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  1. el-remmen

    D&D 5E How To Do A Human Shield Grapple

    I have done this ad hoc with just an opposed roll to position the person you've grappled on your action and then those that go to attack you must attack at disadvantage or have a 50% chance to hit the shield. But it has only come up like twice so far.
  2. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Dungeon in a Box, feelings?

    I do the mini in a box variant because I am into painting minis lately and so far love it! But the whole Dungeon in a Box thing did not seem as much value for my needs. YMMV
  3. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Has the culture of campaigns change, re: homebrew vs. pre-published?

    I have long assumed (perhaps erringly) that even when people run APs they plop them in a homebrew or any version of a published setting they like rather than being beholden to where the book says it is. I am running Ghosts of Saltmarsh (kinda) but am not running in Greyhawk, just my own...
  4. el-remmen

    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    We crammed in an extra session this month under the assumption that with people getting vaccinated and things opening back up again (for good or ill) scheduling around people's plans (including my own) might get difficult over the summer. This session was mostly focused on wrapping up some...
  5. el-remmen

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC

    Weird. I am older than you and I had something like 40 questions total!
  6. el-remmen

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC

    The operative word there is "feel." Sure they know. They know the reality (as best they can and better than anyone) but they want to know how their customers perceive the brands. Edited typo to clarify what the heck I was saying
  7. el-remmen

    D&D General Continuing a Campaign (with the same PCs) after a TPK

    When my 2e "The Oath" campaign ended in a TPK in The Hidden Shrine of the Tamoachan, we followed it up with mini-campaign of adventures in the afterlife and them being summoned for a final battle on the prime material plane by some powerful cleric. I don't think we ever got to finish it, but one...
  8. el-remmen

    D&D 5E My House Rules for My Homebrew Campaign (Feedback Welcome)

    My old homebrew, Aquerra, and the myriad campaigns run there from 1989 to 2016, used the silver standard.
  9. el-remmen

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC

    I'm guessing my answers suggesting that Magic the Gathering should go back to what it was like in the late 90s when I last played it with any regularity were mostly useless to them. :ROFLMAO:
  10. el-remmen

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC

    Weird. The very last thing it asked me was age (I'll be 50 this summer) after getting to very nearly complete progress. I can't imagine that survey being much longer (felt too long as it was!).
  11. el-remmen

    D&D 5E My House Rules for My Homebrew Campaign (Feedback Welcome)

    I really like the "mythic materials" bit and may be good thing for me to adopt in the next game I start. I had very complex "masterwork weapons and armor" rules in my 3E games (which tended to be low magic) but this seems like a simple fix. Thanks! And good luck with your game!
  12. el-remmen

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC

    In a couple of places I answer "Why do you feel this way?" with "See my answer to #X" because it felt redundant.
  13. el-remmen

    D&D General Do you re-use characters?

    I think there is a difference between re-using a character you ran in a full campaign and re-using a character that you played once or twice but the game fell apart or whatever. In my Out of the Frying Pan campaign, two players started with characters they had made/played in a GEN CON one-shot...
  14. el-remmen

    D&D 3E/3.5 Trying to remember what book this bit was in

    Is it the Psychic's Handbook?
  15. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Has the culture of campaigns change, re: homebrew vs. pre-published?

    I really have no idea - But I get the impression that homebrewing is less common and AP play is a lot more common and dominant approach. But that may just be my old man defensiveness shaking my fist at a cloud. To me the adventure path was the disparate modules we played and the friends we made...
  16. el-remmen

    D&D General What are your favorite DM Advice Media?

    Matt Colville is the only one I watch (have been going through all his videos lately). We may not always see exactly eye-to-eye, but in general he is great at giving form and terminology to things I've done (or have tried to do) for years, which makes me think about it more consciously and can...
  17. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Cursed Armor and sleeping

    I mean, a curse is meant to be a curse - more than just an inconvenience and when done right should also provide motivation for PC action that also drives the narrative.
  18. el-remmen

    D&D General That Which Cannot Be Fought

    Speaking of Colossi, there is a big undead animated kaiju one in Castle Amber. Killing it with weapons is basically impossible, but finding a way to administer to its face the powder that causes it to fall apart is the trick. I have run this module multiple times (though not in decades, so the...
  19. el-remmen

    D&D 5E WotC's Stats for Zaknafein Do'Udern

    I guess I understand why they stat these NPC characters but if it were up to me I never would unless they appear in an adventure as a possible opponent and even then I'd use the rules for building NPCs/Monsters rather than the rules for making a PC. But in general? Like a mention in a setting...
  20. el-remmen

    D&D General "HOW I RUN IT" - I made a D&D 'zine!

    Your copies are packed up, addressed, and ready to go out with tomorrow's mail! Thanks!