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  1. The Shaman

    A tale of three polls

    Here are the results of my poll on how many tabletop roleplaying games the respondents' played in 2011. The poll was posted on three forums: rpg.net, EN World, and Dragonsfoot. rpg.net EN World Dragonsfoot The zero option dropped off on the rpg.net poll, unfortunately, probably because...
  2. The Shaman

    Legends and Lore - Maintaining the Machine, Revisited: The Poll Results

    Ground Rule: If you want to talk about helmets of potion drinking, go do it in the other thread - here, it's threadcrapping and will be referred to the moderators as such. The poll results are in, and they are pretty interesting. First, I found that fact that over half of the respondents rated...
  3. The Shaman

    How many tabletop roleplaying games did you play in 2011?

    I was reading the sometimes lengthy wish lists gamers have for 2012 releases, and I wondered, who has time to play all these? I know that a fair segment of gamers are collectors as well as (or in some cases in lieu of) players, but I'm still curious how many roleplaying games actually get...
  4. The Shaman

    What do you do well?

    Here's a chance to pat yourself on the back. :) What do you do well when you are running a game? What do your players like about how you referee? What do you think are your greatest strengths behind the screen?
  5. The Shaman

    Litterboxes: Tell us about your crappy Sandbox experiences

    A "litterbox" is a sandbox gone wrong. Maybe the players go tharn, unable or unwilling to act. Maybe the referee's setting is so bland that it's best described by the flavor of something before the vanilla is added. What are your crappy sandbox experiences? Mine was a Traveller referee who...
  6. The Shaman

    [Obsidian Portal + Flashing Blades] My wiki is campaign of the month

    Le Ballet de l'Acier, the campaign wiki for our Flashing Blades game, is the Featured Campaign of the Month at Obsidian Portal. (Translation? "Lookatme! Lookatme! Lookatme!" No, I have no shame - why, were you looking to borrow some?)
  7. The Shaman

    History, alt.history, and -isms in my Flashing Blades campaign

    Historical roleplaying games share similar features with historical fiction. In historical fiction, the protagonists’ story takes place against the backdrop of the historical period and events; in many cases the protagnoists’ story is interwoven with the personalities and events of history. This...
  8. The Shaman

    "One Click for a Roman Orgy!"

    Now that's tasteful! Just wondering how Eric's grandma feels about those Caesary ads.
  9. The Shaman

    Using Mythic Game Master Emulator as a refereeing tool: two actual play examples

    I like stochasticity in roleplaying games. When I'm refereeing a game, I like being surprised and reacting to what's happening in the game at least as much as the players do. Toward this end, I lean on random rolls for many of the events and features of the games I run - random encounters...
  10. The Shaman

    LEGO red dragon

    Assembly required. LEGOLAND California, Carlsbad.
  11. The Shaman

    Backswords and Bucklers - now the OSR has my attention!

    Elizabethan fantasy using Swords and Wizardry - 'od's bodkins, this looks friggin' awesome! I'm a devotee of historical roleplaying games and decidedly not a fantasy fan, but this looks like a very good middle ground, plus I played OD&D a couple of weeks ago and I was reminded how much I enjoy...
  12. The Shaman

    Non-supernatural horror

    Horror in roleplaying games most often involves elements of the supernatural, from vampires and vengeful spirits to unkillable boogeymen and tentacled creatures from another dimension. Relatively less common, in my experience, are mudane, non-supernatural horrors. Off the top of my head, I can...
  13. The Shaman

    Solar-powered wasps

    I've long used solar-powered aliens in Traveller, but as it turns out, we don't need to travel to other stars to find critters fueled by the sun. Nature is so bloody cool.
  14. The Shaman

    Real-life dungeons of Nottingham Castle

    Looking for a little dungeon inspiration? Check out the real thing for ideas.
  15. The Shaman

    Nature, red in tooth and claw

    Looking to spice up your wildlife random wilderness encounters? Tired of wolves and bears as animal friends for your druid, but still want to kick some ass when the dice come out? Well, mi compadres, The Shaman is here to help (warning: contains profanity! Eric's grandma, stay the :):):):) out!).
  16. The Shaman

    [LB/OC, CA] Flashing Blades - GM seeking players!

    Honor. Honor may be earned, with a strong wrist and a stout heart. Honor must be defended, no matter the cost. Honor calls the tune for the Ballet of Steel. I'm looking for players for Le Ballet de l'Acier, a swashbuckling adventure campaign for the Flashing Blades roleplaying game. This...
  17. The Shaman

    What are the players expected to provide?

    I came across this quote in another thread: So here's my question: what are the players expected to provide?
  18. The Shaman

    What are you playing that is NOT D&D?

    What roleplaying games other than D&D (any edition, including retroclones) are you playing, planning on playing, or would like to play?
  19. The Shaman

    Character ability v. player volition: INT, WIS, CHA

    This is a good question What are the practical implications of including the "mental abilities" of a character during play? Is it preferable aesthetically for a player to "play the stats" of the character? Or should the player's choices be driven by the practical circumstances of the game and...
  20. The Shaman

    Choosing a system for historical swashbuckling

    I'm preparing to offer a face-to-face Flashing Blades campaign of swashbuckling in 17th century France, but the grim reality is that I will probably have a very tough time actually finding players since few if any will have experience with, or even heard of, FB. I think I may need to try a...