I just can't recall a published module suggesting the DM playtest an encounter before running it, using the PCs they plan...
  15. el-remmen

    D&D General "Out of the Frying Pan" - A 3E campaign Post-Mortem

    So as some of you may know, I ran a long term 3.xE campaign back in the early-to-mid 00s based in my long-standing homebrew Aquerra and using a ton of house rules to get both the feel of the kind of D&D we liked to play and the way I (and the players) envisioned the setting. Recently, I did a...
  16. el-remmen

    D&D 5E The PCs Found a Spell Book with a Magical Item "recipe"

    The recent thread about what folks want out of crafting rules happened just as I was including my first such "magical item recipe" in my 5E game. I posted a version in that thread, but I have modified it since. In their very first adventure, the PCs found a small spellbook that had belong to a...
  17. el-remmen

    D&D General How often do the adventures you run include a "dungeon" element?

    So the frequent discussion on these board regarding short and long rests and number of encounters per day made me wonder the frequency with which dungeon environments are a part of people's games and how long characters tend to spend there. While dungeons are a part of my games, wilderness and...
  18. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Suggestion replacement bonus proficiency for Life Domain cleric?

    I am building a monk/cleric of the life domain, but the heavy armor bonus prof is a waste on her. I imagine her as part of an order of pugilist medics dedicated to helping the poor and marginalized. Suggestions?
  19. el-remmen

    D&D General BULLYWUGS OF THE BOG! (D&D toys)

    So as I mentioned in my shelf organization thread, I spent some time today re-arranging and cleaning up the game room. While I was doing it I came across my still unopened package of Bullywugs of the Bog! D&D toys. The toy is from 1983, but I bought it on eBay in 2000 or 2001 for about $14 with...
  20. el-remmen

    D&D General How would you organize these two shelves?

    I was moving some things around in the game room and had to empty out a bookcase to move it, and I was putting books back I started to wonder if there was a different or better* way to organize them and thought it might be fun to see what others either suggest or how they'd do it if it were...