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  1. Kevin Cook

    How many sides do your dice have?

    Everyone owns the standard set of polys d4 ... d6 ... d8 ... d10 ... d12 ... d20 But how many own the odd ones like the D5 and D7? Or the really rare ones like the D48? I wont be voting in this poll as I would like to see the distribution without my vote If you care to see what I have...
  2. Kevin Cook

    Where (In what) do you store your dice?

    Per ssampier's Suggestion ... I thought to start his poll I store mine in ... Rubbermaid containers mostly ... but there are some that are loose ... some that are in a large rolling footlocker If you are curious ... HERE is how I store 20000+ dice
  3. Kevin Cook

    Dice Questions?

    Can't find that rare (or not so rare) die? Ever wonder what a wierd die is used for? Just want to talk about dice? Then this is the thread for you ... I have been gaming and collecting dice since 1977 and am the current Guinness World Record Holder for the Largest Collection of Dice ...