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  1. kitsune9

    Asking for Reviews and Feedback

    Hello, I am seeking feedback/reviews/generating interest on a fantasy book I wrote on fictionpress. Here's the link: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3293197/1/Fallen-From-the-Stars Here's the blurb on the story: A human from our world finds himself without much of his memories and cannot...
  2. kitsune9

    The Empire of the Raven - Free RPG for Downloading

    Hello, I submitted a rpg for the Design an RPG in 7 Days contest. I decided to tinker with what I wrote to have a more "complete" game and here it is. Now before you download, just to warn you that I haven't playtested it and this isn't some attempt at professional publishing, just a project...
  3. kitsune9

    D&D 5E I like the latest iteration

    My interest in D&D Next has waned a bit (actually considerably), but this latest version perked me up. I'm really digging the flatter math. My only "gripe" (if I can call it that) is that I would like the attack bonuses to have a bit more disparity. For fighters, they should have the best to...
  4. kitsune9

    RPG Bucket List

    Normally, a bucket list is things to do before you die, but only if you think you’re going to die “soon” (individual definitions of the word “soon” can vary). I have a list of my own that’s related to all things rpg-ish that I want to do before I buy the farm, but hopefully kicking the can is...
  5. kitsune9

    Characters and NPCs

    This is the party's cleric.
  6. kitsune9

    What's the name of the font for BECMI?

    Hi all, I want to create a customized char sheet for Pathfinder (notably for the mercs that I'll be using) but using the font for BECMI. Who can tell me what it is? Sorry if this seems like a really obvious question, but thanks!
  7. kitsune9

    I hate character sheets

    Well, I don't hate character sheets in general, I hate the ones that look like an Excel spreadsheet. I mean, if Pathfinder has all that awesome art, why can't we get a character sheet that looks really cool? Here's my stab at it of making one of my own. Hope ya'll like it. I did it off of...
  8. kitsune9

    Hasbro/Zynga Partnership

    Hasbro Zynga partnership sees virtual and real worlds combine What does this have to do with D&D? Nothing on the surface right now; however, whenever you see these kinds of partnerships, these are percursors toward mergers or acquisitions if the partnership works out really well. These...
  9. kitsune9

    Pathfinder 1E [SF Bay Area, CA] Seeking 1 -2 Players for Pathfinder AP

    Hello all, Hello, I am looking for up to two players for a Pathfinder game and for playing a Pathfinder Adventure Path called The Carrion Crown. The game is in Redwood City (up in the hills) on Saturday 12:30 - 8:30 p.m. We play every once every two weeks or three weeks depending upon holidays...
  10. kitsune9

    So how do I create a hot topic?

    I'm curious. When I start a thread, how can I make my topic a hot topic? Or is this out of my hands?
  11. kitsune9

    Open Request to Erik Mona

    For the pdfs of your core books such as the APG and and Bestiary 2, can we get hyperlinks within the pdfs? I love the Core Rulebook but find it hard to use the other pdfs as effectively. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssse? I'm a beggin' here. :)
  12. kitsune9

    1000th Post. What's your best type of post?

    Hello all, This is my 1,000th post (Yay me!). For those of you who regularly post here, what kind of posts do you like to read or which ones do you like to respond to? For example, my personal favorites are the "Help with my campaign" where someone is asking for tips on ideas to construct...
  13. kitsune9

    I'm a Tirapheq

    So, I went from being a Lvl 3 Hobgoblin to a Lvl 3 Tirapheq. What's a Tirapheq? Are they big? Scary? Eat little children who don't eat their vegetables? Cute and cuddly like My Little Pony? Smell like strawberries? Help me.:confused:
  14. kitsune9

    New Year's Resolutions

    It's early to discuss, yes I know. We're still digesting the turkey and Black Friday isn't even over yet, let alone the holidays. However, I'm a big believer in resolutions and the New Year's resolutions is something that I like to give a lot of thought about before Jan 1st comes around. Two...
  15. kitsune9

    What kind of puzzles do you give your players?

    So you're DMing and you got your encounters, your villains, your treasure and your traps. But you think and say to yourself, "Hey, I should introduce a couple of puzzles here." What kind of puzzles do you use and why? Me personally, as a DM, I like puzzles so long as they make sense, but it's...
  16. kitsune9

    I suck at making maps

    So not all of us are awesome cartographers and can make those Photoshop works of art that we see in modules, Dungeon magazine, and other places. So, steal from here: Cartographers' Guild - Powered by vBulletin You'll need to register to view most of the files, but sign up and help yourself...
  17. kitsune9

    Change Up Your Locations!

    DM: Okay guys, the traveling merchant told you that the dark cloak figure was last seen heading toward the mausoleum inside the Warders' Graves. Cleric: Ah ha! Their hideout is in the graveyard. I better pray for all my anti-undead spells. Fighter: I get my magical flail ready. Rogue: Well...
  18. kitsune9

    Players Who Are Just Goofs

    So here's a little story: I used to play regularly in the RPGA. Having a character who dies in RPGA campaigns is a major hassle because a lot of time and effort goes into playing mod after mod to get a level and a lot of them are just brutal enough that I consider surviving the mod more of a...
  19. kitsune9

    Pathfinder 1E 3PP support for Pathfinder

    Okay, So who are the 3PP that will definitely put out products catered for Pathfinder? PDFs preferred, but print products okay too.
  20. kitsune9

    Terrible Luck with the Dice

    In other type of thread (the WORST encounter), I asked what was the WORST type of encounter you hated to write up. A couple of posters had indicated that they ran an encounter where the dice was completely against them. So, hence the idea for this thread. Tell us about an encounter that just...