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  1. MoutonRustique

    D&D 4E [4e] just some feat ideas feedback request

    Lingering Flame - hit with [fire], if you hit with [fire] again before the eont, target takes ongoing 5 [fire] Energizing Lightning - deal +1d6 with [lightning], target hit gains 3 thp after attack Variants: gains +2 to hit; gains +5 to damage; gains an extra move action, etc. Desensitize to X...
  2. MoutonRustique

    D&D 4E [4e] A slim(er) 4e experience through class and options cutting

    I'm trying to get together a slimmer version of the game where I'll be cutting down drastically on available options - similar to what Essentials proposed, but, you know, that I won't dislike so much (most of it anyway). In that regard, I've tried to list the different kinds of character...
  3. MoutonRustique

    Anything like "Old" Iron Kingdoms around ?

    What I mean by this is what the initial 3 adventures hinted at as a setting. (Mostly the 1st and 3rd ones.) The direction they ended up going with IK is cool and all, but I was entranced by the sort of "gaslight - dark" theme they had going with the descriptions of Corvis as a canal city of...
  4. MoutonRustique

    RPG design Word* document template ?

    So this may seem like a very random question, but does anyone have a .docx template that they find useful for a design document? Just in terms of the look produced for continued use (not talking about what you'd do to publicize the document) ? I know I can modify the headers and titles in Word...
  5. MoutonRustique

    Coolest 3pp or "rare" mechanic

    If you non-4'ers have stumbled in here, feel free to contribute! I put it in 4e because it's the system I prefer. As to the topic at hand: I've recently had a bit of time available to read stuff I really should have been reading years ago : blogs, Dungeon and Dragon articles, etc... those...
  6. MoutonRustique

    Request : a [spoiler] button in the edit bar

    Simply a request to add "spoiler" as a button in one of the bars in the advanced editing "screen". Perhaps besides the "quote" button? It's something I'd like. That is all. Should others feel the same, feel free to pile on - if you feel the contrary, feel free to say so. I don't imagine this...
  7. MoutonRustique

    D&D 4E Throwing ideas, seeing what sticks (and what stinks)

    Hello! This will be my repository for all the random ideas I get. Criticisms are welcome. Since this may end up being full of really dumb ideas (I get those a lot), feel free to share your own. The goal is a slow re-work of 4e, but the base hypothesis is that the ideas should be applied to the...
  8. MoutonRustique

    D&D 5E Imposing dis-advantage on saves

    I've found precious few ways of imposing disadvantage on saves. (My character is an 11th level wizard.) I get that the more "dramatic" effects have been put behind saves as opposed to attack rolls, and I understand the need for restraint when forcing disadvantage on saves. This being said, my...
  9. MoutonRustique

    Very easy - but SO FREAKING HARD!

    Hello! I am sorry for the thread title, I try and make snappy titles and... well... the results speak for themselves as they say. My goal is to "bounderize" 4e - as in reduce in a dramatic fashion the number climb ("bloat" is too negative a term, I feel). My goal on the DM side (I can manage...
  10. MoutonRustique

    Does XP still grant gold ?

    I know it says so in the FAQ, but I'm getting a bit of xp once in a while and my gold sits very steadily at 11 (well, 12 now with this post). Is this normal, or am I being thwarted from ever getting that sweet-sweet PS badge?
  11. MoutonRustique

    D&D 5E Rulings, Not Rules vs Cool spell usage

    When I read this reply : I thought about all the ways this could be called. For me, I prefer functional (as in one input = one output) systems - I'm limited that way. This situation is a pretty classic one and one likely to come up in play. For my piece of mind, I'm missing some rules...
  12. MoutonRustique

    Extras for crits with weapons ?

    I've been wondering about this and would be interested in your thoughts on the matter : When using inherent bonuses and having the +d6/"plus" on the crit as a baseline, what would be an appropriate "bonus" to criting with a magical weapon. I find that simply converting "damage" to "fire...
  13. MoutonRustique

    D&D 5E Opportunity attacks : low vs high level consequences

    This thread got me thinking about low vs high level play with regards to mobility, "tanking" and opportunity attacks. The thread illustrates something that's been obvious for a while : fighters gain most of their damage through multiple attacks while the individual attack damage itself...
  14. MoutonRustique

    2 keyword names help requested

    Good day, I'm looking for help regarding naming 2 conditions that I find highly enjoyable (to impose on my players :devil:). They are fairly simple to implement in play but I find them very hard to word succinctly. Since they will be part of monsters I create or modify in a builder, having a...
  15. MoutonRustique

    Subscribe add when already subscribed

    Hello ! This is a minor annoyance, but is there a way to disable the Subscribe add when you are subscribed ? I've already looked at the site's code, and since all the div, tables, etc seem to be w/o name, I cannot play with (i.e. hide) it myself - but it may be that I missed it... Anyhow...