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  1. Dross

    Improved Trip, Reach weapons and threatening AoOs: Does this work?

    Does someone with Improved Trip wielding a reach weapon threaten the 5 foot squares surrounding him by RAW? He can potentially TRIP the foe (you do not need to use your hands on the trip as the unarmed attack you make can be with feet etc) as his AoO, probably the only thing that he can do...
  2. Dross

    Holding on to and "Returning" weapons

    My DM has a house rule that requires a STR check to hold on to a lance when doing large amounts of damage (basically critical on a charge) and I'm looking for solutions. He has basically given me permission to come up with any idea (as long as he okays it), but would like to see what there...
  3. Dross

    Shieldbash and AoO's

    If a PC as a shield and no weapon in his hands, does he threaten the area around him and thus shieldbash when an AoO is provoked? Has the 3.0 Improved shieldbash (which let you keep your shield AC bonus as well as attacking) make a difference to the ininitial answer. I would think that you...
  4. Dross

    Animated sheild and movement

    If you are using an animated shield how far can you move in one round and still receive the bonus? There is no movement rate listed in the Animated property. The power requires the Animate Object spell, which might mean that you could use the default speed for a given size but I would rather...
  5. Dross

    How do you deal with reach with respect to height?

    The question of how far can you reach vertically has come up twice in our group. How do others rule it by RAW, or as house rules? I can remember a similar question came up a couple of months ago, but can’t seem to find it anymore. How would you rule in these examples? A medium creature...
  6. Dross

    Knowledge checks and what constitutes a retry.

    Part 1: By RAW you cannot retry to know something, you either do or you don’t, but was thinking that by logic (a dangerous proposition at the best of times and maybe more so here ) there could be some case to allow another knowledge check given specific circumstances. For an example: Try 1...
  7. Dross

    Skill checks and Aid Another

    Assuming that any conditions are met (has ranks in trained only skills, etc) which skills do you NOT allow the aid another action. By the SRD anyone can be aided with a skill check (see below). Also are there skills where aiding depends on the situation, like spot for example? Aid Another You...
  8. Dross

    Drawing a weapon while tumbling.

    I have a Q about whether you can draw a weapon while tumbling. As a DM i have said "No" but am wondering whether that is supported by the rule or if it just comes down to my personal preference/house rule. Would it make a differnce if (assuming all other requirements are met): 1: A one handed...
  9. Dross

    Defending weapon property

    Greetings all, thought that i'd delurk and say hi ("Hi.") to everyone. :eek: my question is about the Defending property for weapons. if you choose to make the entire plus of the weapon as a bonus to defence, do you still get the masterwork property of the weapon for your attack rolls...