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  1. Count_Zero

    D&D 5E New WotC Survey! Learn About A New D&D Product!

    Yes, "Where There's A Whip, There's A Way"
  2. Count_Zero

    Marvel to Launch Official 'MARVEL MULTIVERSE' Tabletop Role-Playing Game in 2022

    But they also had books announced and ready to print - IIRC I remember people talking about books they had written, had submitted for publication, and had been paid for (particularly the Annihilation Event Book), but were not published.
  3. Count_Zero

    Marvel to Launch Official 'MARVEL MULTIVERSE' Tabletop Role-Playing Game in 2022

    The point is, the last two Marvel tabletop RPGs, one published in house, the other published by a third party, were cancelled by Marvel internal management very abruptly. Now, frankly, with the diceless game, while the official reason is it wasn't selling as well as D&D, the game's...
  4. Count_Zero

    Marvel to Launch Official 'MARVEL MULTIVERSE' Tabletop Role-Playing Game in 2022

    True - but Marvel did do that when they canceled their previous attempt at making an internally published tabletop RPG - Marvel Diceless - with several sourcebooks ready to go - because it wasn't selling as well as the recently released D&D 3rd Edition.
  5. Count_Zero

    D&D Movie/TV Is the D&D TV Show Based On Drizzt?

    They've been getting into some stuff with alternate Drow Cities that aren't evil (artic Drow and jungle Drow), with keeping the Lloth Worshippers evil - so I could see them doing something with tweaking the story to introduce those other Drow populations, maybe.
  6. Count_Zero

    D&D 5E Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MtG set Planeswalkers confirmed.

    Possibly Vecna as a Black (mana) Planeswalker. Mordenkainen would probably be in Blue, Elminster in White or White/Red.
  7. Count_Zero

    Pathfinder 1E Staff of the Gormand

    I might add a unique magical effect where the user of the staff can tell if a food item has reached their desired degree of "doneness" - i.e. whether that roast they put in the oven has reached medium-rare, maybe letting them know if it's unevenly done so they know need to rotate it or flip it.
  8. Count_Zero

    D&D 5E Tasha's Drow Art and the Future of Their Depictions in D&D

    I mean - the Drow always felt like they took a lot of cues from the Melnibonians, so the shift makes sense. Also, a branch of elves that were predominantly underground and had serious problems with sunlight would probably also have a melanin problem, so this feels like the right move for me.
  9. Count_Zero

    D&D General Wizards of the Coast release PDFs of World of Adventure Fast-Play Game (AD&D 2E), Quadrille Graph Paper, and Hexagonal Mapping Booklet on DriveThruRPG

    I'm just going to say - if you're going to sell what is glorified print-it-yourself graph paper release from a time that (on the Quadrille Graph Paper front) you couldn't go down to the grocery store and buy a pad of 1/4" graph paper, maybe bundle the two releases together and sell them at $.99...
  10. Count_Zero

    Critical Role First Critical Role Novel Announced

    Well, this puts them at the full Lodoss! Replay/Actual Play: Check! Tabletop RPG material: Check! Sequential Art: Check! Animated Adaptation: Check! Prose Fiction: finally, Check! Arguably, you could say that Lodoss has a video game over Critical Role at this point, but that's kind of just...
  11. Count_Zero

    D&D General You're Hasbro/WotC Marketing - What Do You Do for the 50-year Anniversary in 2024?

    I like these, though you'd need to do something special to distinguish the collector's book from Art & Arcana. Make it the annotated editions of Chronicles & Legends and I'm in. Definitely agree with this, along with getting a more diverse group of media figures - but instead of doing this as...
  12. Count_Zero

    D&D General Throwback Thursday Fun: First D&D Death

    First character death was my first D&D character, a Magic-User, in my first adventure, Keep on the Borderlands, after a fight with some rats when he failed his save vs. disease.
  13. Count_Zero

    D&D General What have you done with Orcs in your games?

    I do a little of both. The majority of orcs are closer to Elder Scrolls (or, for that matter, Earthdawn) style Orcs - they exist in the world and have their own culture. Grummush (if I decide to use him) instead is basically a companion deity of Hextor, one of his generals in his quest to...
  14. Count_Zero

    Dragon Reflections #38

    I think this is one of those cases where time has not been kind to the issue due to the advancement of technology - nowadays taking screen shots of a game or computer program is pretty easy. Back then, you would have had to set up a physical camera, and hope you took the photo at the right point...
  15. Count_Zero

    Sell me on Savage Worlds

    I'll also say that depending on the setting your using, it can be incredibly fast to create a character. In Sprawlrunners, the serial-numbers-filed-off version of Shadowrun for Savage Worlds, I was able to create a group of 5 characters on my own in a couple of hours (at about 15-20 minutes per...
  16. Count_Zero

    D&D 2E Looking back at the leatherette series: PHBR, DMGR, HR and more!

    I actually got my copy of the Catacomb Guide autographed by Janell Jaquays at the last Portland Retro Gaming Expo (she gave a talk on the level design for Quake II).
  17. Count_Zero

    Dollar Tree now sells RPG Dice

    Not too surprised by this - after LoadingReadyRun saw their local dollar stores carried Magic Cards, they put together a draft stream using a bunch of aftermarket M:TG boosters from a Dollar Store, to see if it was something that would be playable. I'm not surprised RPG dice are showing up as...
  18. Count_Zero

    Take A Look At The DUNE Character Sheet!

    "In this campaign, you are all playing Ghola of Duncan Idaho."
  19. Count_Zero

    TSR Looking for information on the TSR side on an apocryphal story

    There's an apocryphal story I've heard about the tabletop RPG industry in Japan that I'd like to see if there's any way to find out if it's true or not. The story goes like this: One of the common columns and featured works in Japanese tabletop RPG magazines throughout the 1980s and into the...
  20. Count_Zero

    There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

    I'm going to reserve interest until we get some additional information on what we're supposed to be playing (Future War, Time Travellers, All of the Above?)