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  1. Octiron

    Release Wandrils, a one-page random-path inter-planar system-agnostic micro dungeon!

    The space between dimensions is criss-crossed by the wandering tendrils of an inscrutable fungoid entity. Though they cannot rely on the road ahead or behind, gods and fools alike exploit these treacherously unstable pathways to other planes of existence. Littered with planar pests and detritus...
  2. Octiron

    [Planarian] - Figment: A Rock-Paper-Scissors Storygame for All Ages

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296660/Figment-Playtest?affiliate_id=490690 Figment is a simple story-game mainly intended for play with or by children. As an “ultra-lite” game it relies only upon rock-paper-scissors to settle matters of fate and requires almost nothing in the way of...
  3. Octiron

    [Planarian] Clown Helsing

    Clown Helsing: the one and only Clowns vs. Vampires rock-paper-scissors rpg has a new playtest edition! - No dice and rules-ultralight: just in time for that halloween party or long drive to visit relatives. Get it HERE at Drivethrurpg while it's still PWYW!
  4. Octiron

    [Planarian] BARFLIP & GRIDFLIP (Random but Balanced Attribute Methods) Updated!

    These odd and useful methods for rolling OSR/D&D-style attributes have been updated with clearer text, bigger boxes, and options for those who are aiming for a specific class. Get them at drivethrurpg today! BARFLIP & GRIDFLIP: Semi-random balanced D&D Attribute roll methods.
  5. Octiron

    [Planarian] OUB Core Beta Playtest

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/281449/OUB-Core-Beta-Playtest OUB Core is the rules set that powers Wandrils, a fantasy role-playing game setting in which players take on the role of skeletal amnesiacs struggling to adapt or escape from their exile in Oub; a mysterious extradimensional...