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  1. Kae'Yoss

    Keep your filthy points of light away from me!

    Who else doesn't like that 4e forces the Points of Light campaign philosophy down our throats? It may be nice for some campaigns, but I can't be the only one who thinks that it's not the only way you can set up a world.
  2. Kae'Yoss

    D&D 4E The Ultimate PHBI4e Warforged Poll

    Since the other poll wasn't too conclusive, I decided to do a decisive poll.
  3. Kae'Yoss

    D&D 4E Chuck Norris to be in the 4e Core Pantheon

    Due to popular interest, Chuck Norris will be among the Deities covered in the PHB. His portfolio will cover Awesome, and Roundhoutse Kicks in the Face. His followers, which can be from all classes, will have access to abilities like roundhouse kick in the face, counting to infinity twice...
  4. Kae'Yoss

    D&D 4E Gnomes to become more "hard-ass" in 4e

    Yes, it's official: The 4e PHB will have no "Gnome" race. That's because after years of incessant whining about gnomes being too wimpy, they're getting a complete makeover, which will be reflected in the name. The new race will do away with the silent g and replace it with a silent k. The...
  5. Kae'Yoss

    New ways to generate ability scores.

    We know point buy. Good system, doesn't require DM spervision. But some think it's boring We also know rolling. You roll 3d6 in order. Or you roll 4d6, drop the lowest, and arrange at will. Or you roll 5d4, or between 3 and 9 d6. It's the classical method, but requires DM supervision, and many...
  6. Kae'Yoss

    D&D 4E The Realms being the first 4e setting

    One of the things I like most about all those announcements is that the Realms will be the first campaign setting for 4e, with Eberron following the year after. That, for me, meant mainly two things: Eberron won't become the standard D&D setting. I suspected as much anyway, but this removes...
  7. Kae'Yoss


    During the seminar, there was something about the "E-Version" of the books you can activate with that code. Is that the full book in electronic form (PDF or something like that?)
  8. Kae'Yoss

    Rich Baker Comments on the lack of FR products in the 1st Trimester 08 Catalogue

    http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=13214930&postcount=450 Seems the sky isn't falling after all, and that Dendar has to wait at least a little longer before she's allowed to swallow the sun and plunge the Realms into Eternal Night. Shar: Sucks to be you!
  9. Kae'Yoss

    Variant Turning: Negative (Or rather positive) Levels

    I thought of a variant turning rule that should prove more effective while retaining the divine and energetic flavour, but it still needs some wrinkles worked out: A cleric will make a turning check as usual to determine his effective turning level (Equal to Max HD), and then roll for turning...
  10. Kae'Yoss

    Why Bodybuilding is bad

    When Dungeon Masters waste their time in the gym, lifting weights and such, they don't have enough time building worlds or adventures. In the end, the game consists of the DM sitting there in his undies, oiled, showing off his abs, and the players get XP for properly naming the name of the...
  11. Kae'Yoss

    Musings about Magic Item Creation, Creation Time, and Cost

    While looking up town wealth limits and magic item availability, I came to wonder about magic item creation: The way it is written now it takes quite some time and costs not only material but also XP. It struck me as odd how any magic items would be done. First, there is the time factor. It...
  12. Kae'Yoss

    D&D 4E My faith for 4e crumbles

    I love D&D 3e. Not just because of the vast improvements in the rules, but also because it was made public. Other people could use the rules to create their own material. While it did produce a lot of rubbish, there were many things out there that were simply superb. Now it seems that Wizards...
  13. Kae'Yoss

    [Kae] Previews for April and Beyond

    Unhallowed has been out for over a month, most the addicts have gotten their Complete Set Fix by now, so we'll have to give them something else before they come down and do silly things like look into Reaper's Legendary Encounters too closely (dear DDM players, don't buy into Reaper's schemes...
  14. Kae'Yoss

    So how much does WotC get out of you per year?

    Since the other thread here was more misunderstood than your average villain was as a child, I thought I'd remake the poll. This time, you vote for you as an individual (not the group), and everything D&D counts: Books, Modules, Tiles, Novels, Minis. How much WotC material do you buy in a year?
  15. Kae'Yoss

    Who plays DDM Skirmish?

    I was wondering: How many here actually play the Skirmish game? I'm sure we have a lot of people here who buy DDM, but who doesn't just use them for their D&D sessions?
  16. Kae'Yoss

    Dormant Spells and Contingency Focuses

    Since most spells with costly material components hardly ever see use (at least I hardly ever see them used), I came up with something that could make peopel use them more often: A new sort of material component that is only actually used up when it's actually needed. I call them contingency...
  17. Kae'Yoss

    Reaper to produce pre-painted Plastic minis - Non-random

    http://www.reapermini.com/ http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=3374511&postcount=171 Let's see whether this spells doom for Wizards' DDM line.
  18. Kae'Yoss

    Dungeons and Discworlds !?!

    I'm astounded that his has not been done by any big d20 publishers. Before you groan and think "another humour campaign setting", consider it for a while: I think that the Discworld would be the perfect campaign setting for humorous roleplaying! The thing about the Discworld stories is, once...
  19. Kae'Yoss

    D&D, Miniatures, and you.

    I'm interested how many people here are into DDM and how they use it, hence this poll
  20. Kae'Yoss

    Unhallowed Preview 10 - Kae'Yoss Style

    (The original is found here) Unhallowed Preview 10 Common as muck D&D is a world of heroes. At least, that's what the ads tell you: Dragonslaying... Dragonslayers, Paladins that wrestle down demons with ease, Wizards for whom reality is but a toy, priests who are on friendly terms with the...