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  1. 77IM

    D&D 5E Do you use the Success w/ Complication Module in the DMG or Fail Forward in the Basic PDF

    @Charlaquin you made a lot of really good points in response to my post but I wanted to explore this one because I think it cuts to the heart of the matter. The only reason I roll dice is to add uncertainty to a situation that "ought" to be certain. We could decide everything in an RPG by DM...
  2. 77IM

    D&D 5E What D&D Does That is So Good: A Celebration of 5e's Advantages

    I broadly agree with the OP. There are literally thousand of fantasy RPGs out there. My hypothesis is that for any given D&D fan, there is a fantasy RPG that the hypothetical fan would enjoy playing more than D&D, BUT there are 3 good reasons for the hypothetical fan to keep playing D&D...
  3. 77IM

    Vampires and 'daylight' spell

    Wow, a 19-year thread necro is pretty impressive. Also impressive that ENWorld has kept around threads from that long ago and that they are still relevant. I'll just point out that 5E doesn't directly answer the question of whether "daylight" and "sunlight" are the same. For example, is a...
  4. 77IM

    D&D General Assumed Lore/Sacred Cows you've changed +

    This is absolutely brilliant.
  5. 77IM

    D&D 5E Do you use the Success w/ Complication Module in the DMG or Fail Forward in the Basic PDF

    Here's a trick that I started doing and I love it: Even if there's no hope of success or no risk of failure, you can roll dice anyways, to determine the degree of success/failure. It works because: a) Players love rolling dice! b) It keeps ability scores and skill proficiencies relevent. c) It...
  6. 77IM

    D&D 5E How does Van Richten's change your Ravenloft?

    I've been building a setting where Barovia is just another country (no magic mists, no extraplanar prison, no soulless population -- just one mean vampire). The implied setting of Barovia is not quite baseline D&D in order to be more gothicy. So now I'm curious how the other domains could fit...
  7. 77IM

    D&D General Assumed Lore/Sacred Cows you've changed +

    I like to combine the Feywild and the Shadowfell into a single realm called the Otherworld (the cheerful parts are like the Feywild, the gloomy parts are like the Shadowfell). The Underdark is also part of the Otherworld, as are the cloud-castles where giants live, and the aquatic kingdoms unda...
  8. 77IM

    D&D 5E PCs as The Monsters

    I'd use the PC build system for the PCs. It will be better balanced, but also easier to understand and more flexible. If you want more exotic races than what's in the PHB, like monster races, try: Official supplements (Volo's Guide to Monsters, Elemental Evil Player's Companion, Sword Coast...
  9. 77IM

    D&D 5E Awakened Spell and effects on offspring of awakened creatures

    In My Game... 1. Yes, they breed true. Moreover, if an awakened animal breeds with a non-awakened animal, the offspring would have an Intelligence somewhere in between the two, and be able to speak crudely. Sure, why not? This is a setting where you can cast speak with animals which...
  10. 77IM

    D&D 5E Deleting Bonus Actions

    This ^^. Bonus actions are confusing as naughty word. This is exactly how Shadow of the Demon Lord solves the problem, and that was designed entirely by Rob Schwalb, one of the designers of 5E. I've never tried it in play but it seems like it would work well.
  11. 77IM

    D&D 5E Wereraven Regeneration

    Did anyone else notice that in the wereraven stat block presented in that they are no longer immune to non-magical non-silvered weapon attacks? Instead they have Regeneration 10 which doesn't work if they took damage from a spell or silvered weapon since their previous turn. This has a several...
  12. 77IM

    D&D General How do you handle doubling of classes?

    Your DM is doing the right thing by mentioning this idea to the group. It sounds, by his phrasing, that he's looking for feedback. So I'd definitely offer feedback. But before you offer the feedback, do what SirMoogle suggests and ask him for more details. And from your third paragraph, it...
  13. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    That's one way to do it. If the consequences are a surprise, or a punishment meant to discourage behavior (like, the consequence is boredom from fighting yet another encounter with 1d4+1 ghouls), then yes, it's mean. If you've experienced such mean DMing in the past, your trauma is...
  14. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    Does the adventure say anything about wandering monsters? Many classic adventures had very harsh rules where you had to roll for random encounters every 10 minutes or every hour or something, and those encounters weren't necessarily balanced. So if you are going for that "old-school feel,"...
  15. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    Well the first thing I can think of is: you're not going to stop and search inch-by-inch for secret doors in the middle of a raging battle, or while sneaking past a deadly foe, or while frantically trying to deal with a devastating trap or hazard. So danger is a good motivation to NOT search for...
  16. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    One of my mottos is, a game is a series of interesting decisions. I think your problem is, neither Option 1 nor Option 2 involve any interesting decisions. In Option 1, there's no reason NOT TO search for secret doors, and in Option 2, there is no reason TO search for secret doors. So you might...
  17. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    Welllll, kind of. It negates ONE point of having a secret door, which is, making the players decide when to search for secret doors. However, there are several other points that it upholds. A) Dungeon design -- The door may be better hidden from one side than the other! Maybe the PCs see it but...
  18. 77IM

    D&D General Damage by class instead of by weapon-anyone tried this?

    I think there are easier ways to achieve your design goals than overhauling the entire damage system.
  19. 77IM

    D&D 5E Limited Wish - Money Maker?

    (Deleted) EDIT: Have we mentioned using fabricate to churn out suits of plate armor?
  20. 77IM

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    Is it in-genre/expected/reasonable for the PCs to go over every inch of wall? If it is, then what you need is a mechanic to speed up the game play, and Passive Perception fits the bill nicely. It means they're guaranteed to find most secret doors, but that's why the PCs are doing it. If it's...