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  1. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Status of D&D translations

    So, recently Asmodee Italia (who holds the license for the Italian translation of 5e) announced that WotC is taking direct control of the Italian version and that Amsodee will assume just the role of distributor. I wonder if this is related with the suit with Gale Force Nine. Does anyone know...
  2. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E New D&D Hardcover To Be Announced On The 23rd (Tomorrow)?

    According to this page on Amazon.com, a new Dungeon & Dragons hardcover title for May will be announced tomorrow. Users in the US see the product below (those in the UK are seeing a Wizkids miniatures set instead). So far signs look like Ravenloft, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow. [Update --...
  3. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Aura of Life, Aura of Vitality and Disciple of Life

    How does Disciple of Life interact with those two spells? Is the bonus added each time the spell cures HP? I think it does, but I would like to have confirmation, especially for Aura of Life, since the healing is not triggered by an action from the caster (Disciple of Life states that the bonus...
  4. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Tasha digital preorders

    Recent books from WotC have been available for preorder in digital format soon after having been announced. Tasha is not yet available and the D&D Beyond team has stated that this is due to WotC non having yet authorized preorder sales. Of course, it is not terribly important to preorder the...
  5. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Kate Welch's adventure anthology. What happened to it?

    Basically, what the title says. Does anyone know anything about the status of this project. Was it cancelled? Postponed? D&D: All New Adventure Anthology Teased - Bell of Lost Souls
  6. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Blessed healer and mass cure spells.

    Just a quick question. If a character with the blessed healer feature casts a spell that heals multiple targets (such as Mass Healing Word or Mass Cure Wounds) and includes themselves among the targets, does the feature trigger or not? For reference, here is the rules text: When you cast a...
  7. Nikosandros

    DCC Dying Earth

    Goodman Games has announced that they will release a sourcebook, for the DCC game, set in the world of the Dying Earth series by Jack Vance. I love that setting and I'm quite intrigued by this announcement. Personally, I never got a chance to play the previous Dying Earth game by Pelgrane Press...
  8. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber

    The new installment in the Original Adventures Reincarnated line has been announced and it is X2 - Castle Amber. They fled from the far-flung land of Averoigne: the Amber family, a bloodline of wizards and warriors persecuted for their dark sorcery and occult crimes. In their new world, they...
  9. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Suggestions for Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh [SPOILERS]

    I'm currently running The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh from Ghosts of Saltmarsh. I ran U1 in AD&D a long time ago (it was probably the first AD&D module that I run) and, back then, the adventure more or less went as the authors expected. This time, the group did explore the house, "rescued" Ned...
  10. Nikosandros

    Pathfinder 2E Game Trade Media playtest video

    Jason Bulmahn recently shared a 2-hour video including a short playtest session of Pathfinder 2nd Edition played last week with the folks of Game Trade Media. Some interesting tidbits (many of which we have seen before). You can watch the full video below! [/LIST]...
  11. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Xanathar's Guide #1 non-fiction bestseller this week

    Mike Mearls tweeted this link from Publishers Weekly: Xanathar's Guide to Everything is currently in the number 1 spot for non-fiction. In a reply, Mike said that a second print run is on its way to the stores, so I think it's safe to assume that the first one sold out.
  12. Nikosandros

    Unable to share news pages on FB

    As the thread title says, since yesterday, I've been unable to share on Facebook any news pages. I've tried botht the share button at the end of each page and sharing directly the URL. In all cases, I get the following messagge:
  13. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Dungeon Master Guild: List of available sources?

    The DG website states Is there available somewhere a specific listing of what that means. For example, is the Unearthed Arcana articles material included? And what about old FR material? Is there an official master listing (I'm aware of several unofficial ones) of all FR products?
  14. Nikosandros

    D&D 4E 4E DnD Insider Moving; No Longer Available To New Subscribers

    I don't know it that was already the case, but they no longer accept new subscribers. Edit: My post doesn't make much sense, now that the OP has been promoted to news and edited to include more information.
  15. Nikosandros

    Bundle of D&D Comics

    At Humble Bundle, there's currently an offering for a large bundle of D&D comics from IDW. For $12, you can get 19 titles. https://www.humblebundle.com/books
  16. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Is Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting a good spell?

    I'm a bit dubious about this spell (wich originally appeared in 2e Tome of Magic) as presented in the Elemental Evil Player's Companion. It has the same range as fireball and a smaller volume. On average it deals 0.5 less points of damage than a fireball boosted to 8th level. I guess that...
  17. Nikosandros

    Feat for "smooth operators"

    I would like to create a feat for the prototypical "smooth operator" or the "face" of the party, if you wish. This is a character that excels in social interactions. The concept sounds intriguing (at least to me), but I'm rather stumped for ideas. I would probably start with a +1 to charisma...
  18. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Agonizing blast extra damage: once or for each beam?

    Basically what the title says. If you pick this invocation, do you get the extra damage once or for each beam that you create with eldritch blast?
  19. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Creating a demonoligist PC

    I'm currently preparing a 3-4 session adventure set in the Plane of Elemental Fire. The 4 PCs will be pre-gens and will act as trouble-shooters and protection aboard a vessel that is traveling towards the City of Brass. There will be several complications, but one of the main ones will be a...
  20. Nikosandros

    Gold Lifer membership

    Would it be possible to get a title fancier than "member"? :)