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  1. TallIan

    D&D 5E Wizard progression advice

    I am looking for some input on my wizard progression. Specifically at what ASI/feat to take at 8th level (and beyond) He is a Human Variant, with lucky, conjurer wizard. STR 8; DEX 14; CON 14; INT 18; WIS 12; CHA 10 I have biased (as much as possible) his conjuration. Now that he is...
  2. TallIan

    Tall's Portal Under the Stars - IC

    Admin Post: RG OOC Rules Basics <------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Strength Add your modifier to melee attacks and damage rolls Agility Affects AC, ranged attack, initiative and reflex saves Stamina Add modifier to HP Personality Affects Will...
  3. TallIan

    Tall's Portal Under the Stars - [RG]

    OOC IC Place your completed character sheets here. Basics of character creation but feel free to use this online character generator
  4. TallIan

    Tall's Portal Under the Starts [DCC] - OOC- Closed

    RG IC After a one shot at my newly starting game club I want to play about with DCC for a bit. I am looking at running a game at the club soon, but at the moment we only meet once a month. So I thought I might run a short game here - not that it'll be any faster. I'm looking at 2 or 3 players...
  5. TallIan

    D&D 5E Some warlock house rules (sorry)

    So with the hexblade available for some time, the endless discussions about the blade 'lock has gone quiet. So I'm a little sorry to bring it back up. I don't really have a problem with the hexbalde, but I prefer the fluff of pact of the blade somewhat. I find it falls a little short in dps...
  6. TallIan

    D&D 5E Talls S&H adventure

    It has been nearly half a century since Ajax murdered King Ormund and took his throne, descending in his flying city fortress into the middle of the kingdom. Ormund's army of stalwart dragonborn were quickly overwhelmed by the multitudes of warbred that the dark fortress spewed out. Once Ormund...
  7. TallIan

    D&D 5E Talls S&F - Known Ratcatchers

    Post your approved character sheets here. Please keep other chat to the OOC thread OOC Thread IC Thread Character creation: ​Sources: An​y published WotC material is fine. Non-standard races might be hard to deal with, but I will see what comes up before making a decision. No monstrous races...
  8. TallIan

    Talls Strongholds and Followers adventure - Full

    IC Thread Known Ratcatchers With my shiny new Strongholds and Followers pdf from Matt Colville I am looking at running a game that puts the rules to use. I will be running the adventure that goes with it IRL but I doubt very much that I will get a chance to do much beyond what is in the book...
  9. TallIan

    Myrdynn's journey Out of the Abyss

    I've been keeping my PC's story through this campaign and keeping on my dropbox. I have been sharing it with a closed group, but have decided to put it up here instead. It goes without saying, that this thread contains SPOILERS for Out of The Abyss This is the story so far as remembered by...
  10. TallIan

    D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse fathomer question

    Very mild SPOILERS I might be being a bit dense here but when a fathomer shape changes into a watersnake, where can I find stats for the medium serpent or does the water snake use the same AC and HP pool as the human fathomer.
  11. TallIan

    D&D 5E Retireing characters

    After a party death my group of players have been left with no front line characters. As a DM I would normally work around this, but another player has expressed an interest in retiring his character and bringing a zone control tank into the game. All the players are happy with this and I only...
  12. TallIan

    D&D 5E How much would this character suck?

    I'm creating a character for a game and I was hoping to run the concept by the community before committing to anything. I'm not an optimiser, but I also can't stand characters that are "interesting" at the expense of usefulness. The very quick story behind the character is: He's a bit of a...
  13. TallIan

    Books for inspiration

    Before the Great Crash, I'd bookmarked a thread that was a growing list of books recommended for specific class/archetypes, but it has been lost. I think the original poster was looking for books where the hero was a D&D warlock but the thread had become a list of recommendations for most...
  14. TallIan

    D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC

    ADMIN POST Links OOC Thread RG Thread Maps https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2syh2ziv4dyl9w/PC%20Dessairn%20Valley.jpg?dl=0]Dessairn Valley[/URL] ttps://www.dropbox.com/s/4ujwjwi1t1jacgn/PC%20Red%20Larch.jpg?dl=0]Town Map[/URL] Ilvellios (Yavathol)Sun Monk 5 Elf Madmen at haunted keep Insignia of...
  15. TallIan

    D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - RG

    Post your character sheets here. Please keep all other chat to the OOC thread. Character Creation Sources: An​y published WotC material is fine, No monstrous races. 27 Point buy. Feats and Multiclassing are ok. Starting with 6250XP (level 4). Max HP at level 1 then average or roll after...
  16. TallIan

    D&D 5E [Full] Tall's PotA Campiagn

    Full again. [-]Due to a couple of non posting player, I have decided to open up recruitment again. I am looking for 1 or 2 replacement players. You can create your own character and I will introduce them as soon as is practical. Players are currently level 3 - anything from PHB, SCAG, or...
  17. TallIan

    Couple of house rules I would like some critique on pls

    Hi, I am newish to 5e but have about 18 years of roleplay behind me (mostly d&d). I have so far only really run a couple of standalone adventures for 5e but a couple of things I don't quite like, so was hoping to get some feedback on the balance of implementing hostiles for them. First off...