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  1. Matchstick

    Steven Brust's Dragaera

    I've been looking for an RPG treatment for Dragaera for a long time, and now it looks like it could happen. The Blades in the Dark Kickstarter has a stretch goal called "Blades of the Jhereg". The update from the Kickstarter creator (I'm not affiliated, just excited): Sounds official, as...
  2. Matchstick

    Savage Lankhmar!

    On Google+ Pinnacle just posted a screen shot of the title page for one of their current projects: Lankhmar! https://plus.google.com/+Peginc/posts I can't find information on this anywhere else. Not on their site or on their forums even. Not right now anyway.
  3. Matchstick

    Looking for a Steampunk character name

    I'm looking for a name for a steampunk character I'm creating. I really want the name to scream steampunk. I want people that have only vaguely heard of steampunk to see the name and think "that's a steampunk character". The charater is female and non-mechanical. She wears blades on her...
  4. Matchstick

    Space 1889

    I'm finding myself leaning toward doing a Steampunk Savage Worlds game and I've seen some mention of Space 1889 from Pinnacle. However looking at their site it doesn't seem like that product's page has been updated for a while. What is the status of the SW version of Space 1889? Was (is) it...
  5. Matchstick

    Is there a SW:EE character generator?

    I know, it's easy to make characters in SWEE. But I'm curious none-the-less about whether there's a character generator for Savage Worlds somewhere. My searching has revealed nothing, and that surprises me. Thanks!
  6. Matchstick

    GMing for the first time in 20+ years tomorrow!

    My scattered group of friends are going to join me on Sunday morning in Fantasy Grounds for a Savage Worlds adventure, and I'm nervous! I've been studying the rules, editing and prepping the adventure, and just generally trying to get ready as best I can, but I'm feeling the pressure. This...
  7. Matchstick

    Interior maps in Campaign Cartographer

    Hello! I got CC3 for Christmas, and want to use it to make interior maps of houses and warehouses etc for an online D20 Modern game. But honestly, I start the program up and find it intimidating and confusing, and wind up closing it after unsuccessfully attempting to even get started on my...
  8. Matchstick

    A few probably basic D20 Modern questions

    I'm new to d20 Modern, but I have an idea for an adventure for my friends and I'm trying to set it up. Pregenned characters to start with, though I'm hoping this may work out to be an irregularly episodic campaign. Are there any Golem type templates? Or Golems at all in D20 Modern for that...
  9. Matchstick

    First GenCon in 20 years

    Well, hi everyone! A long long time ago I attended the first Milwaukee GenCon, and even before that I attended a couple at the University of Kenosha. I remember meeting Gary Gygax, Phil Foglio, and Rowena (I used to have a Tshirt from one of the Kenosha cons that Gary and Rowena signed, it had...
  10. Matchstick

    There will be a second Dungeons and Dragons movie

    I know you've all been on the edge of your seats for this news. I looked but didn't see any other threads about it. http://www.filmstew.com/Content/DailyNews/Details.asp?Pg=1&ContentID=8362