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  1. Kobold Stew

    D&D General Online performance of She Kills Monsters, May 7 at 8pm Eastern

    As we face continued isolation, the theatre at University of Maryland is doing a livestream performance of Qui Nguyen's play, She Kills Monsters tonight. Info is here. It's free (and I have no connection to the production). The play is about a young woman joining a D&D group her sister had...
  2. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E D&D party saves Prague

    In the center of the town square in Prague is a huge monument supposedly dedicated to Jan Hus, 15th century theologian, burned at the stake in 1415. Supposedly. You can't convince me that the town hasn't just been rescued by a party of four adventurers. There's the wizard, who actually...
  3. Kobold Stew

    WOTC is hiring a new Game Designer for D&D

    Another job is available at Hasbro/WOTC designing 5e D&D products (link). This is exciting -- right?
  4. Kobold Stew

    old PBM rules? (Logan's Run)

    I am looking for old PBM rules for Logan's Run game from the early 80s (the ad below comes from Dragon 58, 1982). Is there a repository of these things? Does anyone have any leads? All help appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Another job at WOTC - Digital design

    New jobs at Wizards of the Coast, focusing on Magic: the Gathering. Be the change. first one: a senior content designer. And the second one, Design Manager: Third is a Digital Product Marketing Manager. Also a Customer service rep.
  6. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Thirteen observations about Xanathar’s Guide

    Thirteen observations about Xanathar’s Guide Here are 13 observations I’ve made since getting my copy of Xanathar’s Guide. I make no claims to being the first to see these, but I have not included things I’ve seen discussed in other threads. This isn't meant to be a review. Thoughts...
  7. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E What 5e rule/option/class do you wish you saw in play MORE?

    Riffing off of the thread on regrets, I want to see the positive: Are there rules or options that you wish saw more play (or any play) at your table? A class? A subclass? The variant encumbrance rule? Teamwork? For me, it's the "Special Features" of magic items (DMG 141-43): this seems...
  8. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Problems with Illusions

    I want to think about illusions. Illusion spells are tricksy, and are inevitably subject both to player creativity and DM judgement. My sense is that there is no agreement about how they work, and want to think about what are the legitimate uses of spells from this school. And this leads to...
  9. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Xanathar's Wiki of Everything: what's in the new book?

    As rumours come out, let's build up likely and certain inclusions in the new book, wiki-style. confirmed in bold new rules for all PCs *randomized backstory generation (source: http://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/rpg-products/xanathars-guide-everything) - *New feats (source...
  10. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E New York Times remembers early days of D&D

    An article in the NYT today remembers the "moral panic" of the early days of D&D, downplaying (obviously) the game's negative associations. It's nice for the hobby to get mainstream coverage, but it still seems unable (and we gamers seem unable) to get past where things were 30+ years ago...
  11. Kobold Stew

    Variant Druid: no wildshaping

    The 5e druid has hit points galore with its wildshaping in battle, but what would be an acceptable swap-out if you wanted a druid without wildshape? This is based on something in the d20srd that I've always liked. It also cleans up the wooden shield weirdness, and other oddities that put me off...
  12. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Hit points -- how do you roll?

    How do you do hit points when you level up in your 5e group? I see people concerned about the 2d8 for the variant Ranger, and I suspect that there are straw men in the discussion. Let's see if we can weed them out! 1 Roll a die, live with the consequences. 2 Average hit points - fair and...
  13. Kobold Stew

    New Spell: Daily Ablutions

    A new spell, Daily Ablutions, has been added to EN World's 5E Spells Database. Given the realities of dirt and filth in the world imagined by D&D, the constant travel in unsanitary conditions, and the sudden need to be spic and span for diplomatic negotiations or because you want people to talk...
  14. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Use Rope

    I want to bring back Use Rope as an ability in 5e. In 3.x, Use Rope was a skill, which was (wisely) cut in 4e. Still, affection remains for this weird novelty from the past. Most of the problem was its limited use: it was a lame skill, and didn’t have the range of applications that other skills...
  15. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E magic ponies for everyone

    So the Paladin spell Find Steed appeals to one of my players a lot, so I am looking for ways in the rules for a non-paladin to be able to get one (DM says so is of course always available, but I'm looking at the rules we have so far). Here's what I see: 1. 10th level Bard with magical secrets...
  16. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E duplicate proficiency

    "If a character would gain the same proficiency from two different sources, he or she can choose a different proficiency of the same kind (skill or tool) instead" (PHB 125). This rule appears specifically in the context of backgrounds, but I am wondering about its general applicability. (I...
  17. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Amazon Canada

    So, following the Chapters/Indigo thing a few weeks ago, I am wondering if Amazon/Canada came through. Did anyone keep their orders with Amazon? Did the books arrive today? Have they even shipped? The one case I know ordered on May 22, and it has not yet shipped, even though Amazon has it...
  18. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Chapters/Indigo and the death of the FLGS

    I'm very troubled by Chapters/Indigo in Canada breaking the release date with the 5e PHB,. This wasnt a surprise: we knew they were likely to do so; but it seems such a slap in the face of such a brilliant plan to release the books two weeks early so that game stores could make a reasonable...
  19. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Skill selection and Rogue's Expertise (and grappling?)

    The discussion of 5e skills has got me thinking, and has led me to three thoughts, listed here from general to specific. 1. The first thought is an observation: that more than before I am not thinking that a charisma character needs to max charisma skills -- whether it's due to bounded accuracy...
  20. Kobold Stew

    D&D 5E Index for Basic Rules

    Justin Jacobsen (Blue Devil Games)has made a one-page index for the Basic pdf (ver. 0.1) that looks pretty useful. (downloadable as a .pdf or a .docx). Enjoy!