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  1. Michael Morris

    D&D 5E Fallout Conversion - Wasteland Survival Guide

    I've been meaning to try out this Wiki Thread feature - I think it's perfect for what I'm working on. This document is a draft, the final version will be the "Wasteland Survival Guide," a Player's Guide for Fallout using the d20 5e ruleset. Fallout 4 is the principle point of inspiration...
  2. Michael Morris

    D&D 5E [Homebrew] Fallout d20

    I've been playing a lot of Fallout 4 recently and have become a little enamored of its character generation and advancement system and I've started wondering about translating it into a tabletop system. There's also a minis combat game coming out soon so there will be minis available to use...
  3. Michael Morris

    D&D 5E Cantor (Bard Variant - Draft) PEACH

    I'm writing again (yay) Trying to keep this writeup small - it's a variant, not a whole new class. Outside of my own setting (where magic is color based) a cantor continues to use the bard spell list - so just ignore the mention of colors and invocations. Cantor (class variant)A cantor is...
  4. Michael Morris

    Rules workshop: Fire!! Fire! Fire!!!!

    Throwing a fire spell into a room full of kindling has the potential to start small blazes, but the core game does expand on this much. This is a rule needing testing to formalize the consequences of pyromania. When a fire spell with an area of effect is cast there is a chance of starting...
  5. Michael Morris

    Return of Skill ranks - sort of - maybe...

    Writing this completely off the cuff - it's based off an idea Mearls kicked around shortly before the D&D Next playtest was announced. What I'm thinking on is a way to make diversify skills without sending ranks off to the moon. This is a set of thoughts in progress. Here goes. There are...
  6. Michael Morris

    A 9th school of magic - Invocation

    This is something I'm kicking around in my draft writings at the moment - moving all the spells that require a patron entity (god for clerics, patron for warlocks) into their own school - Invocation. This is part of a larger reorganization of the spells into lists based on colors of magic...
  7. Michael Morris

    Concept - Recharge Cantrips

    So I'm toying around with the following idea - cantrips that don't scale with level but instead recharge like certain monster abilities. You get to use the cantrip, then on each following round you roll a d6 and on a 6 the cantrip is recovered for reuse. At 5th level the cantrip is recovered on...
  8. Michael Morris

    Revising the Online Forgotten Realms calendar

    Wotc has this nifty little tool online. https://www.wizards.com/dnd/fc/index.htm I've been using it and while helpful it does have its limitations. Looking at the underlying JavaScript it's pretty obvious the thing was written for IE 5+ support. I'm strongly considering modernizing that...
  9. Michael Morris

    Thinking of building an online toolset - opinions on how I'm thinking of dividing pay version from free version wanted.

    I'm starting to sketch out some ideas for an online tool set of my own for use with fantasy RPGs. I'm going to be focusing on details that computers can track that people cannot easily like randomized weather patterns, celestial movements and the like. I've been thinking on how I'd divide the...
  10. Michael Morris

    [5e] This look reasonable? Skeletal Rider

    I very rarely do monsters so I'm not as familiar with balancing them. I devised this monster because skeletal warhorses are CR 1/2 and skeletons are CR 1/4, so a mounted normal skeleton is CR 3/4, which is awkward. This is merely a skeleton with +2 STR, an extra hit die, shield, a better...
  11. Michael Morris

    Help needed badly - Bard, College of Shadows subclass

    I need help coming up with power for a College of Shadows subclass for the bard. The concept is a bard that works in trading secrets - as a kit joke from the Bard's Handbook went: "The name is Bard. James Bard." So, just as the College of Valor leans towards martial activities, and the College...
  12. Michael Morris

    Rewriting Magic Circle

    I found myself completely rewriting Magic Circle for my setting with the warding being based on alignment. Spells and creatures are alignment. I added a new restriction to it since it can affect native creatures in the hopes it can stay at 3rd level. Magic Circle 3rd level valran abjuration...
  13. Michael Morris

    Fireworks Cantrip

    I think this is balanced. It is outclassed by other spells in everything but range. It has a very unusual trait for a cantrip in that it can be changed to a proper spell. Snapdragon Fireworks Shunran Evocation Cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Range: 500 feet Components: V, S Duration...
  14. Michael Morris

    D&D 5E Is this a reasonable change to planeshift?

    Is the following a reasonable setting specific change to Planeshift? There are five planes in the cosmology of Carthasana that this spell can shift you to. In order to journey to a plane you must have a link to it. You can shift to a plane that you have major access to its magic, and if your...
  15. Michael Morris

    A Death spell in 5e

    This is a crack at a balanced death spell in 5e that happens to have a lot of flavor. Smother 6th level Sodran enchantment Casting time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute You choose a creature in range that must breathe to live that you can see...
  16. Michael Morris

    How much damage to a single target is fair at 3rd level?

    Consider this... Incinerate 3rd level shunran evocation Casting time: 1 action Range: 120’ Components: V, S, M ( a piece of obsidian less than one year old ) Duration: Instantaneous An orb of lava forms in you hand which you direct to a creature which it then immolates dealing 8d8 fire damage...
  17. Michael Morris

    The Magic of Dusk - Magic The Gathering inspired setting.

    Removed for lack of replies.
  18. Michael Morris

    Dusk 5e spells - The conversion begins.

    Those with Facebook can find the Pathfinder iterations here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455577807825539/files/ There's nearly 600 spells in that book. Not all of them will make it. Everything in this thread should be considered a draft. Let's start with a pair of Blue's spells...
  19. Michael Morris

    D&D 5E Necromancer, now Goodman, is there a 5e OGL the general public doesn't know about?

    It just seems a bit odd to see these unofficial 5e products popping up without any guarantee that there will be any sort of OGL license. How does that work? Or is a C&D on the way?
  20. Michael Morris

    Stand Still - a musical play in two acts. Domestic Violence is the main plot element.

    I have been working on this play, now titled "Stand Still," for the better part of 4 years, though for the first half of this year I set it aside to do other things. If I go back to the earliest draft I'd have to go back 16 years to a play I wrote in college, then lost all copies of, and...