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  1. Bold or Stupid

    My Blog has vanished!!!!

    Help, my blog has vanished. I can't find the link to it and the links in my thread to remind people of updates now send me to the front page. If I blogs have been removed here is there any way I can get the data?
  2. Bold or Stupid

    Polearm Expertise

    I'm sure I heard that this would be in MME, if it is what does it do?
  3. Bold or Stupid

    Dragon Submissions

    I know that October is the start of the next submission season, can someone point me to the actual gudielines of how I/what I need to submit please?
  4. Bold or Stupid

    Revenge of the Giants Review

    over in my blog I've started a review play through of Revenge of the Giants. i'm going to review it as the group I run for plays through it. Just click here to see! Now with all the links for your pleasure. Part 1 Part 2 Part3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12...
  5. Bold or Stupid

    Clearing Out

    Okay I have the following small (really it's halfling sized) pile of books to sell, basically I'll take any offer that seems reasonable (plus postage/taking it into account) if you want the lot give me a shout and you can come to my place and pick it up as I'm not posting that many books...
  6. Bold or Stupid

    Looks sad. Update?

    When is the next CB update, I don't seem to have found the one I was expecting yesterday. Or is it nit till next month?
  7. Bold or Stupid

    Essential skills?

    How many skills will each essential class get? The Wizard and Cleric both have lists of class skills but I see no listing of the number of skills they each get. So on with rampant speculation, do they just get them all (On noes brokin!) or will there be a set number that is common across all...
  8. Bold or Stupid

    PHB Races Tieflings

    Surprised no one has been talking about this, I picked it up today alongside MM3, I've skimmed it and am now giving it a proper read through. It seems pretty nice so far with romantic allusions to the rulers of a Domain of Dread cementing the Tiefling emo thing. The thing that makes me most...
  9. Bold or Stupid

    On my way to St Hives I met a man with seven Hives...

    I declare my first Hive open! Was that right?
  10. Bold or Stupid

    Class Acts: Invoker - Secrets of the God Fragment

    Shocking No thread in sight on this one so I'll kick things off... Some Invokers have fragments of Gods in them (pick it out or it'll go septic). They can during Paragon tier buy a feat to awaken it. They get a small constant bonus and a 1/encounter boost to an encounter or daily power. Plus...
  11. Bold or Stupid

    Odd Demilich question.

    Okay I need some ideas... The situation:- The party have just completed an adventure defeating Doresain and his minions. In the last treasure they found a Silver Bell. This as it happens is the Phylactery of a Demilich they had defeated. The Party's Warlock/Sorcerer (this is all about him)...
  12. Bold or Stupid


    From the Wilden Compendium entry. Now I seem to remember the Warmind? A cool Psionic combat technique PrC from 3.5. I'm guessing psi defender.
  13. Bold or Stupid

    OotS 675!

    It's up! Here Several good lines, anyone care to guess at the items on those prices.
  14. Bold or Stupid

    Feat for assessment.

    I've mulling this one over for a while. One of my players misses her full attack. Follow-up Strike Prereqs - TBA Benefit - After making an attack, make a basic melee attack at -5 as a move action. What do people think? Are any Prereqs needed? I was thinking Str 15 or Dex 15 and maybe Con 13...
  15. Bold or Stupid

    Paragon Path request

    Haven't got the books yet... So can someone who either has, or is less moral than me post a list of the Paragon Paths in the book, with a potted description of what they do? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Bold or Stupid

    A clue on the Charm attack?

    Okay we know that succubi get a two part charming kiss, and that the first part makes the target interpose themselves and not attack the succubus. the first part has no clue to what is does other than the charm descriptor. However way back in the day Mike Mearls wrote an article on making over...