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  1. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Monster's body as a dungeon

    Looking for some ideas for a monster's body as a dungeon/puzzle. Setup: PCs are running a fledgling barony and on their border is a troll with ambitions to run his own monster kingdom (Kingmaker adaptation). When he dies, a fey pact kicks in and an ancient colossal being known only as...
  2. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Loving D&D right now

    I've had a blast running my game lately. So many times I find myself engaging in "how can we change the rules to make D&D better" discussions, but the last several weeks have hammered home it's not been the rules that ever made the game fun, it's been the unpredictable. PCs are trying to start...
  3. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Lich lair

    I'm looking for a lich's lair, or a dungeon that could serve as one, for an "atrophied" lich (weaker version due to being trapped for a really long time, 11th level casting). Just drawing a blank despite my treasure trove of old Dungeon magazines and the like.
  4. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E "Combat exhaustion" at 0 hp?

    I know the topic of replacing Death Saves has been covered, but I wanted to take a version I've seen on other threads and weave it into my own (vitality at 0hp). Not looking for debate on whether one should use an alternative to Death Saves, but any abuses or loopholes you could see occurring...
  5. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E What exactly is an "object" for purposes of the Reduce spell?

    Players are strategizing for this weekend (assault on a fort) and asked if the Reduce spell would affect a wooden gate in a fort. Reduce shrinks "1 object." There is no mention of any other limitations, such as size of the object. The DMG object rules say: "For the purpose of these rules, an...
  6. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Let 'em live or die?

    While DMing today, a PC died today, 2nd level on the cusp of 3rd. It was partially good DM rolls, partially poor planning. The battle: I generally don't like pulling punches in my games and roll in full view. In doing so, I can't fudge away a character death when the dice do their thing. I'm...
  7. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Getting your body back (reincarnation) ideas

    Need ideas for this Saturday's game on an adventure for a reincarnated character to regain his original form. RANGER player is fairly new to the game and our group. Unfortunately, early on, RANGER died at 2nd level when they ran afoul of a displacer beast, an unlucky day. Players are in a...
  8. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E (Homebrew) Dynamic Initiative System, 4 year feedback

    One year ago, I posted updates on playtest of a dynamic initiative system, inspired by Mike Mearls, AD&D, and Matt Colville commentary, wherein players (and monsters) declare actions at the same time each round, then roll a die based off that choice to determine initiative. Lowest goes first...
  9. toucanbuzz

    Savage Tide 5E

    toucanbuzz submitted a new resource: Savage Tide 5E - Conversion notes of Savage Tide to 5E Read more about this resource...
  10. toucanbuzz

    D&D General What goes in your DM binder?

    If anything at all? For those who use books and paper, what are your must-have items? I'm perhaps a bit old-fashioned in that I don't use a laptop, but I operate better that way. Even so, I've always had some sort of notebook, binder, folder...something that has my essentials. Curious what...
  11. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Optional or homebrew rules

    I'm considering the following changes to the rules in an impending Dark Sun (apocalyptical desert world) campaign using a homebrew conversion. Wondering if anyone has already done any of this and seen success, failure, or something in between. Feats: Prohibited - Sharpshooter, Great Weapon...
  12. toucanbuzz

    D&D General Lamest D&D classes all time

    I stumbled across an article from a few years back that proposed a pretty hilarious list of actual D&D classes over the years that...well...sound a bit lame. So which one should top the list? Here's my modified list, and to help you decide (your top 3 votes), and appreciate how far D&D has come...
  13. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Dark Sun 5E Campaign Guide & Monster Manual (link)

    toucanbuzz submitted a new resource: Dark Sun 5E Campaign Guide - Conversion of Dark Sun rules to 5E Read more about this resource...
  14. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Encumbrance by carrying capacity - an easier way

    Awhile back I went looking for an easier way to do encumbrance than simply "I'll ignore it except when I don't." Although encumbrance has been around since day 1 of D&D and everything has a weight value, it gets constantly ignored because it's a pain to track. Further, it doesn't make sense...
  15. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Dark Sun Conversion: Campaign Guide & Monster Manual

    Dark Sun 5E Campaign Guide Dark Sun 5E Monster Manual Well over a year ago, I began a project to convert Dark Sun to 5E rules with a primary goal to maintain the unique features captured in AD&D. This meant applying 20+ years of DM experience, including years of AD&D Dark Sun, and innumerable...
  16. toucanbuzz

    Duplicate thread, plz delete me

    So I woke up today on a work trip, wandered downstairs and grabbed a paper to read for breakfast (yes, newspapers still exist), and lo and behold, the DMG is on the front page of a section in USA Today! It's a great article, especially considering how D&D was viewed in my community growing up...
  17. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Simple Encumbrance system (to make Strength matter)?

    I'm looking for feedback from those who've found an encumbrance system they like (the simpler the better!). We play at the table, so having a computer figure encumbrance is not viable. I've looked at slot systems but have no idea in actual play if people find they work. Ultimately, simple is...
  18. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Initiative System (player choice matters) playtest results

    18 months ago, I posted the results of 1 year's play using the DMG's "speed factor" (p270) optional initiative system. Our goal in switching was to (1) make player choice matter and (2) to shake up predictable combat orders, thereby increasing thrill and tension. We met Goal #2 but not #1. The...
  19. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Vitality [homebrew] playtest

    EDIT: updated PDF version (1 page) here. Our group has been playtesting a modified UA vitality points rule, replacing death saves (as written the UA version appears messy). As a baseline, I only implement homebrew rules if I think they make the game more exciting for everyone and fix a problem...
  20. toucanbuzz

    D&D 5E Dark Sun 5E conversion - draft

    I got excited when the UA psion project came out that we might be getting a Dark Sun reboot. Alas, I've gotten Ravnica, ships, and some Waterdeep stuff, which has generated about .05% interest with my players. So, like others, I've taken on the task of doing it myself. It's been daunting. I...