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  1. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Let's Talk About Chapter 9 of the DMG

    We're using the Lingering Injuries rules at my table, in this fashion: Once per session (only!), the player of a PC who is down and bleeding out may choose to take a Lingering Injury to automatically stabilize. Our table tends to be pretty deadly; we're old-school players who tend to enforce...
  2. Lancelot

    Review of Paleomythic, RPG of Stone and Sorcery

    Picked up a copy on a whim, and didn't regret it. The two things that impressed me most about Paleomythic are... 1) The production quality. The artwork is stunning; full-color, evocative of the setting, and every piece as good as the cover or example included in the article. This is Tier 1 art...
  3. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Is the Wall of Faithless in 5e?

    I'm okay that the Wall exists in FR, but maybe that's because I view the FR a bit differently than some. For me, it is an evil of almost Cthulhu-esque proportions. Other posters have already explained why: it prevents non-devout souls from reaching their "destination plane" (as based on...
  4. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd vs Previous Ravenloft Adventures

    ** SPOILERS ** A large portion of CoS is a re-do of Castle Ravenloft (i.e. the castle itself). Let's call if 30%. If they're intimately familiar with the castle, the location of its secret doors, how the crypts and teleporters work, and the general location of some of the chief antagonists...
  5. Lancelot

    D&D 3E/3.5 5e: Is it really lower magic/less gonzo than 3e?

    1. No. Vanilla 5e is a vastly easier to play than 3e, but it is not much more grounded. You still have teleports and wishes and vorpal swords and demon lords. There are four areas that I can think of where you might consider it to be more grounded... Firstly, creature summoning is less of a...
  6. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    Yikes. It'd be tough, I think. Here are just a few of the challenges when converting to FR: 1) 90% of the campaign and the modules are set outside Laketown; e.g. once the party leaves Laketown at the start of their adventures, they might not be back for 4 years and 6 PC levels. During that...
  7. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    Actually, one final comment for anyone who is planning to get into AiME. I was initially unsure what everything was, in terms of released books. Here's how it works... The Players Guide is the PH, and the Loremaster's Guide is a combination DMG and (abbreviated) Monster Manual. You need both of...
  8. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    Here's my experience... Firstly, in a 4-hour session, my group usually does about 2-3 combat encounters with AiME. One of these is usually something fairly trivial, which may drain some of their resources but probably isn't going to be a threat. The other 1-2 encounters are likely to be more...
  9. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    Pretty hard, in my opinion. I've got nearly every MERP/Rolemaster module and supplement released, but it's worlds apart from AiME's approach. Let's take some random examples... Firstly, forget anything based outside the traditional settings of Hobbit and LotR. Sea of Rhun? Warlords of Harad...
  10. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    It's a good game, but it's not for the faint-of-heart. Some people think of Lord of the Rings as fighting balrogs, slaughtering orcs on the battlefield, and romancing elf maidens. They quibble about whether Gandalf was actually only a 6th level wizard, and whether Aragorn is a ranger or a...
  11. Lancelot

    D&D 5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    If you're looking purely at combat math, then Yaarel's comment about class balance is accurate. However, if you're playing the AiME game as intended - using the Middle Earth setting and the Mirkwood campaign - then the Scholar and Warden come into their own. I've been GMing the game for a...
  12. Lancelot

    Monster ENCyclopedia: Nightmare

    Terrific article as always. Quick correction: the picture for the Sohmien and the Neverwinter Nightmare near the end of the article are reversed. Also, one additional early appearance of the nightmare is in the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album (1979), written by Gary Gygax...
  13. Lancelot

    Monster ENCyclopedia: Kraken

    Awesome article, as always. I seem to recall a major kraken appearance in the BECMI Creature Crucible splat-book "The Sea People", which I'm surprised to not see listed here. I don't have my books with me at work, but I think a kraken featured as the climactic story hook for an adventure...
  14. Lancelot

    D&D General Monster ENCyclopedia: Ixitxachitl

    Outstanding article. You're doing champion work here.
  15. Lancelot

    Unearthed Arcana Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana

    Pro's: It's a noticeable different mechanic (I hated 3e's magic-psionics equivalence; psionics should feel different). It makes Intelligence more useful for all classes. I'm genuinely amused by the "flexible saving throw" ability - I can see that as being a FUN option for players. I like the...
  16. Lancelot

    Playtest Experience [SPOILERS, LONG]

    So, some context: 25 years DM-ing, experienced group of players (10+ years each), have played and enjoyed ALL editions (even 2e!). For our first session of the playtest, we had 3 players. They chose the fighter, rogue and healer cleric. To give the party some extra survivability, I also allowed...
  17. Lancelot

    D&D 4E Is 4E Too Easy Anymore? (Game Day Spoiler Alert)

    I'm glad to hear that the modules were perceived as "too easy" by experienced players. That sounds exactly like it should be for a Game Day. I attended a 3e game day some years back where we had a mix of experienced (3 players) and inexperienced (2 players), and we were utterly decimated by the...
  18. Lancelot

    D&D 4E Book of Vile Darkness: What do you want in it?

    What I'd like to see: Rules for vile elixirs (or drugs, if you will). Mechanically, I like potions and elixirs... and there just aren't enough of them. Apart from the 4 "healing" potions in the PH, and the section in Adventurer's Vault, there are few consumable potions in the game. I'd like to...
  19. Lancelot

    D&D 4E 4e limit of beatability

    Similar to renau1g above, I TPK'ed a 5-man party this week (40 sessions into the campaign, at 19th level) with a level+3 encounter, with some terrain advantage. I used the new "essentials" Red Dragon, as shown on the WotC site. I found dragons, in general, are pretty nasty opponents. You don't...
  20. Lancelot

    D&D 4E How have PCs died in your 4e games?

    Over 50 characters dead since the start of 4e. I've got a list of all of the casualties (race / class / cause of death), but not on hand at the moment. I'm hardly a "killer DM". All dice are rolled in the open, so no fudging. No encounters higher than level + 4 (and most are level + 1 or 2)...